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2 hours ago, Your Fight Site said:

What day are new episodes of This Week In WWE released?

I have found it fluctuates between Friday evenings and Saturday afternoon uk time. There's no set time.


charley Caruso is Bangin.

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i want to watch Crown jewel later on today, but as far as i am aware it starts at 5pm GMT, so if i put my network on at 7pm, can i start the show from the beginning or do i have to wait until the entire things done before i can do this? 

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Anyone having issues with the Network on the Android app? My son has a Samsung Galaxy Tab and we've been using it for the Network since he got it about 18 months ago. Since last week no videos will play, they get stuck on the 'getting location' screen that normally disappears after a second.

I've tried every fix I've heard of and that's suggested when you Google the issue. All the usual stuff like clearing the cache, adjusting location settings to max, uninstall/reinstall etc and  nothing has worked. Weirdly, other apps that rely on location settings like Netflix or Google Maps work fine. The tablet works on 4G as well as WiFi and I've tried just using  mobile data too with no joy. It's a pain in the arse because we have a few devices to watch on at our house but he relies on using the tablet when he's at my mum's house or out and about elsewhere. 

Any further ideas for a possible fix would be most welcome.

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