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Best things to watch on the network?

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Edge's WWE 24 is probably the best Network content ever. It's surely impossible to sit through it and not see the wonderful side of this silly business.   

RVD is a hell of a lot more iconic to the people who watched wrestling when it mattered than the vast majority of stars they've attempted to create in years since. 

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The following 12 ECW Super cards will be added tomorrow:

02/05/1994 – The Night The Line Was Crossed [Duration: 02:07:29]
Terry Funk defends the ECW Title against Shane Douglas and Sabu in a Three-Way Dance. Plus, Public Enemy, The Sandman, and more in action!

05/14/1994 – When Worlds Collide [Duration: 01:45:13]
Terry Funk and Arn Anderson take on Bobby Eaton and Sabu in the main event. Plus, 911, Public Enemy, Kevin Sullivan and more in action!

06/24/1994 – Hostile City Showdown 1994 [Duration: 01:54:30]
Cactus Jack goes one-on-one with Sabu in the main event. The Tazmaniac battles The Pitbull in a Dog Collar Match. All this and much more!

08/13/1994 – Hardcore Heaven 1994 [Duration: 01:49:13]
Cactus Jack takes on Terry Funk in a legendary main event. Plus, Public Enemy, The Pitbulls, and many more take to the ring for action!

11/05/1994 – November to Remember 1994 [Duration: 02:29:18]
Ron Simmons challenges Shane Douglas for the ECW World Title. Plus, Public Enemey is in action, Dean Malenko faces The Tazmaniac, and more!

04/08/1995 – 3 Way Dance [Duration: 01:46:29]
Public Enemy battles two formidable duos in a Three-Way Dance main event for the ECW World Tag Team Titles.

09/16/1995 – Gangstas Paradise 1995 [Duration: 01:40:03]
Mikey Whipwreck and Public Enemy get locked up inside a true Gangstas Paradise with New Jack, The Sandman, and an unexpected competitor.

12/29/1995 – Holiday Hell 1995 [Duration: 02:34:50]
Cactus Jack takes on Sabu in an Extreme Death Match. With Tommy Dreamer on his heels, Raven challenges The Sandman for the ECW World Title.

01/05/1996 – House Party 1996 [Duration: 02:25:00]
Public Enemy and The Gangstas take their rivalry to the streets. Konnan challenges The Sandman for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship.

02/03/1996 – Big Apple Blizzard Blast 1996 [Duration: 02:27:27]
The Sandman and Too Cold Scorpio battle The Gangstas in the main event. Plus, Cactus Jack, Raven, The Eliminators, and more in action!

04/13/1996 – Massacre on Queens Boulevard 1996 [Duration: 02:17:37]
The main event sees Too Cold Scorpio and The Sandman battle The Gangstas and The Headhunters in a Three-Way Elimination Tag Team Match.

04/20/1996 – Hostile City Showdown 1996 [Duration: 02:17:56]
Shane Douglas challenges Raven for the ECW World Title in the main event. Rob Van Dam faces Sabu. Plus, Brian Lee, Taz, and more in action!

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On 7/13/2019 at 6:03 PM, kidzero said:

Who's watching evovle tonight? I know I will be watching it.. i watched the last 2 aew shows so I'm giving them a miss tonight to watch evovle 

I have to say - and I have never seen Evolve before - but of all this talk of presenting a more 'sports-based product' we hear from AEW, Evolve seems to absolutely have it nailed. It is the most 'sport-based' presentation/feel from a wrestling promotion I have seen in ages. 

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I watched most of it, it was OK.  Not very exciting though and it didn't make me wish Evolve was on the Network every week or month.  I've only seen 2 Evolve shows before, both in person and they weren't bad, but it's not really my sort of thing.

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Network has had a proper revamp today I see. A lot more aesthetically pleasing, looks really cool - lots of decent features on it, I’ve only watched a bit of TV from 2006 but the layout and stuff is a lot better

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