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Rewrite WrestleMania


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I mentioned in the WrestleMania 16/17 thread how I quite enjoy going back and thinking how a WrestleMania card could have been bettered. We all love fantasy booking WrestleMania and i'm fascinated to discover what plans WrestleManias have had, only for the end result to be much different, this years perhaps being one of the best cases for that there's been. As it's now WrestleMania season I thought this could be a fun series of threads in the run up, rewriting past WrestleManias like a few did with 16 in the aforementioned thread.


Decided to start with WrestleMania X8, mainly because I think it was fucking rotten and because the potential to create something spectacular was there more than ever with the talent they had on the books at the time. It's probably my least enjoyed WrestleMania of all. Here's what the actual card was:



IC title


Rob Van Dam vs William Regal


Euro title


DDP vs Christian


Hardcore title


Maven vs Goldust


Kurt Angle vs Kane


No Holds Barred


Undertaker vs Ric Flair


Edge vs Booker T


Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Scott Hall


Tag Title Elimination match


Billy and Chuck vs The APA vs The Dudley Boyz vs The Hardy Boyz




Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs The Rock


Womens Title Triple Threat


Jazz vs Trish Stratus vs Lita


Undisputed WWF title match


Chris Jericho vs Triple H



The card had RVD capturing his first IC title from Regal and a bunch of Hardcore title shenanigans which featured Hurricane, Molly Holly and Christian taking the belt but Maven left with it just as he walked in, I think. Kane and Angle was thrown together very late in the game and was meaningless, both deserved something much more significant. Austin was in there against Hall and he was that pissed off with how things were here he infamously fucked off for a bit right after. Edge and Booker T had a match that derived from an angle over a shampoo commercial. This was Edge having his first major singles outing at WrestleMania in his hometown at the venue he as a kid attended WrestleMania VI. The tag title match was just a case of getting them on the card for the sake of it. DDP and Christian was a waste of time. Undertaker and Flair was the highlight for me, the only match where I actually really enjoyed everything with the build up and the match itself, so i'd be reluctant to change that. The WWF title main event was pretty rubbish in just about every regard. And of course little needs to be said about Rock vs Hogan.


Immediately following this 'Mania Brock Lesnar debuted and the Brand Split occurred which changed things up significantly.


There's got to be about a million different ways this could go, so i'd be interested to see what you guys put together. I'm going to make an attempt myself in a bit, but i'll leave the thread open for you lot to give it a bash also.

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I agree, this show was one that could have delivered more from top to bottom. Still a decent watch looking back but the reality is that it is a one match show. Here is my go at rejigging the show.


The Rock (WWF Champion) vs Hollywood Hulk Hogan (Royal Rumble winner)


The first change I'd make to the card would be to make this match for the title and for it to main event the show. If The Rock had picked up the title from Jericho at No Way Out in a fatal four way of Rock, Jericho, Austin and Undertaker in a match mauled with NWO interference it'd have opened up a chance for Rocky to headline the show with the championship. If a surprise entry of Hogan had won the Rumble with assistance from Hall and Nash there would have been fireworks. I'd have Rocky go over in the same fashion but offer Hogan a rematch for Backlash.


Triple H vs Ric Flair

Returning hero Triple H offers a challenge to his hero Ric Flair. The pair have a classic and respect fest at the end which leads to their alliance in Evolution down the road.


The Outsiders vs Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker - No DQ

The NWO could have cost both Austin and Taker chances at winning the gold at No Way Out as Hogan wanted to knock off the number one guy of today, his equivalent The Rock. Austin and Taker take exception to this and want to oust these two men which turned their back on their beloved WWF back in 1996. The two teams slog it out in a bloody brawl but The Outsiders pick up the victory as this was the period of The Undertaker being a bit of a bastard and he and Austin let their egos get the better of one another. Outsiders come out with a major win, Austin and Undertaker have a feud as neither had too much to do at this point and the streak wasn't really a major thing at this point.


Hardy Boyz (Tag champs) vs The Dudleys - Losing team must disband


This could have been a good send off to the feud between these two teams opposed to lumping them in with APA and Chuck and Billy. This could have been used to separate Jeff and Matt for the brand split leading to the V1 character for Matt. The match wouldn't need TLC or a cage, the drama of the losing team being split up could have heightened the emotions. Either of these teams hugging in the ring at the biggest show of the year realising their careers had changed forever would have been huge.


Edge vs Kurt Angle

Bring their great feud and matches forward a couple of months. This would have done Edge a better service in his hometown.


Hardcore fuck around

Maven vs Regal vs Goldust vs APA vs Christian vs DDP vs Hurricane vs Spike

I'd limit all the pinfalls backstage into this brawl too. Anyone can win.


Chris Jericho vs Rob Van Dam

This was a fresh match up and dream match of sorts at the time. It'd have been a hell of a lot better at the time than Jericho vs Triple H and RVD vs Regal. Definately not from a payday stand point for Y2J though admittedly.

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I'd keep some of it the same. Winners in italics.


The Main Event

The Rock vs Hollywood Hogan


Undisputed Championship

Stone Cold Steve Austin (champion) vs Triple H



Brothers of Destruction vs Hall and Nash (or a handicap with X-Pac if Nash was too injured to do much)


Big Ladder Match for the Intercontinental

William Regal (champion) vs Edge vs Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy vs Rob Van Dam vs Booker T


Old Man vs Younger Man

Ric Flair vs Chris Jericho



Mr Perfect vs Kurt Angle


European Championship

DDP (champion) vs Christian


Tag Team Championship Four Way

Billy and Chuck (champions) vs APA vs Dudley Boyz vs Spike and Tazz


Women's Championship Triple Threat

Stephanie McMahon (champion) vs Lita vs Trish Stratus


Hardcore Championship Clusterfuck

Maven (champion) vs Test vs Goldust vs Hurricane vs Whoever else fancies it throughout the event



*I'm sure at the time I'd have booked an Outsiders win to keep the nWo strong, but I'm writing it now. So fuck the nWo being strong.

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Outsiders come out with a major win, Austin and Undertaker have a feud as neither had too much to do at this point and the streak wasn't really a major thing at this point.


Cause and effect, that would kind of fuck up a lot of the drama surrounding some of Undertaker's best matches at Manias over the last ten years or so though, wouldn't it?

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Outsiders come out with a major win, Austin and Undertaker have a feud as neither had too much to do at this point and the streak wasn't really a major thing at this point.


Cause and effect, that would kind of fuck up a lot of the drama surrounding some of Undertaker's best matches at Manias over the last ten years or so though, wouldn't it?


Yes, but this is hypothetically changing something from a different time period. Rebooking a show in a certain time perimeter. Nobody in the office was planning Undertaker's matches and victories based around the fact that Shawn Michaels might come back in a bit and might need a good storyline to retire in eight years time. They weren't bargaining on Undertaker facing Leviathan from OVW at Wrestlemania 23 either so didn't want the streak kept hot for that one.


I wasn't applying hindsight to it as a different card could have ultimately had a domino effect as could Scott Hall not getting sacked and Nash not getting injured.

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So you'd end the streak Sexy Dad?


I'd have done:


Icon vs Icon- Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Hollywood Hogan


Austin goes over in the same fashion as Rocky did originally. Hogan still turns face and the show ends with those two celebrating in the ring.


WWE Championship:


Chris Jericho vs The Rock vs Kurt Angle


Angle wins the Rumble and costs Rocky vs Jericho in a rematch at No Way Out. Gives us a big Triple Threat at Mania with Rocky going over. Then you could do Rock vs Hulk for the title at Backlash.


DX vs The Outsiders


I know HBK didn't return for a bit after Mania but if possible i'd try to get him back here for this. The Outsiders go over after HHH turns on Michaels.


The Undertaker vs Ric Flair


I enjoyed this feud so I'd have kept this as it was.


Tag Team Turmoil


Billy and Chuck vs the Hardy Boyz vs the Dudley Boyz vs APA


Billy and Chuck go over.


IC/European Title Unification match


William Regal vs Edge vs Rob Van Dam vs Christian


Edge wins here in his hometown to unify the belts.


Battle Royal for a Future Title Shot


Kane vs Booker T vs Mr Perfect vs Eddie Guerrero vs Test vs DDP vs Lance Storm vs Val Venis vs Rikishi vs Big Show.


Kane goes over.


Womens Title


Trish vs Lita Jazz


I'd keep this the same with Jazz winning.

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They had only just began to recognise Undertakers streak, it'd be shit to end it just as they began making reference to it. They definitely were talking about it. It was first mentioned at X7 and they'd started to make a bit of a deal of it here, with Undertaker holding up his hands to signal 10 after defeating Flair, then becoming 10-0. Also, Undertaker was full on heel at this point. I know I said rewrite but I guess I should have made some rules. Let's say you can rewrite from the Rumble onwards, but let's not make too many turns. Also Sexy Dad, you've left Booker T and Kane off the card who were pretty prominent at the time.


Pitcos, who's the 4th team in your tag title match?

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Brothers of Destruction vs Hall and Nash (or a handicap with X-Pac if Nash was too injured to do much)



Mr Perfect vs Kurt Angle


I like these two ideas especially. Just from their interaction in the Rumble, I'd have been really up for Angle vs Perfect at WrestleMania.


I'm sure it's been discussed to death before but what was the main reason for going with Hogan vs Rock instead of Hogan vs Austin? Not that I had a problem with Hogan vs Rock, just wondered. Was it just an issue of who goes over? I wouldn't have thought Hogan would've been against losing to Austin, considering he lost to Rock anyway on the show and went on to put Angle and Lesnar over pretty big in the following months. He lost to Triple H and Undertaker as well in that run. Was Hogan vs Rock always first choice?

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Undisputed Title:


Rock vs Jericho vs HHH.


HHH was roided to bits,so at least Rock and Jericho could have a passable match around him.Rock could drop the belt to Hogan at Backlash and head off back to Hollywood.


Austin vs Hogan


Was nostalgia money in Hogan,and Austin was knackered at this stage anyway.Hogan tells Hall and Nash to piss off when they try to interfere,thus turning face.


Taker vs Flair


No need to change this.


Edge vs Kurt Angle


Angle beats Edge with a roll up.


IC Title:4 way elimination


RVD vs Regal vs Kane vs Booker T


RVD gets the popular win,pinning Booker last.


Tag Team titles: Table Match


Hardyz vs APA vs Dudleys vs Chuck+Billy


May as well go with the freshest team.Rico helps them lob Matt through a table for the win.


Same backstage Hardcore title stuff.Bossman to leave as champion though.


Womens Title:


Trish vs Jazz vs Molly


Lita was shite,less messy having Molly in her place instead.


Euro Title:


Christian vs DDP vs Mr.Perfect


Would have been cool to see Perfect win at Mania again.

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