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Batistas Best Clobber


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Long overdue discussion that really needs to be had and we're all dying to talk about. Going by discussion on what The Shield lads should wear once they split and Big Es singlet everyone here is a fashion expert when it comes to wrestlers. If there's one man who always knows how to look good with wonderful extravagant outfits it's Big Dave. His big return night didn't disappoint but he's toned it down since. Hopefully when his inevitable heel turn arrives we'll get more of the same. What have you enjoyed Big Dave wearing the most? And don't lie, we've all got a favourite. Sorry Butch, this could be a very picture heavy thread.




I thought he looked particularly boss in this number








which made it's appearance during a neat promo back and forth with John Cena in the run up to their clash at WrestleMania 26. Batista was just tremendous during this period and his wicked threads only added to his cracking character.



Always wore a suit well too, did Big Dave.

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During that feud with Cena he also rocked some cutoff denim shorts didn't he?


Batista can wear denim that nobody else can, check out this Double Denim:



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His heel clothes were always wacky but cool, I thought he always looked awesome keeping it simple like jeans, sunglasses and a tanktop showing of his tattoo's and massive arms always a sexy look




I was never a fan of him in suits after Evolution, I said before I dont like suits in wrestling obviously some exceptions like Horseman, Del Rio, Bosses etc but when guys like Miz, Riley are dressed the same a Batista it just makes everyone look the same like plain black trunks of the clothes world

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