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Vinnie to buy the Toon


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Anyway, being a red blooded American patriot, I doubt McMahon has any time for Football anyway and probably considers it a foreign concept. He wouldn't make any money out of it so its a non starter.

Mind you, it would be worth it just to see Mike Adamle take over Joe Kinnear's old job.

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I just stuck this in the premier league thread but its a better fit for in here;


Who's in your WWE 11 then? I'll go for;


Damien Sandow


Jimmy Uso ---- Wade Barrett --- Sheamus --- Jay uso


Seth Rollins --- Daniel Bryan --- Alberto Del Rio --- Kofi Kingston


--- Roman Reigns ---- Dolph Ziggler


On the bench I'd have - Swagger, Lesnar, Cena, Orton, Ryback, Cesaro and Big E. An all star bench!

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This comes up every year as pointed out. Realistically never going to happen, would be funny though.


This quote doesn't make sense to me though;


The Sports Direct owner is looking to shift his attention to the SPL after The Scottish Premier League was handed a huge boost with their share of TV money from the recent BT Sport mega Champions League TV rights deal.


Surely the "huge boost" in cash due to BT still isn't enough for someone to think buying an SPL club is as valuable as a EPL club??? Other than Celtic...

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As has been said, Vince couldnt afford to buy and run a Premier League club.


For what it's worth my WWE starting line up, 4-3-3. Really need to sign a new striker in the summer.




DL- Jey Uso

CB- Del Rio ©

CB- Barret

DR -Jimmy Uso

DMC -Big E

CM - Bryan

CM - Cesaro

AML- Kingston

AMR- Ziggler

SC- Fandango

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