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WAW.Academy show results


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WAW Results from 16 February - Mane Orsa 25


Yesterday, WAW returned to the Breckland Centre, Costessey for their 25th Mane Orsa show.


Shortly after Birthday boy, Michael Mann (65 years old) started the show, he was interrupted by the music of the Army of Two as Scott Fusion came out and requested the microphone.

Fusion explained how he'd been thinking about his attack on his former tag partner Aaron Sharp over the last few weeks and simply can not explain why he did it.

He'd been trying to get in contact with him to apologise even posting an appear on his personal facebook page but was not getting a reply.


Fusion said he was going to try calling Sharp again to see if hearing the crowd in the background would help. As Fusion held the phone to his ear, the music of AO2 played again but this time The Lion, Aaron Sharp walked out.


Both men stood opposite sides of the ring as Fusion reiterated how he was sorry and how he had been jealous of Sharp's success originally but realised what a mistake he'd made.

Sharp admitted Fusion's antics hurt him because he was the only other wrestler he felt a kinship with outside of WAW. Sharp concluded by saying "Trust is hard to earn, but easy to lose" before asking the fans if they wanted the Army of Two to reform.


Eventually both men agreed to reform the Army of Two, but Sharp told Fusion he still had a lot to do to get that trust back.



1) Joey Ozbourne faced Dynamo Grey in the opening contest between two former Academy Champions.

The end came after Joey hit Dynamo below the belt when the referee was facing away. Dynamo retaliated and kicked Ozbourne low as well but this time, head referee David Finch was facing the right way and immediately called for a disqualifaction.


As the winner, Joey Ozbourne started to leave ringside, Dynamo put out a challenge for WAW's upcoming show at Fakenham for a rematch.

WAW Committee Chairman, Michael Mann agreed to Dynamo Grey's request to set up a rematch to take place on 22 February at the WAW Wrestling Fakenham event.



2) Scott Fusion forced Buster Keegan to submit in a Submission Tournament Quarter Final.



3) Academy Championship

Brad O'Brien

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