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GAEA Girls


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- Apologies if this is in the wrong place, but due to the imminent broadcast of this documentary, I figured this'd be where people are most likely to see it. -


Just to alert anyone who may be interested, that the acclaimed 2000 BBC documentary “GAEA Girls” is due to be shown again on SKY Ch. 539 @ 22:00 on Saturday 8th Feb. It was shown earlier in the week, but I only caught the last minute, entirely by chance at that.



For those who haven’t seen it, the documentary follows GAEA rookies (in particular Saika Takeuchi) going through the fairly brutal training regime they had. Chigusa Nagayo & Meiko Satomura are among those who appear.

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Wasn't this documentary and "Wrestling with Shadows" on in one strange weekend on BBC2 one time?


It was in 1999 or 2000? Wrestling with Shadows was on in the Storyville strand on a Saturday night. I've never been more surprised in my life when I saw it was on. I laid down the law to the flatmates and took control of the television.

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I think it was one spawny week in 2000. Storyville and Arena.


Also, it just proves theres no reason to treat people like that. Chigusa and her 1995-6 Dominic Matteo hairdo doesn't make better wrestlers. Riding people into the ground doesn't. Otherwise Hardbody Harrison would be the man.


You reckon Jerry Lawler ever had to go through shit like that? No. And he can work rings around them all.


Great wrestlers aren't made training, they're made wrestling.

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First time I saw Wrestling Shadows was November 99. I remember it because Bret Hart was on the Big Breakfast during the time Hall and Nash supposedly injured his knee and I remember thinking "hmmm, no crutches". I was still buying it back in the late 90s.


The GAEA girls doc I first saw in early 2002. I heard about it on TalkSport, and Tommy Boyd was complaining during the plug that Alex Shane was promoting a BBC program that was airing the same time as his radio show on a Friday night.

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