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NGW Destiny 2014 - Sports Arena, KC Stadium, Hull - Sun 23rd March


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New Generation Wrestling: Destiny - CHAMPION V CHAMPION

Sunday 23rd March 2014


Sports Arena,

KC Stadium,

Walton Street,

Kingston Upon Hull,



Doors open- 5.00pm

Show starts- 5.30pm


Tickets are priced:


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Awesome Card so far lined-up for this event.


Champion vs Champion

EL Ligero vs Rampage Brown


4 Man Tournement to decide the New Number 1 Contender

Semi finals are

Robbie X vs Mark Haskins


Dara Diablo vs Dave Mastiff


Tag Team Champions Stixx and Colossus issue and open challenge to any tag team in the UK


and announced tonight

Project Ego vs The Proven.

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Quick results, time approximates due to the clock in the arena:


Mark Haskins beat Robbie X in approx 8/9 minutes

Dara Diablo beat Dave Mastiff in approx 10 minutes

The Proven beat Project Ego in approx 13 minutes


Stixx/Kennedy beat The Predators in approx 12 minutes

El Ligero and Rampage Brown went to a double count out in approx 15 minutes

Dara Diablo beat Mark Haskins in approx 14 minutes




Haskins interfered at the end of Dara/Mastiff which lead to Dara getting a roll up victory inadvertently. Haskins attacked Dara and brought in a chair, only for Mastiff to snatch it from him. This then lead to Mastiff hitting Dara with the chair and a big senton splash onto a downed Dara with the chair on top of him.


Kirby challenged Crash to a one on one match again for June 15th but The Proven walked off after the GM said No. Ego/Proven was match of the night and was so good it brought the lights down!


The Proven attempted to interfere during Ligero/Rampage but were taken out by a dive to the outside from Ligero. Rampage/Ligero brawled around ringside for the count out decision, Ego came out after The Proven and Crash agreed to the one on one match with Kirby.


Haskins pulled a Eddie Guerrero 12 minutes in when he brought a chair into the ring during the main event whilst the ref was down, hit the canvas with it then laid down as if Dara had struck him when the ref regained his senses. However the ref saw through and the match continued.


Dara vs Ligero confirmed for June 15th.



Decent show. Really enjoyed Robbie/Haskins, Ego/Proven and Rampage/Ligero but all felt cut short, probably due to the arena, audience and TV taping. All three of those matches in different promotions with longer time limits will result in some classics in the future.

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