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WWE Elimination Chamber 2014 Discussion


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Why would Brock be in the chamber? Its obvious what angle they are going with. They aren't giving Brock what he wants, so in retaliation he keeps destroying people. Its going to get to the point where someone has to end Brock's path of destruction. And that's when the Undertaker will return. That seemed super obvious the other night. Brock's going to leave a pile of bodies in his way, and the night of or the night after (or even the Network launch night) Undertaker's going to confront him. There's just no way I see Brock getting the belt anytime soon.

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Apparently Brock's done all the pre-WrestleMania matches he's contracted for. So with the money he'd want to do an extra one, he probably won't be thrown in as a surprise. Which is a shame, because Christian and Cesaro shouldn't be in there. The roster's that thin, though, who else could replace them? I think having one of them in there's alright, but not both.


Bad News Barrett has been banging his gavel long enough that him wrestling is a novelty. Del Rio, because nobody cares about him vs Batista, but Del Rio's as boring as Christian. Big Show and Henry are selling injuries from Brock. Ryback's no more serious a contender than Cesaro these days. Sandow's doing the losing streak gimmick. Rey Mysterio, I suppose. Miz, if he hadn't lost all faith in himself and ability, could talk up his inclusion if he got added. Lesnar could kill Christian on Raw or Smackdown the week before, and then they could bring Evan Bourne back as a surprise replacement. But most of these are lateral moves at best.

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