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Every so often on my Facebook or Twitter feeds, or on a site I go to regularly, I see a post about an article or feature that I think will be interesting, and when I click on it, it's a long read, so I save it and go back to it when I get time.


When I've read it, I usually end up thinking it was really interesting, and want to share it with people, so I thought a thread on here with interesting articles that people have read would be a good resource, if anyone's ever looking for reading material.


First of all, I've got a couple of pieces from Rolling Stone.


I first read


Inside Scientology


when they published it in 2006, and found it utterly fascinating. There's so much going on I had no idea about. So I'm very glad they put it online.


Secondly, their current cover story,


Pope Francis: The Times They Are A-Changing.


I know it's a risk posting an article about a Pope, but it's an interesting article!



So yeah, if you've read any good longer stuff online, give it a link in here. Because knowledge is power.

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