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Create Your Own Festival Poster


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Spent way to much time on this, and blew all the budget on my headliners and subs. Was quite fun, will try and finish the poster off this evening.





Fleetwood Mac

The Beach Boys



Bruce Springsteen

Bob Dylan

Simon & Garfunkel

Leonard Cohen



David Bowie

Billy Joel

Garry Glitter

Yusuf Islam

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Why is this thread continuing?! Magnum won it hands down! Having Earth, Wind and Fire segregated for some reason gave me the biggest laugh of those.


I'll have a bash later at this, probably a serious attempt.

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Friday is mostly 70s and 80s night, so my Dad can pop along and enjoy himself. He won't appreciate the lack of David Guetta on Sunday (2000+) though. Saturday will start with some gangster rap, continue through the night with a proper Hampshire-field ecstasy fuelled rave and then some grunge to make the comedown even more unbearable.



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