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The Premier League All-Star Game

Devon Malcolm

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When I raised the topic of what people thought of a Premier League All-Stars Game a couple of years ago, most people thought it was an awful idea for various reasons that I chose to ignore for the purpose of this thread.


So let's play one anyway. I'm proposing North & Midlands v South & Wales and organised along those lines the teams would be allocated thus:-


NORTH & MIDLANDS - Aston Villa, Everton, Hull City, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Newcastle United, Stoke City, Sunderland, West Bromwich Albion


SOUTH & WALES - Arsenal, Cardiff City, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Fulham, Norwich City, Southampton, Swansea City, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham United


If you fancy choosing a team or teams and/or squad(s) (I'm working on mine), I propose these rules:-


1) At least ONE PLAYER from each team, but no maximum limit on the amount of players from a team.


2) 22 players in total per squad.


3) No limit on the foreigners.


If you don't want to pick a team or squad then you can discuss why a Premier League All-Star Game would be a great idea instead and why the North & Midlands would clearly win by a margin of several goals.

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I'm all over this.



First XI (4-2-3-1):

GK: Krul (NEW)

DEFS: Zabaleta (MCI), Baines (EVE), Brown (SUN), Kompany (MCI)

MIDS: Cabaye (NEW), Toure (MCI),

FWDS: Suarez (LIV), Rooney (MUN), Silva (MCI)

ST: Aguero (MCI)


Subs: Foster (WBA), Johnson (LIV), Coleman (EVE), Vidic (MUN), Shawcross (STK), Huddlestone (HUL), Gerrard (LIV), Nasri (MCI), Benteke (AVL), Sturridge (LIV), Van Persie (MUN)



First XI (4-2-3-1):

GK: Lloris (TOT)

DEFS: Ivanovic (CHE), Shaw (SOT), Mertesacker (ARS), Koscielny (ARS)

MIDS: Ramires (CHE), Wanyama (SOT)

FWDS: Walcott (ARS), Ozil (ARS), Hazard (CHE)

ST: Carroll (WHM)


SUBS: Stekelenberg (FUL), Azpilicueta (CHE), Caulker (CAR), Vertonghen (TOT), Ward (CPL), Fer (NOR), Oscar (CHE), Lallana (SOT), Giroud (ARS), Torres (CHE), Bony (SWA)



Whichever way I try to work it, I think the north would piss this, purely because of the firepower. The striking talent on offer was so much that I had to leave RVP on the bench, and by contrast it was so thin on the ground on the opposite side that I had to pick Andy Carroll.

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It's took me longer than I thought it would to come up with this. Made a few little concessions in quality so the first 11 didn't just end up all from the big boys. Limiting myself for only up to three players per club to stop the bench being littered with them as well.




Rafael, Kompany

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This was a great way to kill half an hour. I'm posting this before seeing anybody else's attempt, so don't doubt that I will have made at least one or two glaring omissions. Also, I did it with one All Star game in mind, rather than trying to take back ups to every position as you would with a World Cup squad.


Full squads:

North & Midlands

GK: Begovic, McGregor

DEF: Kompany, Jagielka, O'Shea, Vlaar, Zabaleta, Baines

MID: Carrick, Fellaini, Cabaye, Gerrard, Barkley, Toure, Silva, Navas, Sessegnon, Ben Arfa

ATT: Suarez, Rooney, Aguero, Van Persie


South & Wales

GK: Cech, Boruc

DEF: Mertesacker, Koscielny, Terry, Luiz, Vertonghen, Ivanovic

MID: Cazorla, Medel, Ramsey, Parker, Fer, Ozil, Hazard, Mata, Bannan, Morrison

ATT: Adebayor, Giroud, Walcott, Michu


I expect that the respective starting elevens would be:

North & Midlands


Zabaleta Kompany Jagielka Baines

Carrick Y.Toure

Navas Rooney Silva



South & Wales


Ivanovic Mertesacker Koscielny Vertonghen

Medel Ramsey

Hazard Ozil Mata



I think the starting elevens are pretty well matched, but North&Midlands have a million ways to change it from the bench if they need to, while it's pretty slim pickings for South&Wales if they need a sub to come on and get them a goal.


An early Rooney screamer is cancelled out by Ramsey after Mata and Ozil link well to create the chance on the stroke of half time. Suarez - having again been kept quiet by Arsenal's center halves - is subbed off around the 70 minute mark for Aguero, who quickly nudges North&Midlands ahead on 77. The South&Wales managerial dream team of Mourinho and Wenger throw on Cazorla, Giroud and Walcott looking for an equaliser, but commit too many forward and Yaya Toure makes it 3-1 on 89 mins.


David Moyes suffers a Buster Merryfield style fall on his way up to collect the trophy leaving Roberto Martinez to bashfully accept it on his behalf. Newton-le-Willows is declared the new capital of the UK leading to much revelry in the North West. The End.

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GK: Lloris (Spuds)

LB: Shaw (Soton)

CB's: Mertescielny (Arsenal)

RB: Ivanovic (Chelsea)

CM: Flamini (Arsenal)

CM: Ramsey (Arsenal)

CM: Ozil (Arsenal)

FW: Michu (Swansea)

FW: Hazard (Chelsea)

CF: Giroud (Arsenal)



Scszesney (Arsenal)

Hangeland (Fulham)

Vertonghen (Spurs)

Cole (Chelsea)

Paulinho (Spurs)

Ravel (West Ham)

Redmond (Nodge)

Medel (Cardiff)

Wilshere (Arsenal)

Ox (Arsenal)


And someone from Palace. Mark Bright perhaps? Only 8 Arsenal players, didn't want to be greedy.


This thread hits home how shit the southern teams are on average compared to the northerners at the moment. I bet putting together a Northern XI would be much easier. Look at the lack of goalscorers in the southern teams!

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North & Midlands

Gk: Asmir Begovic

RB: Davide Santon

LB: Leighton Baines

CB: Vincent Kompany

CB: Curtis Davies

RW: Antonio Valencia

LW: Stephane Sessegnon

CM: Michael Carrick

CM: Yaya Toure

St: Sergio Aguero

St: Luis Suarez


Subs : De Gea, Bardsley, Debuchy, Vlaar, Agger, Cabaye, Barkley, Huddlestone, Nasri, Rooney, Negredo.


South & Wales

Gk: Hugo Lloris

RB: Angel Rangel

LB: Luke Shaw

CB: Per Mertesacker

CB: Steven Caulker

CM: Mathieu Flamini

CM: Steve Sidwell

RW: Ravel Morrison

LW: Eden Hazard

No.10: Michu

St: Oliver Giroud


Subs : Ruddy, Clyne, A. Cole, Lovren, Vertongen, Walcott, Medel, Lallana, Downing, Mata, Hooper.


I love this idea! It would be infinitely better than the charity shield. As regards my teams I tried to spread my selections across all the teams instead of just going for the big names.

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When doing this the struggle to get one guy from each team was quite fun. But you really do get quite an even game if you hand off one or two subs to give stronger depth in other areas.




Begovic (STK), Foster (WBA)


Baines (EVE), Zabaleta (MC), Santon (NEW), Evra (MU)


Kompany (MC), Agger (LIV), Jagielka (EVE), O'Shea (SUN)


Toure (MC), Gerrard (LIV), Barkley (EVE), Huddlestone (HUL), Cabaye (NEW), Coutinho (LIV), Silva (MC), Carrick (MU)


Suarez (LIV), Rooney (MU), Negredo (MC), Benteke (AVL)


Probably line up like:




Zabaleta Kompany Agger Baines




Toure Cabaye Silva


Suarez Rooney




Ruddy (NOR), Steklenberg (FUL)


Rangel (SWA), Shaw (SOU), Ivanovic (CHE), Monreal (ARS)


Caulker (CAR), Mertesacker (ARS), Koscielny (ARS), Dawson (TOT)


Ramsey (ARS), Wilshere (ARS), Lampard (CHE), Cazorla (ARS), Morrison (WHU), Ozil (ARS), Hazard (CHE), Walcott (ARS), Dembele (TOT)


Berbatov, (FUL) Giroud, (ARS) Chamakh (CRY)


Probably line up:




Ivanovic Mertesacker Koscielny Shaw


Ramsey Dembele Wilshere


Hazard Ozil



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I'm surprised more people aren't having De Gea in their side. I'd have said he has been the best 'keeper in the Premier League so far this season.


Can we talk about the logistics of doing this game? Back when that idiotic '39th Game' idea was being circulated, I suggested that they should do this All-Stars Game abroad instead because then it would also save arguments about where this game should be held in the UK. Do the NFL still have their All-Star Game in Hawaii?


I don't think you could do it instead of the Community Shield because you'd probably have problems with players leaving for other clubs, it would have to be at the end of the season. But I'd personally like to see how I would handle the moral dilemma of cheering on Luis Suarez as he jinks past Michael Dawson or whatever other donkey the dirty south have in their side.

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The 39th game was utter bollocks wasn't it, ridiculous idea that would completely unlevel the playing field. An all-time star game sounds liked a good idea, though. Have fans vote then hold the match in Asia and the FPL can get that extra revenue they seem to desperately cry out for.


Hell, I've always loved the idea of a La Liga VS Premier League game. Used to want Serie A instead, but you might as well have the Championship in there for the worth that Serie A carries.

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The 39th game was utter bollocks wasn't it, ridiculous idea that would completely unlevel the playing field. An all-time star game sounds liked a good idea, though. Have fans vote then hold the match in Asia and the FPL can get that extra revenue they seem to desperately cry out for.


Yes, it was a ludicrous idea that carried absolutely no positives at all. Plus, just how many people in Fukuoka are going to want to watch Norwich v Stoke? Fucking daft. I'm sure someone stuck it for it on here, though. Probably Van Dammer.

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