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This was me on 15th March. Ashamed to admit - 24st 2lbs. This is now. 17st 2lbs. Still a long way to go but I'm up for the challenge!

Me again. Had an eye on today as it's 1 year since my first weigh in at MvF. This is the result. 108lbs. A bit proud of myself, mostly embarrassed at what a fat cunt I was. Still, onwards and not outw

After years of hearing like a Roman emperor I had the sudden realization that I was the fattest person in most rooms. At only 5'7 I weighed nearly 20 stone. I was virtually a perfect sphere. Earl

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On 7/20/2020 at 8:09 PM, Divorced Dad said:

I use Strava for walks, run and cycles and it's brilliant. Sometimes the calories aren't quite accurate but other than that it's great. 

loving the app, managed my best for a long time today with a total of 23.48 miles walked today, so im having chocolate cake, although not health and fitness friendly!

Hope everyone is doing well, whatever your goal with health and fitness, please make some of it for mental health reasons if needed, its so good for it! Its all good to be fit, but dont end up like me and being (somewhat) fit but messed up mentally. Keep it fun and enjoyable!  

anyone going back to the gym? I dont think i will be, i love it but the Covid thing has me very cautious




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