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The Health and Fitness Thread

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I find home training useful so would definitely suggest looking into that. Loads of apps and youtube channels that may help and it can be a good way to find something you enjoy.

Also recommend myfitnesspal as a good way to track food. Can be enlightening.

I’d also say to try to not be too hard on yourself from photos. They can be excellent motivation but they can also be misleading. Lighting, angles, who you’re with and what you’re doing all play a part. Everyone also ages even though it’s easy to believe others don’t.


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This was me on 15th March. Ashamed to admit - 24st 2lbs. This is now. 17st 2lbs. Still a long way to go but I'm up for the challenge!

Me again. Had an eye on today as it's 1 year since my first weigh in at MvF. This is the result. 108lbs. A bit proud of myself, mostly embarrassed at what a fat cunt I was. Still, onwards and not outw

After years of hearing like a Roman emperor I had the sudden realization that I was the fattest person in most rooms. At only 5'7 I weighed nearly 20 stone. I was virtually a perfect sphere. Earl

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If the main issue for you is weight loss, then 99% of your focus should be on your nutrition, not the exercise. Judging from your post, you seem to think that going to the gym/exercising will fix the weight problem. It wont. At the moment, Id recommend not even worrying about the gym, DDP yoga, personal trainers, the whole lot, its just a waste of time and avoiding the main issue of losing weight. Just go for walks wherever you feel comfortable, and focus all your effort on the food and drink side. Sort that out, stick to a certain amount of calories, and you'll lose weight without even stepping foot in a gym. Once youre on a good path and losing weight from the nutrition (not diet), then you can start to introduce some home workouts to increase fitness.

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