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Royal Rumble 2014 Discussion


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So, the Royal Rumble is three-and-a-bit weeks' time, and since it's usually one of WWE's most anticipated events, and it's the start to the road to WrestleMania, and it features the Rumble itself, and they've started announcing matches, I considered it worth a discussion thread. Things are going to Happen on this show. Things.


The card currently looks like this:




The Brotherhood vs. The New Age Outlaws in the kick off match for the WWE Tag Team Championship



John Cena vs. Randy Orton in a rematch for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship



Big Show vs. Brock Lesnar



Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt


The Royal Rumble - 30 men, winner gets a title shot etc

Confirmed Entrants:


CM Punk (Director of Operations Kane declared Punk will enter the match at No. 1)

Alberto Del Rio

Big E Langston

The Miz


Xavier Woods

Kofi Kingston

Cody Rhodes


Rey Mysterio


Roman Reigns

Seth Rollins

Dean Ambrose

Erick Rowan

Luke Harper

Damien Sandow

Jimmy Uso

Jey Uso







Plus Brock Lesnar has said he's going after whoever wins the title match, and Batista returns on the episode of RAW before the Rumble. So there's that.



What's going to happen? What do you want to see happen? Are you fussed about seeing Cena vs. Orton again? Who would you rather have vs. Brock? Who'll win the Rumble?


It's been a slow morning at work so I had a bit of a think about how I see the card and the Rumble going. I'm putting it in spoiler tags, NOT because there are spoilers, but because it's effectively fantasy booking and you might elect not to bother reading it. Especially the Rumble bit because I've gone a bit overboard there.


<-- click on 'spoiler' to show/hide the spoiler

Outside of the Rumble, I see Cena vs. Orton (Orton retains), Big E Langston vs. Damien Sandow for the IC Title (Langston retains), the Rhodes vs. Rybaxel for the Tag titles (Rhodes retain), Brodus Clay vs. Xavier Woods (someone wins) and a women's match (someone wins) happening.


I wouldn't have any of the people in the above matches doing double duty in the Rumble, because to be perfectly honest I don't have room for them.


The Rumble itself, I see going like this (with help from a Random Sequence Generator that I tweaked about a bit). Batista went on RAW to announce he's entering.


Seth Rollins comes in at number 1, with Tyson Kidd at 2. The Shield beat him up and eliminate him, and do the same with Diego and Sin Cara.


Daniel Bryan is in at 5, and survives the Shield's assault, and gets some back-up when Jimmy Uso, Big Show and Rey Mysterio all join. Roman Reigns gets his official entry at 9, and Alberto Del Rio is in at 10 but bides his time because he doesn't like the look of it in there. The Shield get rid of Miz and Santino after that, then it's Kofi Kingston at 13 but nobody can be arsed with him right now.


Dean Ambrose is entered at 14, and the Shield get rid of Big Show. We get Jey Uso at 15, followed by Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro in succession. Del Rio eliminates Rey, and we get a TAG TEAM SHOWDOWN with the Shield, the Usos and the Americans, resulting in Swagger and the Usos' elimination. ADR bides his time again and Bryan goes after Cesaro, while the Shield do their celebration gesturing thing... and then Roman Reigns chucks the other two out.


Christian comes in at 18 and does some stuff, followed by R-Truth at 19 to help out. Dolph Ziggler is in at 20, Christian goes out, as does Truth, probably thanks to shenanigans from Brodus, Xavier and maybe Tensai.


Five men left at the #20 mark: Bryan, Reigns, Del Rio, Cesaro and Ziggler. The ring starts to fill up with Fernando, Heath Slater, Bad News Barrett and Fandango before CM Punk comes in at 25 to take on Reigns. Khali is in at 26 and eliminates Fernando, and then Bray Wyatt gets 27 and hides behind Bryan and the rest of the Family, who he has brought to ringside.


Menry gets 28, and eliminates Barrett and Slater because that's what he does. Then at 29, BATISTA enters and gets rid of Khali and Fandango. Final entrant is Sheamus making an unannounced return. He eliminates Ziggler while Cesaro shows his strength and gets rid of Mizark.


The final eight: Bryan, Reigns, Del Rio, Punk, Wyatt, Sheamus and Batista.


Batista eliminates Cesaro while Punk and Sheamus chuck Del Rio. Bryan and Wyatt have a staredown, and Bryan channels the crowd's energy and eliminates Bray. Reigns eliminates Sheamus and we have a final four of Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns, CM Punk and Batista.


Batista and Reigns go at it, as do Punk and Bryan, but the Family and the Authority turn up and take both of the latter out of commission. We're left with Roman and the Animal. Reigns holds his own against Batista and hopefully looks like a star, but Batista gets the better of him and wins the Rumble.


Batista wins! Which opens up the possibility of Batista vs. Orton OR Batista vs. Lesnar for the title at 'Mania, freeing up Cena for something Hoganish or Lesnar for Undertaker. We've got the setup for whatever Punk and Bryan are going to do, as well as a probable Shield triple threat.


[close spoiler]




I don't think the event will go like I've guessed in the slightest. But I'll update this thread as and when the card gets updated.



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I'd really like to see a returning Sheamus responsible for taking Batista out and setting up a fued. As much as Sheamus doesn't get many peoples juices flowing I think these two guys could have an awesome match.


While they probably could, I don't see that as a WrestleMania feud, in fact, I'm not entirely sure where Sheamus would fit onto the card at this year's Mania, he's in a really tough spot. Theres guys above him in the pecking order and that's before you get onto your proper main eventers and your visiting guys. Best case scenario for Sheamus, I feel, is teaming with Big Show & Henry against The Shield or The Wyatts.


Or forming a tag team and being in a Tag Title match.


I'm fully set for The Rumble. Apparently, Triple H has said something in his latest interview which may just tease the most star-studded Elimination Chamber in it's history, so any tease towards that should be good.


I'm hoping for a full on Heavyweight Final 4 of the Rumble. I'm picking Brock, Batista, Reigns & Langston potentially. Then again, you could slot Sheamus easily into that Langston slot.

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I like watching Sheamus, he's my pick in the surprise entrant pool, 'cause I'm a creative bastard. ;) As much as his character is a little bland and one-note, he can usually be counted on to have great physical matches. He'll be a welcome addition to the roster for me.


What's going to happen?


I think the following guys will have a good showing:


Big E Langston (does the powerhouse eliminates a bunch of guys thing, ala' Kane), Dolph Ziggler (takes a crazy bump), Fandango (does something really athletic to avoid elimination) and Damien Sandow (lasts 20+ minutes).


One-night nostalgia returns: Jake "The Snake" gets his wish, Vader has a go, and I saw an idea where JBL reveals wrestling attire under his announcer clothes, and I like that.


Carlito returns for a bit of a WWE run. Goes into the "good hand" category now that he's in shape and seems committed. He can help out the younger guys as a veteran now (whoa). No big Mania plans for him, perhaps IC/US title involvement.


Batista announces his intentions to enter the Rumble and does, but Lesnar flattens him to set up the Mania match.



What do you want to see happen?

I want to see Daniel Bryan win and go on to Mania to face Orton and Cena in a triple threat, basically having another go at the Benoit story from WMXX. The scenario for "who will win" below seems to make a lot of sense though, and may actually be more intriguing than what is essentially a re-hash. Also, the more time goes on, the more I think there'll be no real payoff to the Bryan story, and he'll be on the Kickoff at Mania vs. Fandango.


Are you fussed about seeing Cena vs. Orton again?


Not particularly. That said, Cena especially made their match at TLC seem like a huge deal, I'm sure he can do the same again. Seeing the match at the Rumble also lessens the chances of having to see it at Mania, which I thought in the back of my head may be the plan at one stage. But again, looking forward to Mania plans, and I think this year is the right one to do Cena/Taker.


Who would you rather have vs. Brock?


Lesnar vs. Batista is the best option there IMO. If that does happen at Mania, set up by a Rumble confrontation, I'll be a happy chap.


Who'll win the Rumble?


This is one of those years where it's near impossible to say, normally clear signs point towards what's going to happen in Wrestlemania season, but everything seems quite up in the air, probably because it is. I'm going to say that Roman Reigns wins the Rumble, considering the push he seems on the verge of getting as a singles star. His performance at Survivor Series was standout, the Series being a place where seeds have been planted for Mania in years past (all I can think of as an example is Brock/Goldberg, but surely there's more than that for that concept to be so in my head). It's also based on looking at rumoured plans for Mania and not seeing a clear spot where Orton fits, so having him face Reigns gives him a great purpose and could be an interesting payoff/link to the Authority storyline. I wouldn't mind having the Shield be a dominant force in the Rumble, like Legacy was a few years back. Final four of Shield and Daniel Bryan, Shield gets rid of Bryan, the Shield fight it out to go to Mania XXX. I'd have the group hanging together by a thread though- having the Shield as pseudo-faces against Orton, that could possibly turn on Reigns, makes for a nice additional story.

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I've booked the following day off work as a local pub is doing a lock in for the event which I am really looking forward to.


I haven't got much of an idea for this years Rumble. Orton will more than likely retain in a match with Cena with doesn't excite me in the slightest. I'd like to see Cesaro/Swagger come out of the event with the tag titles as they've been one of the best tag teams of 2013. This could also spike the feud which many of us would like to see Goldust Vs Rhodes - A good old Brother Vs Brother feud does sound like compelling viewing.


I'm about 50/50 on Lesnar taking the strap at Elimination Chamber which is something I'd love to see. It'd be good publicity for the WWE aswell.

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I'm always of the opinion that the Rumble should be as star-studded as possible. Brock, Sheamus, Batista, even Cena or Orton, whoever loses the title match earlier on, should be in it, if only to give it more potential winners. I'm sure I remember reading about Taker agreeing to a non-Wrestlemania PPV this year, so I'd love to see him appear too. It's hardly a match that will take much out of him, and somebody eliminating him (provided they don't book him to win it!) will be as good a reason to kick off his Wrestlemania feud than what they did last year with that stupid qualifying match in order to face him.


Ideally though, I think it's time they realise that Brock vs. Taker is the biggest match for Mania 30, so they should just give Taker the Rumble win and let Brock win the title at Elimination Chamber. Orton, Batista, Triple H and company can just do a 6-man for control of the company or something.

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I cannot realistically see Batista winning, isn't he shooting off after Mania for a film or something? I'd like to see Bryan winning, but feel he won't. Not sure why. Think the storyline with the Wyatt's put him out of the main event, unless he eliminates them and then goes on and wins it.


Can see strong showings from Big E. Langston and Roman Reigns.

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I'm not entirely sure where Sheamus would fit onto the card at this year's Mania, he's in a really tough spot. Theres guys above him in the pecking order and that's before you get onto your proper main eventers and your visiting guys.


In fairness the pecking order can, and has, changed in previous years based on what happens at the Rumble.


When Edge got injured in mid-2009 he was in a thrown-together team with Jericho in the mid-card, then came back and won the Rumble to get immediately back in SmackDown's main event picture.


Alberto Del Rio had a steady 2010 and then won the Rumble to become a fixture in the SmackDown main event scene.


Benoit in 2004, Batista in 2005, Mysterio in 2006 - if you aren't up the pecking order going in to a Royal Rumble, there's every possibility you could be by the end.

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