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Death Pool 2014


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If this has already been posted and I've missed it, please feel free to ignore; but I'm a frequent lurker, and haven't noticed the annual Death Pool going. Hopefully I'm not treading on anyone's toes here, but as we're now two days into 2014, I felt we should get this up and running.


As it's been pointed out, Mae Seems like too easy an option; so she's officially 'out of the running' for nominations. My revised pick is Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan


Killjoy_Gee - Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan

Shy_Dad - Kamala

Dr.PeterVenkman - Scott Hall

Richard - Balls Mahoney

Diamond Dust - Vader

Wretch - Rey Mysterio Jr

GaryNysmon - Nick Bockwinkel

Ant - Brian Christopher

DCW - Jim Neidhart

mim731 - Bobby Eaton

TysonSL- Raven

Stylin_and_Profilin - Dusty Rhodes

cobystag - Pat Patterson

dash_x - The Great Khali

bAzTNM#1 - Akeem

Call me Bellend - Kurt Angle

Stinky Dad - Mean Gene Okerlund

bWo - Sunny

PunkStep - Batista

Callum1993 - Bret 'The Hitman' Hart

Bugsey713 - Viscera

martyngnr - Nikolai Volkoff

ninevisions - Bushwacker Luke

The Reverend - Ric Flair

TAP Management - Necro Butcher

PowerButchi - Lash LeRoux

seph - Jake Roberts

KJHenley -Vince McMahon

spotlightmagnet1 - Ahmed Johnson

hbk4life - Henry O. Godwinn

FelatioLips - Yoshi Tatsu

Merzbow - Hardbody Harrison

k faybe - Mr. Fuji

ThumpSquids - Harley Race

Up Chuck - Up Chuck

kickin it wit the kliq - Mo

SpursRiot2012 - John Cena

wandshogun09 - Virgil

The Invisible Boy - Xavier Woods

Jaffa - Luke Harper

scratchdj - Del Wilkes

Shane O' Mac Version 2 - Reby Sky

Dearly Devoted Dexter - Fred Ottman

theironshake - Lex Luger

Gordon_The_Gopher - Sika

eugenespeed - Terry Funk

MungoChutney - Marty Jannetty

Teedy Kay - Dynamite Kid

UK Kat Von D - Hulk Hogan

The British Bushwacker - Sabu

ShortOrderCook - Big Boss Man

Your Fight Site - Chyna

aaron - Jerry Lawler

Scott Malbranque - Dean Ambrose

Fox Piss - Shawn Michaels

IANdrewDiceClay - TNA (I think we have a winner)

patiirc - Haku

Alex Wright Mark - "The Z-Man" Tom Zenk

Sheffbag - Dory Funk Jr

Vegeta - Vampiro

gmoney - The Warlord

Wrasslin - Gangrel

The Cutting Edge - Butch Reed

The King Of Swing - Kenta Kobashi

PSF- Shelton Benjamin's Momma

Forrest - Kevin Sullivan

Captain Wolf - Ed Leslie

Sector_15 - The Rock

Adam Young - Ian Rotten

2Xtreme_lives - Sandman

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This sounds sick, but I'd say Mae Young should be treated as a "non-runner" for this thread given her current situation.


Now to pick on some sod that's less likely to snuff their lid ; Brian Christopher, cause of death : hillbilly heroin.


It was with a heavy heart I elected BC over The Warlord, whose heart must be extremely enlarged.

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