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Predictions for 2014


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Right then, what do you reckon might go down in 2014 in the world of wrestling? It could be a big year, WWE hosts its 30th WrestleMania which could see some big angles and shake ups and big name returns. TNA could be on its last legs and Jeff Jarrett may be starting up a new promotion and some of TNAs best talent may go with him apparently. There's potential for some interesting events in the year to come.


I've had a little gander into my crystal ball and this is what happens in 2014:



CM Punk wins the Royal Rumble


Ultimate Warrior appears on WWE television


Brock Lesnar holds the WWE World title


The Usos finally win the WWE tag straps


By year-end Roman Reigns and Big E Langston will be being established as serious main eventers to carry WWE into the future


Seth Rollins will be a babyface and doing pretty well for himself and have feuded with a heel Dean Ambrose over one of the mid-card belts


Sheamus will return and turn heel and have PPV encounters with Reigns or Langston (or both)


CM Punk and Daniel Bryan will hold the tag straps together


Adrian Neville, Sami Zayn, Paige and Aiden English will debut on the big shows


Jeff Hardy and John Morrison will return to WWE


WWE sign Adam Cole

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I don't have any as of yet but, looking at last year's thread, Ian played a blinder.


-Rock wins the belt at Royal Rumble

-Cena beats him for it at WrestleMania

-Ryback will murder the Shield except the big Samoan by January

-Triple H gets his win back against Brock

-Undertaker beats Punk

-PAC's Dad Neville debuts on NXT

-Cena turns heel so Duke can spare my blushes and get that quote out of his sig

-D'Lo is unveiled as a member of the Aces and Eights and to get the gimmick over announces what he did to Droz was for nothing more than shits and giggles

-The WWE Network will still just just a pie chart in the Stamford office

-Hulk Hogan will leave TNA in October with one eye on WrestleMania 30

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*Daniel Bryan will win the WWE World Title and have an epic series of matches with CM Punk.

*Goldust will turn on Cody Rhodes culminating in a heated brother vs. brother match possibly at WrestleMania, if not, at Summerslam.

*Cody will then get a good push towards the main event, winning the Money in the Bank and his feud with Sandow will reignite.

*The Undertaker will wrestle one last time at WrestleMania 30, he will defeat his opponent and retire undefeated at WrestleMania.

*The Shield will break up and all three men will be successful in what they do next but the most successful will be Reigns who will end up winning the WWE World Title.

*The Usos and The Wyatt Family to both hold the Tag Titles this year.

*The Wyatt Family to grow.

*Bray Wyatt to hold a singles Title.

*A Batch of NXT wrestlers to get onto the main roster throughout the year, including Paige, Adrian Neville, Raquel Diaz and Aiden English, who will team with Sandow.

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- The Miz will do nothing of note


- Kofi Kingston will do nothing of note


-Tensai will do nothing of note


-Aksana will succeed in making a teenage accidentally yank his cock off by looking the way she does.


- Tyson Kidd will do nothing of note


- R Truth and Xavier Woods will dance, but nothing of note


- Brock Lesnar will continue to be the most awesome specimen of manly awesomeness ever.


- Zack Ryder will be fired.

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- Hogan will appear on raw several times as well as take part in a match at mania


- Shane o'mac will return to some capacity, either feud or join with the corp


- Kane will lose the plot and be reinvented again and be given a monster push


- Neville will be brought to the dance and will hold a singles title


- Vince will buy TNA for pennies


- Vince will realise that if was a pointless move but was bored at the time, he will keep 5% of the roster whom will do fuck all.


- The will push for WWE to start growing and developing in a country such as Brazil or one of the other 3 countries they are yet to conquer

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- Roman Reigns will hold the WWE World Championship

- Brock Lesnar will hold the WWE World Championship

- The Royal Rumble winner will lose at Wrestlemania


- Daniel Bryan and CM Punk will have a feud, but not over a championship

- Eugene will make an appearance at a televised WWE event

- Hulk Hogan will make an appearance at a televised WWE event


- Vince McMahon will retire from running things the night after Wrestlemania 30

- Bo Dallas will be called up the main roster and will win either the IC or US Title

- Adrian Neville will debut on the main roster and have a match with Kofi Kingston


- The Wyatt Family will add a female member

- Roman Reigns will be in the main event of Summerslam

- Seth Rollins will win Money In The Bank


- TNA will be bought from the Carters

- Jeff Jarrett wil start another promotion

- AJ Styles wins the ROH World Title

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Reigns will win the World Title,before or at Summerslam.


Ziggler will do a John Morrison and piss off for a year or two.


Brock will turn face.


Bryan won't win the World title.


Devitt will sign with WWE.


Jim Neidhart will be found dead in a hotel room,his funeral will be a strictly tracksuit only affair.


Steph will get preggers again.


HBK will wrestle again.

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-The Shield will split with Reigns receiving a major push but a bad injury will sideline him for nearly a year before he can win the World title.

-Seth Rollins will get a decent push as a face and end up in the Jericho position of above IC title but below main events.

-Dean Ambrose will end up leading a midcard heel group including Brodus Clay and The Uso's.


-Kofi Kingston will turn heel.

-Big E will main event 2 B PPVs but ultimately not win the World title.


-Shane McMahon will buy TNA for the price of 2 tickets to the Indy 500 and a 6 pack of beer.


-AJ Styles will sign a WWE contract.

-Prince Devitt will sign a WWE contract.

-Alex Shelley will sign a WWE contract.

-Karl Anderson will sign a WWE contract.


-Evan Bourne, Zack Ryder, JTG, Josh Matthews and Jinder Mahal will be sacked.

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