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Michael Schumacher 'critically injured' in Skiing Accident


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Former motor racing world champion Michael Schumacher is in a coma following a skiing accident in France.


The 44-year-old German suffered a "serious brain trauma with coma on his arrival, which required an immediate neurosurgical operation," according to the hospital treating Schumacher in the French city of Grenoble.


Schumacher was wearing a helmet when he reportedly hit his head on a rock while skiing in the French Alps.


He was airlifted off the mountain following the accident in the resort of Meribel, in the popular Three Valleys area.


Formula One driver German Michael Schumacher skiing in 2006

The German Formula One legend skiing in Italy in 2006

The sports star was skiing with his 14-year-old son and some friends when the accident occurred.


Schumacher's agent, Sabine Kehm, said: ''Michael fell on his head during a private ski trip in the French Alps.


"He was hospitalised and is receiving medical care. We ask for your understanding that we cannot give a running commentary on his state of health.


"He was wearing a helmet and was not alone.''


Map of Grenoble, France

The accident occurred in the resort of Meribel in France

Journalist Carole Bouchard, from the French newspaper L'Equipe, told Sky News that the racing driver's condition had deteriorated this evening.


The French Mountain Gendarmerie had earlier said Schumacher's life was not in danger.


Former Ferrari team boss Jean Todt and Professor Gerard Saillant, a brain and spine injury expert, are at the hospital in Grenoble.


Professor Saillant co-ordinated Schumacher's medical care after the driver broke his leg in the 1999 British Grand Prix.


Mercedes Formula One driver Michael Schumacher of Germany powers his car during the third free practice session of the Brazilian F1 Grand Prix at Interlagos circuit in Sao Paulo

Schumacher made a comeback to Formula One for Mercedes in 2010

The seven-times world champion first retired from Formula One in 2006. He owns a chalet in the Meribel resort and is a keen skier.


He has been hurt seriously once before, in a motorcycling accident in February 2009 when he suffered neck and spine injuries.


He recovered sufficiently from those injuries to make a comeback to Formula One in 2010.


But he made a disappointing return to the sport, managing only one podium finish during his three years with Mercedes.


The German driver retired from Formula One for a second time in December 2012.

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even if he could be a right bastard at times.

Away from the track he is meant to be a lovely chap, much like other great drivers, ruthless on the track, great guy away from it.


Got my fingers crossed he pulls through, a all-time great, no doubt.


Oh yeah totally on track I meant.

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Oh yeah totally on track I meant.

I would understand if you would not know that with how private he was. I only know that due to the extensive research James Allen put into his book about him. From what I have read on Autosport forums, we will not hear much until tomorrow morning, again got my fingers crossed for a full recovery.

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Yeah only just came across the story on here actually, then chased up some news reports. With my back all fecked up I managed to blast through a ton of motor racing stuff I just got on DVD etc. Polished off the 1997 F1 review earlier. He was a bit naughty in the final round there. I actually stopped watching F1 when he was right at his prime.

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I actually stopped watching F1 when he was right at his prime.

So did I to a extent, I would be into some seasons more than others. JPM vs Kimi vs Schumi hooked me in 2003. In scouring old DVD's and videos I have concluded 2000 was his strongest year.


Good luck on healing the back by the way :thumbsup:


Thanks, tore something in it so it's all lying around at the moment (less fun than it reads). Check out the stuff on the Duke Video website if you want a racing fix Jim. Picked up the BTCC 00-09 boxset for aout

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Dont think it's looking good, hence all the coverage on it. It's not as if is a slow news day either, Bombs in Volgograd, continued Storms fall out etc etc. That the updates are so frequent and the media so concerned (Martine Croxall, looked genuinely shocked when she read out the news about his condition) that I'm expecting the worst. I hope not!


As I've said in FB discussions tonight, I used to despise Schumi when I was growing up, it wasnt until much, much later that appreciated exactly how good he was as a racing driver.


Really hope he pulls through!

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