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UKFF 2013 Computer Game Quiz


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It's the Son of the Return of the Revenge of the

UKFF Christmas Computer Game Quiz

part II, the sequel


Whippersnappers may not remember but Christmas never used to start round here until the annual quiz had been published. After a self-imposed hiatus to allow cries of banditry and buggery to calm down, the quiz returns in all it's fiendish glory. Enjoy!


If you want to have a go and post your answers, feel free. But be a chap and SPOILER or SPOILER2 the answers to avoid angry glances in your direction. I'll post the answers at t'other end of the week or thereabouts.


1. Do The HarmonicGenerator Shuffle

Oh, that trickster HG. He's moved everything all over the place. These are all anagrams.


1a. Oral H Ache


1b. Attached Lefty One


1c. Bentwoods Lousy


1d. Bata Cedes Lightproof Shrunk Twirls


1e. Nonce Knew Mum Onyx


2. Running With Scissors

bAz went mental with some scissors and cut up some of your game covers. What ones did he hatchet?


2a. 4hxjMn8.jpg


2b. KUHlJbM.jpg


2c. 5AajC0R.jpg


2d. WFa56Fz.jpg


2e. p9SrMD2.jpg


2f. iAqEXcR.jpg


2g. zHV6WNB.jpg


2h. pten2aw.jpg


2i. KrOOmkh.jpg


2j. eVboVFG.jpg


3. Overheard on Xbox Live by Astro Hollywood

Here are some snippets from homophobic 'Merkin teens overheard on Xbox Live, assuming every game in history is playable over XBLA. What game were they playing?


3a. "Come at me with your uppercuts, come on- oh you've punched my fucking head off. Retard."


3b. "Will somebody give me a friggin' L-shape?"


3c. "I just paid off my mortgage you stupid faggot Raccoon. I don't wanna build another fucking floor and get another fucking mortgage."




3e. "An arrow? To the fucking knee? Are you queer?"


3f. "That'll teach you to fucking Nickel my Zone Defense! I TOTALLY SMOKED YOU!"


3g. "Luke fucking Skywalker did the voice for this? And Gimli? And Biff Tannen? Was Nolan North busy?"


3h. "I totally five-starred that on Expert!"


3i. "What kind of boxer wears a faggy vest?"


3j. "This douche was the poster boy before Sonic? His hair is gay. And he looks like a fricking monkey."


4. Powerbutchi's Welsh Lesson

In a bid to let the language take over the world, Butch has decided to teach us all some games in Welsh. What are they?*


4a. y ffordd y dwrn ffrwydro


4b. mawreddog is dinas auto lladrad


4c. ddraig dwbl


4d. jet a osodwyd Willy


4e. ynys marw


*These were generated by Google Translate for a laff. I only know "Croeso y Cyrmu" and "pysgod wibbly wobbly" and I'm not even sure they're right.


5. If you like it then you shoulda put a Thing on a Spring on it

First work out name of the main character of each of these games. The first initial of each spells out the name of a gaming icon.


5a. Dead Rising


5b. Boulder Dash


5c. Pikmin


5d. Half Life


5e. The Secret of Monkey Island


5f. Heavy Rain


5g. Shenmue


5h. Put 'em together and what've you got...?


6. Only Connect round 1: What's the Connection?

What's this? Geek-bothering strumpet Victoria Coren-Mitchell has taken over proceedings, and is now running this quiz Only Connect style.


In the first round, there's a connection between all four of these things. What's the connection?


For full authenticity, stick a post-it note over the next one in the sequence until you shout "NEXT!" Whilst masturbating. Obviously.


6a. Garrador, Dr. Salvador, Ramon Salazar, Osmund Saddler


6b. OG Loc, Nines and AKs, Robbing Uncle Sam, Wrong Side of the Tracks


6c. Iggy, Larry, Morton, Wendy O.


6d. Electro Bolt, Insect Swarm, Security Bullseye, Target Dummy


6e. Lunar Jetman, Underwurlde, Knight Lore, Entombed


6f. Soul Edge, M. Bison, Star Fox, Fatal Frame


7. Only Connect round 2: Fourth in the Sequence

Here are three things that occur in a sequence. What's the fourth thing in a sequence? Remember it's not just four random things but a progression that connects them all.


7a. Werewolf, Thunder Dragon, Bear Man, ...


7b. Central Cavern, Cold Room, The Menagerie, ...


7c. Mario Kart Wii, Tetris, Super Mario Bros., ...


7d. Operation: Anchorage, The Pitt, Broken Steel, ...


7e. Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, ...


7f. The Legend of Zelda, The Adventure of Link, A Link to the Past, ...


8. Only Connect round 3: The Connecting Wall

And here the teams will put together four groups of four items each. Can you spot the connections?




If you don't know how this game works, head here.


9. Only Connect round 4: Missing Vowels

These titles have had their vowels removed but the consonants are in the right order, but maybe spaced oddly. What are they?


9a. N NKN










9f. EL T




9h. MGMN


9i. B YNT T


9j. LNWK

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3g is SPOILER - Highlight the black box to read

Wing Commander IV


I would also accept SPOILER - Highlight the black box to read


. Pat, I'm very pleased someone got that. I can never quite find the level of how obscure I can go.

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3g is SPOILER - Highlight the black box to read

Wing Commander IV


I would also accept SPOILER - Highlight the black box to read


. Pat, I'm very pleased someone got that. I can never quite find the level of how obscure I can go.


SPOILER - Highlight the black box to read

They were all in IV too, which why went with that. Malcolm McDowell as Tolwyn, Mark Dascascos as Catscratch and John Spencer, hamming it up as Paulsen also crept into IV :)


Tis one of my faves for it's complete lunacy. Also Casper Van Dien in a blink and youll miss him role :)



Bloody glad this is back, missed it!

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Bravo to everyone who put this together. The anagrams took me forever, the next in the sequence section is bugging me especially the ones that I know what the subject is but just can't recall the next item. The welsh games I've not a hope on (except for the obvious one!) but overall I think I've done pretty well :D (If I'm right of course)


<-- click on 'spoiler' to show/hide the spoiler

1a. Halo Reach


1b. Day of the Tentacle


1c. Beyond Two Souls


1d. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic


1e. X-Com Enemy Unknown


2a GTA V

2b School Daze

2c Splatterhouse

2d Ico

2e WCW/NWO Revenge

2f Fatal Fury

2g Bushido Blade?

2h Arkham Asylum

2i Final Fantasy VII

2j Borderlands


3a Mortal Kombat

3b Tetris

3c Animal Crossing

3d Pacman

3e Skyrim

3f John Madden Football

3g Wing Commander III and IV

3h Guitar Hero

3i Punch-Out

3k Alex Kidd in Miracle World





4d Jet Set Willy




Frank West



Gordon Freeman

Guybrush Threepwood

Ethan Mars




6a Resident Evil 4 Bosses/Enemies

6b GTA SA Missions

6c They are all Koopa kids

6d Would you kindly confirm they are Plasmids from Bioshock.

6e Ulimate Play the Game titles.

6f All were renamed for PAL releases.


7a Altered Beast transformations

7b Manic Miner levels

7c Best selling Nintendo games?

7d Fallout 3 DLC

7e Metal Gear chronological games?

7f A Link between worlds



Black & White, Fable, Magic Carpet, Godus (Peter Molyneux titles)

Wet, Metroid, Portal, Mirror

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That's a pretty stonking showing Bicurious; I didn't think anyone would get the connecting wall - and you can't Google it either! How hard did you find it overall?


You should think about 7f a little more. But you're close. 2f is a fraction out, but of the same lineage.


The Welsh thing was just for larks, the occasional one I could see through because I've come across the word 'ynys' for example.


I did the whole thing myself but named some of the rounds for different posters.

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It was a tough old quiz Onyx, again kudos for putting it together.


<-- click on 'spoiler' to show/hide the spoiler


The anagrams were the toughest part to work out as I said, although the next answer round really did me in. The connect 4 board was a little tricky, I got the molyneux connection immediately, NES games were also quite straightforward although I had 5 to pick from so thought I might be wrong until I twigged on the female characters one.


Also the box art one I got wrong must be king of fighters then as it's not Fatal fury 2.


Definitely going to be a good challenge for everyone. I think being a 35yr old lifelong gamer (and sort of collector) helped me.



[close spoiler]

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<-- click on 'spoiler' to show/hide the spoiler


1a. Halo Reach

1b. Day of the Tentacle

1c. Beyond Two Souls

1d. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

1e. Xcom Enemy Unknown


2a. GTA V

2b. Skool Daze

2c. Splatterhouse

2d. Ico

2e. WCW/nWo Revenge

2f. King of Fighters 94

2g. Bushido Blade

2h. Batman: Arkham Asylum

2i. Final Fantasy VII

2j. Borderlands


3a. Mortal Kombat

3b. Tetris

3c. Animal Crossing

3d. Pacman

3e. Skyrim

3f. Any Madden / NFL

3g. Wing Commander IV

3h. Guitar Hero

3i. Punch-Out!!

3j. Alex Kidd


4a. Way of the Exploding Fist

4b. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

4c. Double Dragon

4d. Jet Set Willy

4e. Dead Island


5a. Frank

5b. Rockford

5c. Olimar

5d. Gordon

5e. Guybrush

5f. Ethan

5g. Ryo




6a. Resident Evil 4 enemies

6b. GTA: SA missions

6c. Mario 3 Koopa bosses

6d. Bioshock plasmids

6e. Ultimate Play the Game releases

6f. Names changes across different regions


7a. Tiger Man. Altered Beast transformations.

7b. Abandoned Uranium Workings. Manic Miner levels.

7c. Wii Sports. Bestselling games.

7d. Point Lookout. Fallout 3 DLC.

7e. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. MGS games in chronological order.

7f. Link's Awakening. Zelda games in order of release.


8a. Molyneux games : Black & White, Magic Carpet, Fable, Godus

8b. Games where your character is female : Portal, Mirror's Edge, Metroid, Wet

8c. Games named after weather : Heavy Rain, Thunder Force IV, Super Mario Sunshine, Wind Waker

8d. NES first party releases : Super Mario Bros, Castlevania, Excitebike, The Legend of Zelda


9a. Ni No Kuni

9b. The Walking Dead

9c. Paradroid

9d. Call of Duty: Ghosts

9e. Impossible Mission

9f. Elite

9g. Pokemon Emerald

9h. Mega Man

9i. Bayonetta

9j. Alan Wake



[close spoiler]

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