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KAPOW Shows 2014


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KAPOW - Kreative Alternative Professional Organised Wrestling continues into 2014 with 3 dates ready to be announced and many, many more in the pipeline! Including some BIG announcements for later in the year.


First date: January 26th! H.I.T.S (Heroes In Training Show) Kapow's first 'trainee' show will showcase some new up and coming talent facing off against KAPOW 'main roster' favourites including Priscilla 'Queen of the Ring' coming off a huge win at Issue#3 in London against Lucha Megastar Cassandro El Exotico. This show will take place at the Woodlands Centre in Rustington and will have a special one off price of

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Matches for this Sunday's first ever H.I.T.S (Heroes In Training Show) have been announced:


Main Event- KAPOW's Raging Rumble


Priscilla will enter a Fatal 4 Way with 'Trashman' Marcus Broome and 2 other never before seen in KAPOW wrestlers!


KAPOW's first ever Female's match: Felicity Fit takes on Autumn (From the Heroes School!)


El Technico Supremo takes on Thomas Frankling (From the League of Ordinary Gentlemen) in Thomas' official debut match!


High flying Jake McCluskey puts his experience to work against a young up and coming daredevil Joe Strange!


A HUGE survivor tag and so much more!!!


Rustington Community Centre- Cheap Tickets!- Sunday Jan 26th!


Email- team_kapow@outlook.com to reserve spots!

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Results from Issue#4 in Portchester:



KAPOW had a near sell out in their return to Portchester, fan feedback has been awesome and we always appreciate that.



The League of Ordinary Gentlemen jump started the show with their leader Steve Luthor staging a protest in the ring and demanding some competition. First out was El Intensico who unfortunately did not do well against the huge Thomas Franklin. Within a mere 5 minutes (after Franklin had done toying with him) Thomas picked up the pinfall victory.


Next out was fan favourite Major Lee Buff who opted to face Mr. Luthor himself! Despite nearly beating Luthor several times the numbers game was the deciding factor as Luthor's associates got involved several times. In the end Samuel Jacobs slipped Luthor some brass knuckles and with Franklin distracting the referee Luthor was able to deliver the knock out blow. 2-0 to the League!


As Luthor was busy celebrating familiar music played and El Technico Supremo made his way to the ring, Samuel Jacobs answered the challenge and the two got into it. After delivering back and forth devestating moves it was Samuel who looked strong, especially after dropping Technico head first onto the ring apron. Technico had one last flurry of energy and after a BME (biggest moonsault ever) picked up the win. The fans errupted as finally the L.O.G got theirs, and to sweeten matters even more Intensico and Buff came back out and chased off the rest of the League!



After a short intermission the team of Felicity Fit and Marcus Broome faced Aaron Omega and Kandy Leigh. The Bombshell Kandy Leigh had an amazing debut but in the end it was the fan favourite 'Trashman' and Felicity that walked away with the win.



Infinity continued his reign as Dynamite Champion by facing Dan 'The Hammer' Head. Dan's return to the south coast was well recieved and he proved to be every bit as exciting as he always was but unfortunately Infinity's underhanded tactics helped him secure another title defence. The fans called for a rematch... We'll have to wait and see if KAPOW can make it happen.



The Main event was action personified as the team of Jake McCluskey and Chuck Cyrus battled 'The Royal Flush' Rishi Ghosh and Priscilla. All 4 wrestlers gave it everything and proved why they are the main event players in KAPOW, back and forth high flying and technical wrestling ended in Chuck being unable to save his partner from defeat as Priscilla and Rishi score the win. After the match McCluskey tried to apologise to Chuck and it seemed as though the two (although disappointed) would dust themselves off and move on. BUT NO! Instead Chuck attacked Jake and vented his frustrations claiming he'd never have lost if he was on his own. The two got into a pull apart brawl which eventually took half the locker room to break up and the previously unseen owner Karl Atlas having to step out and take control. He announced that they would get a shot against each other when KAPOW returns to Portchester in September and in the mean time McCluskey will get his long awaited rematch against Infinity in Cowplain at Issue#6 in April!



He then thanked the fans who showed their appreciation with one last round of applause.

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KAPOW Issue#5 Horsham- Roffey Millennium Hall March 1st 2.15 pm. www.kapowwrestling.co.uk - to book tickets!





Due to unforseen circumstances Dan Head will be replaced by a mystery partner!




Horsham's Hometown Hero Major Lee Buff faces the dark newcomer SINders in a Clash of the Titans Heavyweight Contest!



The League of Ordinary Gentlemen continue their war on 'crazy characters' by taking on the 'Tache World Order!


PLUS: Felicity Fit will be in action against a female wrestler to be confirmed!


'Owner of Big C's gym and Mr. Massive' Chuckie C issues a 'Skinny Dweeb' Open Challenge. Since turning his back on the fans and his partner Chuck Cyrus has adopted a new attitude and name and promises to 'flex his way to the top' and will face anyone in KAPOW who 'thinks they lift'

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