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PBW have already announced a number of shows for 2014 on our website - www.pbwwrestling.com


Please find a list of announced dates below for any of our fans who frequent this forum :)


January 31st - Maybole Town Hall - Tickets available at www.ringsideworld.co.uk

March 1st - Airdrie Town Hall - Tickets available from the box office on 01698403120

March 15th - Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow - Tickets available from the box office on 01413321846

March 21st - Ironworks Venue, Inverness - Tickets available from the box office on 08717894173(Featuring Jay Lethal, Ricochet & Sonjay Dutt)

April 17th - Barlanark Community Centre - Tickets available from the centre reception

April 21st - Southerness Holiday Park, Dumfries

May 2nd - Breaking Limits 9 - Greenock Town Hall - Tickets available from the box office on 01475723723 and also online at www.ringsideworld.co.uk

May 3rd - Southerness Holiday Park, Dumfries

June 7th - Dumbarton Burgh Hall - Tickets available now from the Meadow Centre in Dumbarton and also online at www.ringsideworld.co.uk

June 15th - Vikingar Centre, Largs - Tickets on sale from the box office on 01475 689777

June 20th - Armadale Gala Event

June 21st - Forth Gala Event

June 21st - Kilmarnock Outdoor Event

August 8th - Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival

August 9th - Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival

August 9th - Southerness Holiday Park, Dumfries

October 3rd - Dobbie Hall, Larbert

October 4th - Alloa Town Hall

October 26th - Capital Clash, Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh - Tickets available now from Tickets Scotland and online at www.scottish.ticketsource.co.uk

November 1st - Maximum Impact 2014 - Greenock Town Hall - Tickets available from the box office on 01475723723 and also online at www.ringsideworld.co.uk

November 22nd - Airdrie Town Hall

November 28th - Dumbarton Burgh Hall

November 29th - Barrhead Sports Centre


More to be added shortly.


The PBW Academy also runs classes every Sunday in Glasgow, Airdrie and Greenock.


For more information on any of the shows or training please visit or website or email us direct on pbwwrestling@hotmail.com


Maximum Impact 2013 on sale now -





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Tickets are now on sale for our first 4 shows of 2014 folks. Why not order now and get someone special a great christmas present. DVD's can also be ordered online at pbwwrestling.com.


Friday 31st January - Maybole Town Hall - Tickets available at www.ringsideworld.co.uk from

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If it is of any interest to people on the forum I have a planned bus trip from Glasgow to go to the PBW Rock N Wrestle 2 show in Inverness.


I have made a Facebook event page that you can join in to here https://www.facebook.com/events/226920824147780/


Been advised by the venue in Inverness that tickets for ringside have been selling really well so if you do decide to come on the bus trip and want ringside you would be required to book and pay for your space ASAP otherwise the tickets held back for the bus will have to be released back out to general sale in the next fortnight.

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PBW TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH - Just Uz(BT Gunn & Stevie Xavier) vs TJ Rage & Scott Maverick with Charles Boddington

Kay Lee Ray vs Kasey Owens

Davey Blaze vs Ryan Hendricks

Lou King Sharp & Brendan Cooper vs Kenny Williams & Tommy Marx


Tickets onsale now priced at

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Taken from facebook page set up for it:https://www.facebook.com/events/226920824147780/


On Friday the 21st of March PBW returns to Inverness to be part of the second Rock N Wrestle event at the Ironworks Venue. The show is set to feature former TNA stars JAY LETHAL, SONJAY DUTT former WWE star JOE LEGEND, TNA British Bootcamps MARTY SCRULL and Chikara and DragonGate USA star Ricochet and a top cast of PBW names along with live music from Toby Michaels Rolling Damned.


I am organising a bus for this to get some of the regular wrestling fans from down Glasgow and other central areas of Scotland to come up for what will be an excellent night of rock music and wrestling!


The bus would be leaving from Glasgow Central at 12 noon arriving in Inverness for 4pm. This gives fans chance to rest after the long journey and to get something to eat before the show.


The bus will return back to Glasgow city centre at approximately 10pm to 10.30pm with an arrival back in Glasgow city dropping back off outside Glasgow Central for 1.30am to 2am early hours of Saturday morning.



The price has been set as follows for the bus trip:



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Taken from www.pbwwrestling.com


'PBW kicked of 2014 in great fashion last night with another full house at the Maybole Town Hall. There is no better feeling for any company and its talent than having to scramble extra chairs just before the show starts due to an even bigger crowd showing up than expected. Although Maybole is one of the smaller venues we run we were delighted with a crowd of over 150 turning out and creating a cracking atmosphere that we have come to expect from our great fans in Maybole.



Full results were as follows...


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Taken from www.facebook.com/pbwwrestling


'PBW are pleased to announce further shows have been added to our 2014 scehdule.


April 21st, May 5th and August 9th will see us live at the Southerness Holiday Park in Dumfries.


June 20th will once again see us return to the Armadale Gala Day then 24 hours later on June 21st we will return to the Forth Gala Day for the second year running.


If you would like to discuss PBW appearing at your Holiday Park or Gala Day event please email pbwwrestling@hotmail.com for more information.'

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Taken from www.pbwwrestling.com


'One of our original PBW Academy graduates Davey Blaze will be on national TV this Saturday night when he appears as a contestant on hit ITV show 'Take Me Out'.


Will the former PBW Tag Team Champion get himself a date and head off to Fernando ?


Find out this Saturday night.


ITV - 8.20pm'



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Taken from www.pbwwrestling.com


'This Saturday we return to the Airdrie Town Hall and what a show we have planned. Our fans in Airdrie are buzzing that local wrestling star Kenny Williams has his chance to become PBW Heavyweight Champion. Scotland's leading female stars are also set for one on one action. The PBW tag team titles will be on the line. Scottish Wrestling funnyman Grado will be making his Airdrie debut.



As if all that wasnt enough we can now announce a further two matches have been added to complete the card. Millions saw him on TV this past Saturday night as our very own Davey Blaze starred in hit ITV show 'Take Me Out'. This Saturday its back to the ring for Blaze and what an opportunity he has, Danish star Chaos will be returning to PBW and we have signed a deal that will see Blaze challenge Chaos for the United European Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight Title. The title is recognised all across Europe in countries such as Spain, Germany, France, Noway, Italy, Denmark, Ireland and our very own United Kingdom. Past champions include big European names such as Rampage Brown, Bad Bones and James Mason. Chaos will present a massive challenge for Davey Blaze but if Blaze can pull off the upset and leave Airdrie with the gold expect to see him compete all across Europe in the coming months.


Fans in Airdrie are in for a treat as we have also signed a huge 8 man tag team match with elimination rules. The first team to pin all 4 men in the other team will be declared the winners. This match has everything from young up and coming stars to some of the biggest names in Scottish Wrestling. Also set to make his Scottish debut in this very match is Denmark's fastest rising young star Michael Fynne. PBW's Airdrie Academy will also be represented as Drake Stone will make his PBW debut after impressing in our first Academy Attack show.


8 MAN TAG LINEUP - Wolfgang, 'Unstoppable' Andy Wild, Tommy Marx & Michael Fynne vs TJ Rage, Drake Stone, Red Lightning & Saqib Ali


The full card for our Airdrie Town Hall show this Saturday is as follows...


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Taken from www.pbwwrestling.com


'PBW fans in Airdrie will never forget the moment where Kenny Williams was 'robbed' of the PBW Championship. Saturday night saw over 500 fans turn out for our first Airdrie Town Hall show of 2014 with the PBW fans chanting William's name from the very start of the show. The PBW fans were on their feet for the main event they had all been waiting for. Airdrie's own Kenny Williams had a chance to become the youngest ever PBW Champion. For a brief moment everyone in attendance including both Williams and Thomson thought that had happened.



A fantastic back and forth match had the crowd screaming their support for Williams. As the action picked up referee Sri Hari took a knock which resulted in him being carried to the back. Seconds later referee Edward Roberts entered the ring to replace the injured Hari. Moments later Thomsons girlfriend Carmel distracted the referee allowing Thomson to grab the PBW Championship. Thomson attempted to strike Williams with the title belt only for Williams to duck out of the way, kick Thomson, grab the title and strike Thomson on the head with it. During the confusion Carmel lost referee Edward Robert's attention when turned around and rushed to make the 3 count. The place erupted with fans going crazy and rushing to the ringside barriers to celebrate Kenny Williams becoming the new PBW Champion.


The joy was to be short lived though as the orginal match referee Sri Hari had apparently witnessed the final minutes of the match from just behind the entrance. Sri Hari who is also the senior PBW official used his power and called it as he had seen it. Ring announcer Tom Aitken was instructed to make the announcement that almost started a riot when he informed the Airdrie fans that Williams victory had been thrown out and Williams had in fact lost the match via disqualification due to the use of an illegal weapon(The PBW Championship belt).


Not the happy ending everyone had hoped for but one thing cannot be taken away from Williams. Without a doubt he came closer than any other man has to ending Thomson's impressive championship run.


In other news after months of tension the relationship between TJ Rage and his now former manager Charles Boddington broke down once and for all. Once again Boddington wanted Rage to use his briefcase as a weapon after the 8 man tag had boiled down to just Wolfgang and TJ Rage. Rage refusing to use the briefcase and the words that followed between him and Boddington was enough for Wolfgang to sneak a quick pin on Rage causing his team to lose the 8 man tag team match. After the match Boddington grabbed the mic and tore into TJ and the Airdrie fans only to turn around and be speared out his shoes by a man who had finally just had enough. It will be interesting to see where both TJ Rage and Charles Boddington go from here.


Full results from the show were as follows


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Pictures from our show at Airdrie Town Hall on Saturday have now been uploaded and can be viewed on our facebook page at www.facebook.com/pbwwrestling


The main event can also be seen in full by clicking this link, worth a watch for the atmosphere alone :) -







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Full card for our annual spectacular at the Pavilion Theatre in Glasgow this Saturday.


PBW CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH - Liam Thomson with Carmel vs Noam Dar

PBW TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH - Just Uz© vs The Coffey Brothers

Jack Jester vs Wolfgang

Grado vs Red Lightning

'Unstoppable' Andy Wild vs Scott Maverick

Davey Blaze & Kenny Williams vs James Scott & TJ Rage


Ticket details, times etc can be found at www.pbwwrestling.com

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