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GPW: "Crazy Cruiser8" 2013 / Nov 29 / Wigan

Mr. Noble

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After an unforgettable wrestling year we celebrate our final show of our very special 10th anniversary year with the return of the immensely popular Crazy Cruiser8 Tournament. Qualifications have been taking place since July and after an online vote to bring Bubblegum out of GPW retirement - we finally have our final 8 competitors!


8 men, 1 winner and one hell of a night awaits!!




DATE: Friday November 29th 2013


VENUE: The Rose Club, Atherton Rd, Hindley, Wigan WN2 3EU


TIME: Doors open 7PM, show starts 7.30PM


TICKETS: Single entry

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Seconded on the graphics, they look awesome.


What is the usual ratio of kids / adult wrestling fans at this promotion, roughly? Also, what kind of number is an average draw if you don't mind me asking?



I'd say it's a pretty family based promotion from what I know.


Richie - go to a show and enjoy the wrestling , sure it will be an ace show . Don't drink - I challange you ;)

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Seconded on the graphics, they look awesome.


What is the usual ratio of kids / adult wrestling fans at this promotion, roughly? Also, what kind of number is an average draw if you don't mind me asking?

Top draws have been 400+ this year. Dropped off a bit for the last two, but I'd imagine it'll be back to that kind of level for this one.


It's certainly a family-friendly product, and there are plenty of kids there, but there is an ever-growing vocal adult contingent that can be close to half the audience at times.

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That is a really good line up (except Jim Nastic who I've never heard of) I'd be very interested in going to this but it's the same night as Rev Pro in Leeds and the chance to see the Forever Hooligans over here probably wont happen again.


I hate it when good wrestling shows clash :(

Jim Nastic is a product of the GPW Training School, one third of Track "n" Field and in my opinion, GPW's Breakout Star of 2013.

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With all this pending cruiser action this Friday, we thought it only fair to balance the scales a little bit and include a huge heavyweight six man. The teams have been announced and the match is...




Heavyweight Six Man Tag:

T-Bone, "Bad Lad" Micky Barnes, Drill v. DDL, Bin Man, Cyanide


T-Bone found himself on the losing side last month when he, Jason Logan and "Sexy Legs" Cameron Kraze were defeated by Sexy Kev and the Hunter Brothers. GPW new comers and looking to make a name for themselves, The Bad Lads, Barnes and Drill have vowed that this will not happen with them in his corner. The 3 have challenged the trio who closed last month's show unified, former GPW Heavyweight Champions Cyanide and Dangerous Damon Leigh along with former British Champion and North West Rookie League winner, Bin Man! A tough challenge awaits!



Tickets selling fast as a lot of interest surrounds this very special final show of 2013! Get yours from http://www.grandprowrestling.co.uk/shop

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From The Vault: A Crazy Cruiser 8 Retrospective


Crazy Cruiser 8 2006


The first CC8 tournament was contested between September and November 2006. The name "Crazy Cruiser 8" had floated around GPW since it's inception, in fact, keen eyed readers may recall there was even a "Crazy Cruiser 8" match ( an 8 way one fall contest) at "The Return" in 2004 but it was only in 2006 when the tournament as we know it today began to take shape.



Qualifying Rounds


Bubblegum def Rupert Holmes, Danny Hope and Sam Bailey-Keep The Faith

El Ligero def Kenzo Richards-Keep The Faith


Darkside and Danny Hope fought to a double count-out-Friday Night Thriller 2006

Joseph Hayes def Spud-Friday Night Thriller


Wildcards: Emil Sitoci, Kris Travis, CJ Banks


Notable happenings from the first ever qualifiers included: Bubblegum winning the 4 way and then going on to join forces with WKD to take on SIN later in the show, Danny Hope attempting to qualify for a second time by using the persona "Fashion Dan" to win a Battle Royal over Darkside. After a singles match resulted in a draw, Kenzo Richards initially qualified over Ligero however there was a dispute with the official and the match restarted and Ligero was victorious.




CJ Banks def El Ligero

Bubblegum def Kris Travis

Darkside def Danny Hope

Joseph Hayes def Emil Sitoci


I think it's fair to say that November 2nd, the night of the first CC8 was the night when people sat up and started to take notice of one CJ Banks. Up until this point, Banks had mainly been a tag team wrestler yet to recognise his full potential but by scoring an impressive win over El Ligero (resulting in a rov and more than holding up his end in a match with Bubblegum, one thing was for certain, Banks wasn't going to be in the shadows for much longer. Nowadays he's in the main event of not just GPW but for promotions all over the United Kingdom and deservedly so.


Miscellaneous Trivia: Emil Sitoci is currently (at time of writing) the Dutch Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion and recently successfully defended the title against Jushin Liger.




Joseph Hayes def Darkside

Bubblegum def CJ Banks


Non Tournament: British Title Match


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