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UFC 168: Weidman vs Silva 2


Who wins and how?  

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"I back. Trust me, I back!"


The big one!


I apologize in advance for both the length of this post, and all the YouTube links. But fuck it, it's the biggest show of the year and the hype is warranted.





Chris Weidman vs Anderson Silva - UFC Middleweight Title

Ronda Rousey vs Miesha Tate - UFC Womens Bantamweight Title

Josh Barnett vs Travis Browne

Jim Miller vs Fabricio Camoes

Dustin Poirier vs Diego Brandao



Chris Leben vs Uriah Hall

Gleison Tibau vs Michael Johnson

Manny Gamburyan vs Dennis Siver

Siyar Bahadurzada vs John Howard



Bobby Voelker vs William Macario

Robert Peralta vs Estevan Payan


A massive card to end what has been a fantastic 2013 in MMA.


Weidman vs Silva 2, well it's a blockbuster of a fight. The UFC couldn't really have picked a bigger one to finish the year with. The first fight in July felt huge, just because of the buzz surrounding Weidman and the belief that he could be the man to stop Anderson's reign. This one should be even bigger.


The first fight still seems kind of surreal looking back. In a fight that has split opinion probably more than any in UFC history, it finally happened;




The code was cracked. Anderson Silva's near 7 year reign of dominance over the UFC middleweight division came to a crashing halt when Chris Weidman knocked him out in the second round.




The debate comes in how we got to that point. After a clear cut first round in Weidman's favour, things got weird in round two. Anderson, as he's been known to do, started fucking around. Taunting, dancing, feigning being hurt, mocking Weidman, shouting at him. You name it. And Weidman started to appear tired around this same time, while Anderson began to finally start finding a bit more success in nullifying Weidman's takedown attempts.


But then one taunt too many, one sway the wrong way, and Weidman connected with a left hook on the jaw that put Anderson Silva out. And we had a new UFC middleweight champion of the world.




On July 4th weekend, the American finally toppled the long time Brazilian champion. You couldn't have scripted it any better. Unless you'd had Weidman slam Roy Nelson on a ship, then go on a huge tour across America in his own bus.


Whether you're in the camp that thought Weidman fluked it, or you believe he simply became the man by beating the man, this is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated rematches in MMA history.


Some shit you should probably watch;


Matt Serra predicts the future back in 2010;



Full Blast: Jon Jones watches and reacts (looks fucking gutted) to Silva/Weidman 1;



Ray Longo on Silva vs Weidman 1;



Joe Rogan talks Anderson Silva's loss on his podcast;



Georges St Pierre on Anderson's loss;



BJ Penn on Anderson's loss;



Weidman and Silva on ESPN Sports Center;



And finally...


NickTheFace's awesome trailer for Weidman vs Silva 2;





The co-main event is another big rematch;




Ronda Rousey vs Miesha Tate 2. One of the biggest grudge matches in MMA. And unlike a lot of MMA rivalries that we've seen before, these two really seem to genuinely hate each other.


It all started when the first fight was booked for March 2012 for Strikeforce's Womens Bantamweight Title. Miesha was the champion then, and Ronda was the new, undefeated sensation who everyone was starting to take notice of. As well as being an Olympic medal winner in the 2008 Beijing games, she'd won all her MMA fights in under a minute. And all by armbar. The problem was she'd only had 4 pro fights when she was granted a crack at Miesha's title. And that's where the beef started.


In January 2012, before the first fight, Miesha said;

"I would have no problem fighting her. My only qualm with her is she is 4-0, 2-0 for Strikeforce. She's challenging in a weight division she hasn't competed in yet, and I just don't think at 4-0, she has earned her title shot. She hasn't beaten any top contenders in the weight class."


"I don't know (Rousey) on a personal level to really say, but some of the things she said have kind of rubbed me wrong. I think sometimes she comes off a little ignorant or a little bit arrogant. Maybe she is just trying to promote herself, I don't know."


And a rivalry was born.


If you haven't seen the first fight, even if you have it's worth another watch, here it is;


Miesha Tate vs Ronda Rousey 1;



One of the best one round fights you'll see in MMA. And to add to the bad blood between the two, the way the fight ended was just more fuel to the fire.




Ronda mangled Miesha's arm, and showed no remorse post-fight whatsoever.


Since that fight, Ronda has added two more arms to her collection. Taking her to 7-0, with 7 first round armbar finishes. It hasn't been as plain sailing for Miesha. She barely survived a headkick knockdown to come back and submit Julie Kedzie. Then in her UFC debut, she got TKO'd in a war with Cat Zingano.


But Zingano got hurt before she was due to film TUF opposite Ronda. So Miesha lucked into the spot as coach and bagged herself the title shot rematch that goes with it.




It's been an entertaining season. The fights have been good and the bitching, tantrums and sniping between the coaches have been a nice bit of seasoning to the Ronda-Miesha rivalry. But in truth, the trash talk hasn't stopped since their first fight. It's been ongoing.


Miesha Tate;

"I think that was the biggest problem last time was she got inside my head and she made me really, really angry. I just don't think I feed well off of negative energy."


"I'm going to beat it into my skull if I have to. Swear to God, she's not going to armbar me if it's the last thing I do. I will seriously shoot myself in the face before I leave that cage if she armbars me again. It can't happen."


Miesha's boyfriend Bryan Caraway has also been involved in the feud. Showing himself to be a right mouth breather around the time of the first fight when he referred to Rousey as "an unintelligent bimbo" and said this on Twitter;


if she wants to challenge a man I'll knock her teeth down her throat the break her arm!




oh I dnt hit Women! But she not a women. She gonna act like a dude she can deal w the consequences


He also (allegedly) intentionally elbowed Cat Zingano in the head at a weigh in.






Needless to say, Ronda hasn't been quiet on MMA's favourite couple.


Ronda Rousey;

"Tate seems like a cool chick, apart from her pet boyfriend. Caraway just seems like the biggest douche ever, and if you have a douche in your ear all day, you're going to adopt the vernacular of douchebaggery."


"I don't think (Tate) really has terrible juju, but her boyfriend has terrible juju.


I think what bothers me most about her is she's kind of a very weak, suggestible and malleable person. Whoever she's around, you can tell. I really believe you're the average of the five people you hang around the most, and I think that Cara-douche takes up her top-five. Like, all of her top-five. It's just, it's not healthy. It's not. He's her coach, he's her manager, he's her boyfriend. There's a lot of control that that guy has over her life, and I think that her lack of individualism and her complete dependence on him is what really irks about her the most. She's a strong woman, she should act like it."


And more venom towards Caraway;

"God, that guy's a douche. Just everyone. No one likes him. Have you ever heard anyone like, 'Oh, I love that Caraway chap?' No, it never happens. It's just bad juju. You could just see, he's got, like, this film of douche on him. There's just nothing, there's nothing you like. Maybe the people at Bosley Hair Restoration like him. Black and Decker.


People are saying 'Oh, Ronda has a big crush on Bryan, that's why she hates him so much!' You see he's got some braces on his face? And I was joking to Miesha like, 'Hey, is your romantic life suffering because of that?' ...and she didn't get it. So I was like, I had to be a little more direct, because it was a little too intelligent for her. So the next time I see him, I should call him the Black and Decker coochie wrecker."


And here's Ronda and Miesha being bitchy on ESPN's Sports Center;





So there's your two headliners.


As if that's not enough;




Josh Barnett returns to the Octagon! Fresh off a first round TKO over Frank Mir in his UFC return. He's facing one of the biggest heavyweights in the division, Travis Browne, who just scored an amazing come-from-behind KO over Alistair Overeem on the Boston show in August. This has all the makings of a tremendous fight. Browne is always dangerous on the feet but we've yet to see him against a really good ground fighter. And Barnett is one of the best in the game.


From everything I'm reading, it's looking like Cain Velasquez will defend his title against Fabricio Werdum next. And there's talk that they might even coach a season of TUF: Mexico with a fight in Mexico at the conclusion of the series. After that, with how the division currently sits, the winner of Barnett vs Browne could well find themselves next in line for a shot at the gold. So a lot on the line in this one.


Tibau vs Johnson holds the least intrigue of the main card fights, but still, it should be good. Johnson had probably his career best performance against Joe Lauzon in Boston. Although Lauzon had maybe his worst ever performance so it's hard to put much stock into that. Tibau is a really solid fighter though. And has been for years. If Johnson beats Tibau then he'll likely get a top 10 ranked lightweight next.




Opening up the PPV is really a must-win fight for both Chris Leben and Uriah Hall. Both are a cunt hair away from being released and you have to assume that, barring a miracle, the loser of this fight is a goner. Hall has been a limp dick post-TUF. He looked like a killer on the show and everyone was expecting big things but he's just choked every time. Dana has criticized him for lacking killer instinct and not being a "real fighter". He seemed very close to releasing him after his high-five fest against John Howard last time out.


Leben on the other hand, the effort is there but he just looks done. He's seemed pretty much the definition of a shot fighter his last few fights and even though Dana loves the TUF 1 boys, he's probably out of chances with another loss here. Especially with how lenient they've already been with his drug test failures and arrests over the years. He can only play the TUF 1 card for so long. I think this is it for Leben. It's a win or go home, do or die situation.


The only way I see both remaining employed by Zuffa after this fight would be if they have some crazy FOTY type fight, like a Melendez vs Sanchez type thing. Where you don't want to call either guy the loser. Outside of something like that, I think the loser is getting the pink slip.


The prelims are choc-full of potentially awesome fights. Poirier vs Brandao has barnburner written all over it. Gamburyan vs Siver is a battle of the little powerhouse fireplugs. Jim Miller always brings it. Siyar vs Howard didn't even make the televised prelims! That's how insane this card is!


I'll leave the last word for Dana White.


Dana - "UFC 168 could be the biggest";


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Can't wait for the main event. I'm picking Anderson to win via awesome destruction. Wiedman won't be coming out of this fight in a good way unfortunately.


I've also picked Barnett via decision, he's too experienced for Browne at the moment I feel.


As for the rest of the card, I'm looking forward to seeing Hall vs Leben. This fight surely has to end in a KO? Hopefully Leben can pull the win out of the bag. The rest of the fights are okay, but nothing spectacular.


Should be good!

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Nothing on Rousey vs Tate 2, David?




As for the main event, I'll repeat what I said in the UFC 162 thread;


I've just got a feeling this will play out like Penn vs Edgar, everyone will say 'well the real Anderson Silva will show up this time and destroy that flash in the pan Weidman'. Then Weidman will win again. He might just have Anderson's number.


Still, it's Anderson Silva! That's what makes this such an awesome fight. Just think Weidman will win again. For all the talk of Anderson pissing about last time, he still didn't actually do a whole lot to Weidman. Weidman dominated him on the ground in round 1, and while he's certainly not the striker Anderson is, he's shown he can land punches on him and hurt him.


The cardio is where I can see Weidman coming unstuck. He was looking winded before the KO. If Anderson can make it a long fight, I can see him picking Weidman apart later on. Fascinating fight.


I'm going


Weidman - Dec

Rousey - Sub

Barnett - Sub

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the main event is hard to call...it's similar to the Chael/Sonnen 2 situation where going in i thought people were underestimating the possibility of Sonnen in being in Silva's head - because injury or not, and despite the fact that he won, Sonnen dominated - although on the night it proved to not be the case. It's similar here where if Silva doesn't dick around he could possibly just walk through Weidman.


I don't know how i feel about it, because i fucking hated the way Silva did dick around against Weidman, it was so uneccesary, he was taunting a man who stood dead in the center of the cage and was fully willing to engage, Anderson was the man avoiding the fight that night, it cost him and he deserved it.


If i was putting money down i still think id lean towards Weidman who may have Anderson's number, but who knows.


I picked Weidman submission, i think in a long fight there'll be periods where Weidman has sustained top control and he's apparently legit on the ground, so im calling a Weidman submission, around round 3 or 4 after softening Anderson up with strikes.

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Anderson to win via awesome destruction sounds spot on to me.


I much prefer Tate to Rousey after this season of TUF, but it's hard to not predict Rousey via armbar.


I was the one who went for the Browne upset via KO/TKO. He's shown some real diverse striking in his fights so if he can keep it standing for a while he has a good chance. Hopefully Barnett just takes him down and subs him quickly. Barnett undoubtedly has the better ground game and overall more tools than Browne so he should win it, but I'll stick with my pick.


I thought Leban would be gone after his last fight, this really has to be his last chance. He hasn't just been losing, he's been looking a shell of the old Leban. Hall will surely be able to pick him apart in this fight.


I didn't even know Gamburyan vs Siver was happening, I'm looking forward to that fight now. This card looks awesome.

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I was the one who went for the Browne upset via KO/TKO. He's shown some real diverse striking in his fights so if he can keep it standing for a while he has a good chance. Hopefully Barnett just takes him down and subs him quickly. Barnett undoubtedly has the better ground game and overall more tools than Browne so he should win it, but I'll stick with my pick.

I went Barnett but with caution


He would beat guys that Browne would struggle with, but the style match up may not be to his advantage for reasons you mentioned. I hope Barnett wins, but those clinch battles will be where the fight will be won, if Barnett can turn them into takedowns he should sub Browne, but if Browne does damage, he could cause a upset.

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Not happening. Miesha is a really good fighter, but Ronda is too much for her.


I do have a feeling Miesha will do better this time though. I think she might even last until round 2. But her arm will still be in a sling come New Year's Eve.

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Miesha doing the unthinkable and beating Rousey would be great, if only to see what Rousey says/does after it. Again, doubt it will happen.


No idea how the main event will go, which is a drastic change from any other Silva fight. In a perfect World, Silva cuts out the bollocks and looks like a killer again.

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