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Fight Club Pro - Infinity 2013 - 13th December

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Fight Club: PRO Championship


Mk McKinnan VS Dave Mastiff


Finally McKinnan gets his title rematch against the "Bastard". After losing the title at A Fighting Chance via an extraordinary turn of events, MK has battled with all comers and the companies management to receive the title shot he never got from the "Bastard".


This match will be the first time these two have met inside the cage but pin falls and submissions will mean nothing as the victor must ascend the ladder to claim the title from the top of the planet.


It was in this very match last year that McKinnan and Eddie Edwards took the ladder match to new levels. At the time MK was the defending champion and proved his calibre in defeating Edwards. This time McKinnan is the challenger and faces a much different prospect in the defending champion "Bastard" Dave Mastiff.





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From what I've heard it is, but they haven't announced anything else besides the date and one match which they did ages ago, so it doesn't exactly inspire confidence after the last couple were cancelled. But saying that FCP rarely announce anything before the week of the shows. I am planning on going but wont book anything until we hear for certain.

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It was a really good show, I felt the first FCP show of the year was excellent, but since then it felt like FCP hadn't quite been living up to it's own high standards, but for this show they were back to their best.


The crowd and atmosphere was good and the matches delivered. The two 4 ways were great, Tyler Bate and Dan Maloney continue to impress (it's frightening how good they are considering how old they are and how little time they have been actively wrestling),Chris Brookes continues to improve and it was the best we've seen Wild Boar in FCP and the regular fans already know how good Haskins and the Hunters are. A big plus was Trent Seven was back on top form, he's always been mega over at FCP but after an incredible 2012, he hadn't been able to hit the same highs through some of 2013. Haskins and Trent advanced to the final.


The ladder match was a completely different type of match to the epic that MK and Eddie Edwards had last year, but great in it's own way. It was a brutal war and MK and Mastiff went all out with some painful and innovative ladder spots, MK seemed to suffer a legit hand injury during the bout but it didn't slow him down or impact on the match so credit to him for fighting through the pain and putting on such a great performance. Mastiff won by tying MK to the cage with cable ties before climbing up to retrieve the belt, while MK furiously shouted for Mastiff to fight him like a man, but Mastiff took down the title and taunted MK with it and tuned heel in the process.


The final of the infinity tournament was always going to struggle to follow the ladder match and it did. Haskins and Trent put on a good match but after the insane battle MK and Mastiff just went through nothing was going to top it. Trent got the win to send the crowd home happy but at the conclusion of the match FCP mega heel and forgotten man Dan Ryder ran in and destroyed the newly won Infinity trophy over his back before storming off with no explanation for his actions. I'm glad to see Dan Ryder back, I haven't seen anyone in the UK get heat like he gets in FCP and I think he adds to the product. The hated Ryder vs the beloved Trent next year should provide a great atmosphere.


There are lots of good promotions in the UK, but there is nothing quite like FCP, it's a unique experience, so it's great to have it back and hopefully after a couple of months missing in action it's back on track and here to stay.

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I echo all the positive comments above. I left saying that it was the Fight Club: Pro show of the year, only to be reminded how good the January show was. Still, second best is still a fastastic show for them. I felt the second four way with Dan, Boar, Trent and Brooks was the superior of the two qualifiers.


A return date of January 31st was announced.

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