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Bound For Glory 2013 discussion


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Bound For Glory 2013:



We had a thread for fucking Battleground, so this deserves one. Looking at the lineup, this would make a pretty good Slammiversary. But Bound For Glory is usually their most hyped show of the year and nobody seems to be feeling it. Its a shame, because I usually enjoy the build up. TNA usually does a big angle or concludes one, and this years isn't interesting at all. Even last year we were promised an Aces and 8s reveal. Fair enough, it turned out to be a crushing disappointment, but at least there was some anticipation. Its unfortunate because the big angles were all (as in every single one of them) derailed for one reason or another.


First off it seemed like TNA were going for a big Main Event Mafia vs Aces and Eights war. But Kurt Angle going to rehab and Doc, Anderson and Devon having to take an early bath put the breaks on that happening. Rampage and Tito were meant to have some kind of face off, but Bellator pulled them from the show (thankfully). They built up a Bully Ray vs Hulk Hogan match for a year, with Brooke turning on Hogan. Which would have been something out of the norm, because the angle was pretty well done for a lot of it. But Brooke ended up leaving/getting sacked, Hogan's contract situation never got sorted and that was completely off the books. Which I imagine would have left AJ winning the BFG series and working against someone who Hogan helped beat Bully for the belt. Jeff Hardy the most likely (or Chris Sabin if he was over to a degree). But the infamous fuck up that was the Bound For Glory series left AJ's big battle towards the belt in tatters and his real life situation has led to the tired old "work shoot" stuff that TNA has done so many times. Its a totally mad situation, unlike anything I've seen with a PPV build in a long time. Its amazing to see the deck re-shuffled so much for a major PPV like this. And we are left with this:


AJ Styles vs Bully Ray for the TNA title:


This match should be great. They've wrestled loads and always delivered the goods. They had a last man standing a few years back which was especially fantastic. I'm expecting shenanigans with either Mr Anderson or Hogan showing up. The finish is causing a bit of debate, because AJ's contract is really up soon. So if they dont get him tied down, there's a chance Hebner is ringing the bell while Bully has him in the sharpshooter. Hopefully sense prevails and AJ gets the belt. Any other finish will leave people flat.


Kurt Angle vs Bobby Roode:


This should be excellent. Its Roode and Angle, so it usually is. No idea what rehab centre Angle went to, because he returned to TV with the physique he had in 2005. Its his Hall of Fame night as well, so you are probably looking at Angle trying to murder himself, which is always fun from a selfish perspective.


Magnus vs Sting:


Really not looking forward to this. I hope I'm proved wrong of course, but Magnus isn't the kind of person I like to see Sting wrestle. People aren't buying into Magnus. When he walks out people go "who the fuck is this?" and I can see why. They are building this as a Flair vs Surfer Sting battle, but its nothing like it at all. When Sting was young, he was far from polished, but he had that fire and natural charisma and bubbly persona. Its that thing where people ignored his faults, because he was so colourful. Magnus is the opposite of that. He's this boring bloke who looks like everyone from FCW, with no conviction in his voice and doesn't have any snap or flair to his act. And Sting isn't Ric Flair. Although he does wear a t-shirt to hide his titties like Ric did for a period.


Gunner and James Storm vs The Lads for the tag titles:


They have a show on the pre-show which determines the number one contenders. Anything other than a Kaz and Daniels win, followed by a title victory would be bitterly disappointing. I dont want to see any of the other three teams involved win the number one contender match. Again, this should be another cracker. TNA's tag matches always seem to be.


Gail Kim vs Brooke Adams vs ODB:


This is the womens division now I suppose. They are as handy as you can get as far as women goes, so it's not going to be as bad as if Velvet Sky was in there. I'm expecting the Barbarian's niece to show up and do her contrived snorting and choke slamming act. We could get a Gail Kim face turn or something, because with the big black lady showing up, they need a new face.


Austin Aries vs Suicide vs Chris Sabin vs Jeff Hardy vs Samoa Joe:


This will probably be exciting. Someone will die in this. I'm expecting Hardy back on the painkillers and Sabin to tear his knees out again. Got everything crossed for Samoa Joe to win. Actually anyone but Suicide actually. He's turd.


I think that's about it as well. There might be another match announced, but who else could they do? Knox vs Jay Bradley? But looking at it without the idea this is supposed to be their WrestleMania, its a decent card for what it is. And on a side note, I am judging how long TNA will survive, not on attendance or PPV buys. But judging by how many people show up for the UKFF CHAT.

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The Ultimate-X Match does sound like some half arsed booking but despite that it should be a decent match. I'd also love to see Joe back with the belt as Perkins is bloody awful. A Joe Vs Hardy feud would be lovely after Bound For Glory. Of course none of this will happen.


I don't have much interest in TNA but I will probably check this event out. The card just seems like it's missing one or two matches and what we do have seems rather rushed. So much for the Team 3D Vs Sting/Hogan which we all wanted to see. I also believe that would have created a buzz for TNA at the moment which is something they REALLY need. Hogan could have plugged this as his last match and he is fighting for what Bully has done to TNA, Brooke and him over the last year. It would have been a compelling story if done rightly. Of course this doesn't have to be his last match, as we all know stipulations and slogans mean fuck all in TNA. We all know Sting will be TNA Champ in the next 12 months again.


Luckily after BFG I can imagine much will be changing for TNA, hopefully for the better.

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I think that's about it as well. There might be another match announced, but who else could they do? Knox vs Jay Bradley?

I figure Ethan Carter The III is debuting on this show, though it seems more likely that would be an in-ring promo or a post-match attack. Could be in a match though, I guess. Either way I reckon we're getting at least one extended in-ring segment (whether it's with him, Dixie or whoever). That would fill some time but it still feels like the show is indeed one match short. And looking at the other seven available names (well, nine if Mr. Anderson and Wes Brisco are under contract) there really aren't any good match options.


Anyway, weak build-up aside this looks like a good fun show on paper, wrestling-wise. I hope it delivers. TNA could sure use a good PPV outing and some positive feedback for a change.


On a sidenote, here's the 30-minute Before The Bell BFG hype special:



As is the norm with these TNA specials, it's good. It makes stuff feel more important than Impact does.

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Ill be watching this but I'm not exactly hyped the way I should be. On paper this is a great show, it's just a shame the lead up to it all has been shit. Roode vs Angle will be good because we all know what they can do, not because of some huge blow off to a feud. It's pretty much the same deal with all the matches really.


It does remind me of the last PPV before Hogan showed up, the company was kind of in limbo so they just sent everyone out there and told them to have a good match. That show was actually one of my favourite events they had done at that point. If the crowd are into this (if there is a crowd) and everyone shows up with their working boots on then Ill be happy enough

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AJ Styles vs Bully Ray for the TNA title:


Well, back in May I said :


I take it nobody else thinks the end of the Styles storyline will be him taking the title from Bully then?


.... and I should stick to that, but then again, Butch said this :


They should have whoever wins the BFG series get beaten by Bully by nefarious means (salt in the eyes perhaps?), then Hogan come down, get challenged, win the title in a minute or so and vacate on Impact. Send the fans home happy!


... technically that might be better, but it might also mean it's less likely we'll have our big yellow dad turning up at Mania, so screw that. Styles to win the belt, and then, because it's TNA, turn heel.


Sting and Magnus has been spelled out in fucking huge letters on TV that the match is about making Magnus a star, it's forced and it's artificial. Magnus gets the clean pin, which in theory might have been a good move for TNA's future, but the live crowd will shit on it because a) they love Sting, b) Magnus isn't ready, c) it's pointless, because TNA doesn't have a future.


Kaz and Daniels will win the tag belts, which we'll all love, even though they're heels. Babyfaces are boring sods, aren't they?


Tessmacher should win the Womens belt, because she has "bankable commodity" stamped on her bum. But then, that would suggest some marketing nous on TNA's part, and I don't really want to do that, so I'm actually going to predict Gail. Not that I will mind that, I like Gail.


Sabin being in the X Division thing is "phew, back where he belongs" whereas Jeff Hardy being in it is stupid. He's a thousand times too good for it. Aries is about a hundred times too good for it too. Why haven't they built a better card? I don't care who wins.


I haven't put down my thoughts on Angle vs Roode, because I don't have any. Oh, if I must.... it will be a very good wrestling match that Angle will win.



I will probably watch it if a) I remember and b) I'm not in too bad a mood if Spurs lose to the Villa.

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Austin Aries vs Suicide vs Chris Sabin vs Jeff Hardy vs Samoa Joe

It do not watch much TNA so it might be that storylines have lead to this match, but could they not have split this into two matches and had Suicide vs Chris Sabin and Austin Aries vs Jeff Hardy vs Samoa Joe?

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Quite possibly. FWIW, the storyline has been something along the lines of - Sabin, having become a cocky prick, properly turned heel by twatting Manik after a match. Jeff Hardy came out to defend Manik. At some point, Aries said "let's have a fatal-four way for the X-Division title at Bound for Glory", and Jeff said "OK, if it's ultimate X". Somehow, this made it official.


This week, Joe came out and cut a promo where he quite literally said "since it seems like saying you're in a match on the mic puts you in a match, I'm in the match." This, too, is now official.


Now, I know TNA is currently GM-less given the Hogan storyline, but even when Hogan's there they seem to have been on a "let's write into the wrestling storylines what a fucking mess this place is currently" kick for a month or so now.


Personally, I'd rather have had Manik not in the match at all (put the belt on Sabin), then promoted a 4-way, "all-star, all former World Champion" Ultimate X match with the 3 babyfaces chomping at the bit to get to the cocky Sabin who has developed ideas way above his station since his brief World Title reign.


Not so much because I MAJORLY dislike Manik, but more that it sounds all-around better without him

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Looking at the card I'm actually looking forward to catching this but I'm bitterly disappointed with the build up to the Sting / Magnus bout. As previously mentioned, building it around making Magnus a star is not going to work, folk aren't going to accept that been forced upon them. I'd really like to see Sting take the victory and force Magnus into a deep depression which would hopefully pump some much needed life into his character.


My fear with this event is that from a booking standpoint, where do TNA go when it's over with? They really need to add to the roster, even if its only a few extra faces to create some new fueds and match ups. Even using some of the guys at OVW would help in the short term. They have had Eliah Burke around for the past several shows, how about they bring him in for a while. Something needs to be done or it won't be long till the repetitive nature becomes too overwhelming.

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I've not been watching for a while, but Magnus seemed to be getting over a while ago, and when he joined MEM it looked like he was catching on nicely.


Has that gone into reverse, or is it just that a nice organic push has suddenly been pushed too fast?

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