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GPW: "Friday Night Thriller VII" Wigan, Fri Oct 25th

Mr. Noble

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Two more matches added to the card!




CC8 Qualifier:

Robbie X v. Dylan Roberts


Having already failed in his bid to qualify for the year ending tournament, Dylan Roberts reacted with jealousy and disgust at the announcement of Track & Field entering the Last Chance Battle Royal. He issued an open challenge to anyone who hadn't appeared in a GPW ring before to come to Friday Night Thriller VII and face him one on one for a spot in the Crazy Cruiser8 Tournament, November 29th.


Robbie X has been given then nod, the stand out UK performer makes his debut at GPW at our most unpredictable night of the entire year. Can he debut with a qualification into the tournament?





Last Man Standing:

Ricky J. McKenzie v. Sam Bailey


At Friday Night Thriller VII this bitter feud takes the next step in what has been a long rivalry, but on October 25th - there must be a winner!


These men will give everything until there is nothing left, in an unmissable Last Man Standing Match!! On October 25th, this feud will end - who will be left with their hand raised?



Tickets on sale now, buy them at http://www.grandprowrestling.co.uk/shop

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Another match added to the card for October 25th!




Six Man Tag:

The Hunter Brothers & Sexy Kev v. T-Bone, Jason Logan & Cameron Kraze


The Hunter Brothers return to GPW to team with the sexiest man in UK wrestling, Sexy Kev! Sexy Kev, the new rookie sensation has won over the GPW crowd with his trouser ripping, pec popping, hip gyrating, crotch thrusting act that has taken the locker room by storm. Opponents have formed a queue to try and topple the Sexy One, but he won't be alone!


Heavyweights, TBone, Cameron Kraze and Jason Logan line up as opposition, but can they defeat the fan favourite threesome? Be at The Rose Club on October 25th to find out!!



Also to come: the official announcements of The Last Chance Battle Royal AND the International Entrant for the Crazy Cruiser8 tournament!!


Tickets for Friday on sale now at http://www.grandprowrestling.co.uk/shop

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With Davey Richards and Jack Gallagher both in the country at the same time....


That match would guarantee five tickets from myself, my fiancee and my friends alone.


I believe Davey is booked elsewhere on this evening now. So it looks like Davey will join WWE and we wont get the chance to see Davey vs Jack 3.


2 increible mathes (both arugble UK MOTYs), a year in the making and they are both in the country at the same time on what is likely Daveys last trip and the fact the match hasn't taken place is crazy and a huge shame. I am staggered no one booked it.

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It's official, the 10 Man Last Chance Battle Royal is added to Friday's card!




10 Man Last Chance Battle Royal:


10 men will enter an over the top rope Battle Royal to determine who gets one of the final two places at November's Crazy Cruiser8 Tournament! Announced as entering the match: Martin Kirby, Danny Hope, Ian Field, Jim Nastic, Mike Track, Joe Vega, James Drake, Sean Daniels, CJ Banks, Nick Maguire.


Who will be the last man in the ring to book their place for November 29th's Cruiserweight Tournament?! Find out Friday.





Any ticket purchased for Friday's show at http://www.grandprowrestling.co.uk/shop between now and Thursday 24th 23:59 will get a FREE download of ANY of our previous 6 Friday Night Thriller shows!

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The History of Friday Night Thriller



The first FNT took place on October 10th 2006, the first of 7 events thus far that traditionally take place in October. The first FNT took place during the midst of the inaugural Crazy Cruiser 8 and featured 2 qualifying matches one of which was a memorable bout between Joey Hayes and a pre RockStar Spud. The show also hosted a rare intergender bout between Roxi and Flood but it was in the main event that would set the standard for all the FNT to follow.



For the last 10 months Heresy, (who in 2005 had been exiled from GPW and Brit Wres in general had not only found a way back onto British soil but in doing so had captured GPW's top prize, the GPW Heavyweight title in the process) had dominated GPW with seemingly no end to his reign of terror. Heresy had managed to survive his title defences throughout the year with a little help from his SIN stable mates (Hayes, CJ Banks, Johnny Phere and Minx) but it was at FNT that his luck would run out. Dirk Feelgood challenged Heresy at the previous event, "Keep The Faith" and the bout was set for the main event. Heresy's gameplan was simple, win or get dqed to retain the title. He tried several times to do this, employing Minx to provide distractions at various points before he used a brick to stun Feelgood and earn the dq loss.


However, Heresy was so pleased that he was once again leaving with the title, that he decided to restart the championship match so he could pin Feelgood, big mistake. Heresy let his guard down too much and while attempting to pin Feelgood, Feelgood managed to recover enough and with one last gasp, roll up Heresy for the 3 count and win the title! The crowd were ecstatic and one thing was for certain, anything could happen at FNT.



Over the years we have continued to see many more memorable moments...


At FNT 2, The card was literally thrown out as we had an impromptu 30 person Royal Rumble Match!



At FNT 3, CJ Banks defeated Sam Bailey to win the British title in a remarkable match




At FNT4: We found out who was to be the 4th member of The Masterplan when fan favourite Bubblegum turned on the fans and friend Joey Hayes to align himself with Dirk Feelgood, Cameron Kraze and Jiggy Walker, a shocking moment that left female fans in floods of tears!



At FNT5, Chaos reigned when the ring unexpectedly imploded albeit in front of one of the hottest crowds in GPW history resulting in the first ever GPW title defence on a Futureshock show when Mikey Whiplash challenged Jack Gallagher a few days later.



At FNT6, Johnnie Brannigan heard the cheers of the fans for the first time in his 13 year career when he defended the honour of the GPW Tag Team Trophy against the hated Blackpool Blonds and we saw the first of many clashes between Martin Kirby and Joey Hayes when Kirby had no opponent and Hayes managed to get hold of the contract for a HW title opportunity resulting in a controversial title match that is still talked about to this day!



What new memories will be made tomorrow night at FNT7? The only way to find out is to be there in person!!!

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Late review...


Due to the way the GPW schedule has fallen this year, together with me missing a couple of shows due to other commitments for the first time in years, it has often seemed like a big gap between my trips to Hindley in 2013. Not this time, though. It barely seemed a moment since

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