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PITBULL PRO WRESTLING| 23rd November | nr. Folkestone, KENT.


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Main Event for Pitbull Pro Wrestling Presents Winter Warfare!


'The Mexican Sensation' El Ligero vs Hiromu Takahashi


This match is going to be off the chart! One of the very best and well respected UK based wrestlers El Ligero will take on New Japan Pro Wrestling's up and coming young lion Hiromu Takahashi in what promises to be a jaw dropping contest. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see two of the very best lock horns, you won't want to miss this one!


This match will be worth the price of a ticket alone! Get your tickets from Ringside World now and receive a fantastic discount on advance ticket purchases

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6 Man Tag Team Match confirmed for Winter Warfare 2013!


The Lion Hearts & Van Wicked vs. The London Riots & A Mystery Partner of their choice.


The conclusion of Summer Spectacular saw Eddie Ryan of The Lion Hearts become the first annual 'King Of Summer' Rumble match winner, however, Eddie had his victory celebration cut short when The London Riots attacked him from behind.


Fortunately, just as The Riots were lining up a shot with the trophy Eddie had valiantly won just moments before, his tag team partner Jason Larusso and long time friend Van Wicked ran from the backstage area to make the save.


Van Wicked, who claimed he will not tolerate the bullying antics of The London Riots at Pitbull Pro Wrestling, challenged the bad lads from the capital city and a partner of their choice to a 6 man tag team match. With the challenge accepted the question which begs to be answered is, who will The Riots choose? And how will the unknown quantity of the mystery partner effect The Hearts and Wicked's game plan?


Get your tickets now from Ringside World now to find out.

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Cruiserweight Contest Announced for Winter Warfare 2013!


'The Arabian Knight' Tiger Ali vs. Bubblegum


This match promises to be a truly amazing, fast paced, high octane, cruiserweight contest as these two competitors meet in the squared circle for the very first time!


Pound for pound these men are two of the very best professional wrestlers in Europe today. For those that have had the pleasure of seeing either one of these competitors in action will know what great in ring technicians they are and what an excellent match this will be! If you haven't seen them compete before we implore you to come along to the Hawkinge Community Centre on the 23rd November 2013 to see them put the Great in Great British Wrestling!


Buy your tickets now from Ringside World

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Singles Contest


'Dazzling' Darrell Allen vs. 'The Italian Stallion' Antonio De Luca


The next match for Winter Warfare will pit the very popular 'Dazzling' Darrell Allen, who defeated 'Dynamite' Pete Dunne in an impressive outing at our debut show Summer Spectacular, against a man making his Pitbull Pro Wrestling debut, the arrogant Italian native, Antonio De Luca.


Both of these men are 'ones to watch' in the future of professional wrestling and this match promises to be an exciting contest. Will the self proclaimed 'Italian Stallion' be able to back up his bold claims of being 'Numero Uno' or will the the 'Dazzling' one continue his winning ways on November 23rd at the Hawkinge Community Centre?

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Singles Contest


J.D. Knight vs. 'The Natural Athlete' Jamie Farrell


Pitbull Pro talent scouts were extremely impressed when they saw Jamie Farrell emerge victorious in his debut match at a recent International Pro Wrestling event. So much so we decided to add him to our roster. 'The Natural Athlete' may have all the credentials to become a major player in professional wrestling but at Winter Warfare on the 23rd November can he overcome quite possibly his toughest opponent to date, the ring veteran and Pitbull Pro major player, J.D. Knight?


To make sure you don't miss out on all the action set to take place during this heavyweight contest get your tickets from Ringside World now

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Our second show 'Winter Warfare' is just one week away. The card looks great and the Hawkinge Community Centre really is a fantastic venue for a wrestling show so we hope many of you can make it along.


There is also a fully stocked, licensed bar on hand with what I believe to be very reasonably priced drinks!


For those hoping to come along there is ample parking at the venue or alternatively if you are arriving by public transport the venue is just on the outskirts of Folkestone, Kent in an area called Hawkinge. This is about a 10 minute taxi journey from the Folkestone central train station/bus station or roughly a 15 - 20 minute bus journey out of Folkestone bus station.


Bus information; numbers 16, 16A or 73 all run regularly to Hawkinge from Folkestone and take roughly 15 - 20 minutes. The best place to get off is either the Primary School or the Swan Way stop, then it's only a couple of minutes walk to the venue :-)


Confirmed line-up for the show


'The Mexican Sensation' El Ligero vs. NJPWs Hiromu Takahashi

The Lion Hearts & Van Wicked vs. The London Riots & A Mystery Partner

J.D. Knight vs. 'The Natural Athlete' Jamie Farrell

Sam Wilder vs. 'The Arabian Knight' Tiger Ali

'Dazzling' Darrell Allen vs. 'The Italian Stallion' Antonio De Luca


The line up consists of some hugely talented individuals, come along and check us out on Saturday 23rd November 2013

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Just a week away. Starting to get a bit pumped up for it now!


Folkestone's less than an hour from Central London by train and about the same by car down the M20.

The venue itself is actually very nice! It's only a few years old.


We will probably get the bus up a bit early and head to the White Horse pub before the show.

And after the show grab a fish'n'chips to eat on a walk back down into Folkestone (weather permitting).



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Cruiserweight Contest


'The Arabian Knight' Tiger Ali vs. Sam Wilder




Due to unfortunate circumstances beyond our control Sam Wilder will replace Bubblegum tomorrow night as he goes up against the ruthless Iranian, Tiger Ali.


Trained by 'The Mexican Sensation' El Ligero, Sam is the product of the training and guidance from one of the best wrestlers to hit the UK and is one to watch going into 2014!


We would like to apologise for any disappointment caused for not bringing you the scheduled match between Tiger Ali and Bubblegum, however, we look forward to welcoming Sam to the Pitbull Pro family and we are confident this will be a high quality replacement.


On a personal note, we would like to wish Bubble all the best, we'll get ya next time!

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Great night, and good to see a decent crowd. Loads of kids so very loud!

Some crazy lady in the crowd first half. Some guy who couldn't handle his drink in the second half. Standard fare for wrestling, probably.



Darrell Allen beat Antonio De Luca. De Luca looked good in his debut match here. Darrel Allen continues to impress.

Nice match with Darrell trying to get De Loser to let go of his arm for a while followed by a load of hope spots and false comebacks until Darrell could hit a move from the top rope for the win.


That set up the predictable cycle of face win, heel win, face win, interval, heel win, face win main event. But this isn't a shabby formula!


The great JD Knight beat a happy clappy generic scrub. JD Knight can probably get a good match from any rookie, and it seems a good idea to have him do so.


The faces won the heated six man. Nice brawling start around the building before getting back in the ring and getting the heat on Jason Laruso. Stuff then happened until the faces won. Kids went mental for the finish, as did Wicked's mates in the crowd, Lomax was the mystery partner and after the match gave Wicked a package piledriver (which I found ironic because the better one of the London Riots reminds me a bit of Kevin Steen). This aftermath setup Wicked vs Lomax for the next show in March.


Tiger Ali, who was hailing from the great nation of Iran then beat some guy called Van Wilder? It's Sam Wilder, isn't it? Ali was very good and I find it hard to hate on guys because they come from countries your leader's want to destroy.


Main event was amazing! El Ligero vs Takahashi. Great heat, great crowd work that wasn't too All Star, some nice spots thrown in including something evil looking off the top rope... again, the kids went bat shit crazy when Ligero got the win.



And everyone went hope happy looking forward to March. Keep up the good work Pitbull Pro!


El Ligero, Darrell Allen, JD Knight, and London Riots need to be on every show.

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