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RevPro Presents: NEW TERRITORY, Friday November 29th, Castleford


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TICKETS ON SALE NOW: www.revolutionprowrestling.com


For months fans have been asking us to bring Revolution Pro Wrestling up North… you asked and now we deliver as on Friday November 29th the revolution comes to The Castleford Civic Hall, as we present: NEW TERRITORY !


Anyone who knows Revolution Pro Wrestling knows that we don’t do things by half and come Friday November 29th we will be delivering a blockbuster card of action not to be missed. The Castleford Civic Hall will be familiar to anyone who attended the Northern leg of this years Dragongate UK tour and know that not only is it the perfect setting for wrestling, but it has also seen some of the most exciting action ever witnessed on these shores and we are happy to continue the trend that Dragongate started on November 29th with a bumper evening of Pro Wrestling At Its Best!


In regards to the venue we can confirm that the balcony will be open for the event and for those of you who attended the Dargongate shows we can confirm we will be bringing our own PA system!


Announced for this card of action is non-other than Dragongate & DGUSA star UHAA NATION – a man capable of doing things that someone with his size and frame quite simply shouldn’t be able to do. A unique being and a world class athelete Uhaa is making waves in the world of professional wrestling and what better place to continue his journey than with us at Revolution Pro Wrestling!



Tickets for New Territory are ON SALE NOW from www.revolutionprowrestling.com!



TICKETS ON SALE NOW: www.revolutionprowrestling.com


As announced via our social media channels, the next contest signed for Revolution Pro Wrestling: New Territory will see ‘Party’ Marty Scurll attempt to become the first man to ever win the triple crown in RevPro as he takes on champion Colt ‘Boom Boom’ Cabana for the Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship in a match which has huge ramifications for the future of the company.


The first American to hold the British Heavyweight Championship, Cabana has kept his promise to the people by coming back time and time again & defending the gold that many people figured he had little chance of winning in the first place.


After overcoming the odds against Rampage Brown (and Andy Boy Simmonz) 2 weeks ago in Sittingbourne, it looked as though Cabana would see out 2013 as champion, however whilst he was celebrating another victory on foreign soil he was greeted by the figure of ‘Party’ Marty, who after going toe to toe with the best wrestler in the world 7 days previous and defeating Noam Dar earlier that night made his intentions perfectly clear and that’s that he wanted to hold the only piece of championship gold that has eluded him thus far in RevPro: The Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship.


Never one to back down from a challenge Cabana was insistent that he come back and defend his gold one more time before the years end against a man who has been walking around with a chip on his shoulder and a man who is hell bent on proving that he is the absolute best as he looks to complete what he has openly described as his ‘global takeover’.


This is a huge contest to headline our debut event in Castleford as history could well and truly be made.


In just over two weeks time will we witness the crowning of a new champion or will Colt Cabanas fairy-tale reign as champion continue? The only way to find out is to be there live and get your tickets today from www.revolutionprowrestling.com



TICKETS ON SALE NOW: www.revolutionprowrestling.com


The first contest announced is one that is sure to have wrestling fans from around the globe talking as in what can only be described as a tag team dream match New Japan Pro Wrestlings IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions: Rocky Romero & Alex Koslov, collectively FOREVER HOLLIGANS will make their UK debut as they go up against former Undisputed British Tag Team Champions: Martin Kirby & Kris Travis, PROJECT EGO!


Since capturing NJPW tag team gold for a second time Forever Hooligans have made it their goal to prove themselves as the best tag team in the entire world. Having conquered Japan and continuing to dominate in one of the most competitive divisions anywhere in the world they turned their attention to the States where they have taken Ring of Honor by storm capturing ROH tag team gold and stealing the show with each and every performance. Now they turn their attentions to the UK and matchmakers couldn’t think of a better challenge for Koslov and Romero than our former tag team champions.


Whilst Ego are no longer carrying tag team gold it would seem that defeat has humbled the pair and now instead of focussing on ways to rile the fans they are instead focussing on ways to once again prove they are the absolute best. Having dominated the RevPro tag team scene for such a long time one could argue that Ego became complacent, but now re-focussed & more determined that ever Forever Hooligans could well be facing the best Project Ego that anyone has ever seen.


An intriguing contest between two world-class tandems that really could go either way. This is exactly what nights like this are all about. Be there to see it live and get your tickets now!



TICKETS ON SALE NOW: www.revolutionprowrestling.com


The next contest signed for our Northern Debut will be one that you don’t want to miss as ROH World Champion Adam Cole will collide with Josh Bodom in what must go down as the biggest match in Bodom’s career.


After months parading around as El Ligero & being de-masked at Enter The Dragon, Bodom will have no guise to hide under when he enters the Castleford Civic Hall next Friday.


Whilst under that mask Bodom was able to convince matchmakers and fans that he was indeed the real deal & able to hang with some of the best wrestlers this country has produced. However if there was one person that never needed convincing about how good he was it was Bodom himself. Cocky, arrogant and egotistical are all words that could be used to describe the Bournemouth native but thus far and to his credit he has been able to back it up… but will the same be able to be said next Friday?


Adam Cole of course needs no introduction. One of the finest & indeed most exciting wrestlers plying his trade right now, its always a pleasure to witness someone at the absolute top of their game perform & representing ROH as their World Champion, Cole will be going all out to make an impact and next Friday November 29th wrestling fans should be fixing themselves to see something special!



TICKETS ON SALE NOW: www.revolutionprowrestling.com


The next contest has been signed for our huge Castleford debut and what a contest it promises to be as two huge men with very contrasting styles will collide in what will no doubt be an all out war.


Uhaa Nation is a man who has been making waves around the worldwide wrestling scene wowing audiences with an array of offence that quite frankly shouldn’t be possible for a man of his size. He is able to match that speed & agility with a power game second to none, making him one of the most dangerous men to ever set foot in a squared circle.


In Rampage Brown Uhaa will be facing a man focussed and determined to rebound from his first ever pinfall loss in a RevPro ring as he was defeated by champion Colt Cabana at Octobers Enter The Dragon and he has been granted with the perfect opportunity to do just that with this huge clash.


Whilst Uhaa will do things that will take you by surprise Rampage Brown will do exactly what his appearance suggests and that’s run straight through you! Brown has spent the past 12 months proving that he is the real deal and come Friday November 29th Uhaa Nation will have the chance to find out first hand!



TICKETS ON SALE NOW: www.revolutionprowrestling.com



TICKETS ON SALE NOW: www.revolutionprowrestling.com


Therefore the current card for Revolution Pro Wrestling: New Territory looks as follows:


Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship

- Colt 'Boom Boom' Cabana

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God I hope Cabana drops the belt here. Marty deserves it. But I am wondering if either way we see a rematch in Sittingbourne the next weekend as they did hype up a match between the two at the last show.


I hope to see:


Cole vs Haskins

Mastiff vs Uhaa


Hopefully some of Ligero, Josh Bodom, Swords Of Essex, London Riots, MK McKinnan, Rampage, et al to be added. I want to see Ligs vs MK.

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