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Fifa 14


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I only ever get the demo for Fifa... I often think I should get the full thing (I think I've contemplated it for the last 3 games), but it's too much to pay when all the enjoyment I get out of a Fifa game (put it on Easy, play as a really good team, score loads of goals) I can get from the demo anyway!

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Another classic post by wwffan2...


Truth is yes, I will get FIFA 14. Every year I say I won't bother this year because I really enjoyed the previous one and I'll just keep playing that, but truth is, I have mates who will buy it and that'll disqualify me from any online play or Ultimate Team trading as soon as they do. It's a sucker's game but I'm afraid to say EA have me and many others by the balls.


I'm not gonna buy FIFA 15 though. No way. This time it's different.


EDIT: Anyone started their Ultimate Team already on the web app?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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