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Matches you wished happened


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I always wanted to see Andre The Giant vs Yokozuna when I was a kid. Now I am older, that interest has dwindled considerably. I would have liked to have seen Kurt Angle of around 2006/07 wrestle modern day Daniel Bryan. That match would have been insane. I would have loved to have seen Scott Steiner of the summer of 2000 wrestle the Kurt Angle of early 2006. It would have been intense as you like.

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Shawn Michaels vs Eddie Guerrero


That's near the top of my list too, because I remember after Eddie's title reign talking to my mates about "he's done most things you can do in the company, except work with Shawn." But there's fucking loads.


Brock vs Shawn between 2002 and 2004 would have been phenomenal with Lesnar as the wrecking ball and Shawn buzzing around him/bouncing off him in turn. Similarly Rock and Shawn were both "around" at various points in the same time frame and I always thought they'd have a good match, and that their finishers might have been complementary for the reversal sequences. Goldberg could have had interesting matches with various SmackDown guys during his run - Eddie, Angle and Benoit, all of which had great matches with similar, muscular monsters. I'd have loved to have seen DDP (who I marked hugely for) wrestle any of the Rock/Austin/Hunter contingent, had he and the Diamond Cutter been built up better. I'd have said Angle too but they wrestled on some house shows, and "matches you wished were televised" is a different thread. Scott Steiner also could have had several big matches I would have liked, if they were carefully planned to play to his strengths. BPP vs Undertaker, I think I would have enjoyed.


Diesel VS Vader was teased as a "must see" confrontation by JR prior to the 96 Rumble, and they never met in a WWF ring. I would have loved that one. I wonder what Mero would have done against a Shawn or Bret. I was a big fan of both Crush and Adam Bomb as babyfaces, and would love to have seen them wrestle each other when the other was a heel. In fact there are many heels that (I don't believe) babyface Bomb got to wrestle, including the Bulldog, and I would have liked to see that, even though I believe Clarky finished up with the WWF before Smithers went heel. I think Hakushi was vastly underused by the WWF and would love to have seen what he did with Shawn in comparison to his matches with the Hitman. I think him and Marty Jannetty would have had a decent match as well. I'd have also loved to see Shawn wrestle Pierre one on one, the pirate could really go. As discussed in the Old School thread, my knees would have gone weak for Kid & Marty vs Steiners or Harts in 1994. I'd have loved to see Owen and Double J try and out-cheat each other.


There's wealth of late 80s-early 90s matches that never happened, usually because the participants were on the same sides of the fence. I'd have been interested in seeing Bulldog or Tatanka vs Tornado although I'm not sure why. Perfect vs Macho Man would been great too but both were heels for most of Perfect's prime as an active star and both faces upon his return. The British Bulldogs vs The Rockers is one of my dream tag team matches. I think Dynamite would also have had brilliant single matches with guys on the roster too numerous to mention.


In WCW I'd have loved to have seen what Bret would do against Rey or Jericho or Regal, and been interested in watching Benoit try and chop down Big Kev. And also Hitman vs Bulldog just for the novelty of that match being on Nitro, probably at the top of hour 2 and given seven minutes.


There's shitloads. I'm sure I'll think of about a dozen Waltman matches that never happened in his various runs that would have been gangbangers.


Shawn Michaels vs CM Punk


Christ. Ignore anything I just said, this is a better answer.

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Shawn Michaels vs Brock Lesnar and Eddie Guerrero are two I always wished we got to see. Shawn and Eddie were set to be on opposing teams at Survivor Series 2005 so they would have almost certainly crossed paths there, maybe it would have led to a singles match down the line.


Shawn Michaels vs The Rock is one that escaped as well. Never lined up timing-wise I guess.


Benoit and Punk would have probably had a belter, if Benoit wasn't busy killing that weekend.


When I was big into the Japanese stuff, I always wished Benoit vs Ultimo Dragon happened. It could have been the Super J Cup final in 1995 but they both lost in the semis. I don't think they ever had a singles match.


Owen & Bulldog vs the Steiners in 1996 would have been fantastic.


I wonder what Angle vs Goldberg and Lesnar vs Scott Steiner in 2003 would have been like.

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