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UFC 165: Jones vs Gustafsson


Who wins and how?  

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Less than three weeks until this one.





Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson - UFC Light Heavyweight Title

Renan Barao vs Eddie Wineland - Interim UFC Bantamweight Title

Brendan Schaub vs Matt Mitrione

Costa Philippou vs Francis Carmont

Pat Healy vs Khabib Nurmagomedov



Mike Ricci vs Myles Jury

Ivan Menjivar vs Wilson Reis

Stephen Thompson vs Chris Clements

Mitch Gagnon vs Dustin Kimura



John Makdessi vs Renee Forte

Michel Prazeres vs Jesse Ronson

Alex Caceres vs Roland Delorme

Nandor Guelmino vs Daniel Omielanczuk


It looks a pretty good card, but coming off the Boston and 164 shows, and looking at what we've got to close out the year, this is really just an appetiser for the main course that is the closing stretch of UFC's 2013. The October, November and December PPVs are ridiculously loaded. Next to UFC 166 (Cain vs JDS 3), 167 (GSP vs Hendricks and possibly Chael vs Rashad) and 168 (Weidman vs Silva 2 and Rousey vs Tate 2), this looks weak in comparison. But there's some good stuff on 165.


Jones vs Gustafsson headlines. The last time we saw Jones in the Octagon it wasn't a pretty sight.


(if you're eating, have just eaten or are planning to eat, scroll past this next picture with your eyes closed)















Despite this vomit inducing injury, Jones had an easy night's work. He'd just wrecked Chael Sonnen inside a round, successfully defending his title for a fifth straight time. But the night ended with Jones sat on a stool, grimacing his way through Joe Rogan's questions while looking down at his toe hanging off.


With Jones out healing up, 205 was wide open. A Machida rematch was possible, Daniel Cormier was talking about dropping to 205 and Alexander Gustafsson and Glover Teixeira were waiting in the wings as potential challengers. Jones thought Gustafsson had earned his shot, and Dana agreed, so here we are.




What's interesting about this fight is Gustafsson's size. Jones usually enjoys a big size advantage but he won't so much with the big Swede. Even then though, a lot has been made of Gusty's size but he's only one inch taller than Jones. He's 6'5", Jones is 6'4". Jones will still hold quite a reach advantage though. He has an 84.5in reach to Gustafsson's 76.5. Amazing. Jones could bearhug a small house.


They've been all over promoting this, as part of a worldwide media tour hyping the end of year shows. They even stopped by the BBC studios.




Where Gustafsson showed all the charm and personality of a bag of No Frills crisps.


I still can't see past another Jones victory. With Gustafsson's size and the power he's shown, I'd give him a Puncher's chance but Jones is the much more skilled and well rounded of the two IMO. And for all the talk of how Jones will deal with Gusty's size, how will Gusty deal with Jones' size? It's the same thing, he's never faced anyone like Jones. And remember, Jones spars Travis Browne regularly at Jackson's. And Browne is even bigger than big Alex. I can't see past Jones, probably by submission within two frames.


Co-main is Barao vs Wineland. A fight that was originally booked for June's injury plagued UFC 161 PPV until Barao pulled out with a broken foot. It's back on now.




Should be good. The 135 division has been in limbo for two years now, with Dominick Cruz being totally fucked over by the worst run of injuries. Barao has emerged as the clear top dog in his absence and has proven himself more than worthy of the spot he's in. He's looked phenomenal. At only 26 years old, his record is 30-1-1. And he hasn't lost since his MMA debut way back in 2005. His last few fights - he took out Brad Pickett in a round, won two one sided decisions over Scott Jorgensen and Urijah Faber, and submitted maybe the most promising and dangerous young fighter in the division, Michael McDonald in a great fight in February in London. He's a beast. Despite the 'interim' status, his wins have been just as impressive as Cruz's.


Wineland is a good fighter. He's tough and scrappy and is coming off consecutive wins over the aforementioned Jorgensen and Pickett. He's no cakewalk, but I think Barao should be beating him. He's a class above Wineland for me.


The current expectation is that Dominick Cruz will return early 2014. So chances are, the winner of this fight will meet Cruz in a title unification fight early next year. If Cruz's return is delayed again though, he'll likely have to relinquish his title and the winner of Barao-Wineland will be declared the proper bantamweight champ. Dana said as much himself over the weekend, basically saying that they can't leave 135 in limbo any longer.


Meathead vs Schaub was supposed to happen on the last FOX show in July. This is what I said at the time;


Mitrione vs Schaub is a weird one really. The two TUF 10 housemates who are both in an odd place right now. Mitrione spent the last few months getting knocked out by Roy Nelson, offending transgenders, getting suspended for 5 minutes, getting reinstated and getting fined. Schaub on the other hand, hasn't had a great year either (although it was better for him than his 2011-12 where he regularly lay flat on his back on the Bud Light logo counting the lights). So far in 2013, Schaub has won one of the shittest fights of the year by lying on Lavar Johnson, then not content with boring the UFC audience, he entered the Metamoris grappling tournament and stunk that joint out as well.


Wouldn't mind a double KO in this one.


Opening up the PPV is this bloke;



The Russian, Khabib Nurmagomedov. Like Barao, he's on a real hot streak. Unbeaten at 20-0, with 14 finishes, and he's only 24 years old. People were skeptical that he had a padded record when Zuffa signed him but since his UFC debut he's proven himself legit. Impressive decision wins over Gleison Tibau and Abel Trujillo, plus stoppages over WEC vet Kamal Shalorus and 'Mini Belfort' Thiago Tavares, have shown he's not all hype.


He's fighting Pat Healy though.


Healy is still only 30 but he's hugely experienced with 46 fights to his name. He's been everywhere and pretty much seen everything in MMA. One of the more underrated guys in the lightweight division. He holds submission wins over Carlos Condit, Paul Daley, Dan Hardy and Maximo Blanco. And in his last fight he submitted Jim Miller, who's one of the toughest lightweights around. But like a prat, tested positive for weed and the result was changed to a no contest.


I think this should be a cracking fight. Khabib will be looking at this as his ticket into the top 10. Healy will be out to wash away the negative fallout following his otherwise awesome performance against Miller.


The prelims offer some good stuff as well.




KID Yamamoto is alive! Fuck knows where he's been the last 16 months. I thought he'd been sacked, it's been so long. He was last seen tapping to Vaughan Lee at UFC 144 in Japan. He's a disappointing 0-3 since signing with the UFC. But at one time he was thought one of the best fighters in MMA.


He's a star in Japan. Besides his own accomplishments, his Dad competed in the '72 Olympics in wrestling, and his two sisters are decorated wrestlers as well. In his prime he was incredible to watch. In his first 18 fights he went 17-1, and the loss was on cuts. He beat Genki Sudo, Royler Gracie, Caol Uno, Bibiano Fernandes and Rani Yahya. But a bunch of injuries sent him on the decline and in his next 6 fights he's gone 1-5.


There used to be a lot of buzz years ago about a potential dream fight between KID and Urijah Faber. Back when KID was destroying people in Japan, and Faber was dominating in the WEC. They were the two kings of the lower weight classes and two of the most exciting fighters in MMA. But KID's injuries have left him a shell of what he once was and the Zuffa signing sadly came about 5 or 6 years too late.


The KID Yamamoto who knocked out Kazuyuki Miyata in 6 seconds;




Seems like a different fighter entirely now. But if anyone can bring something of the old KID back, it's Ivan Menjivar. I love this fight. Menjivar is another pioneer. He's a Bantamweight but the nutty little bastard fought GSP at 170 years ago. I can't see this being anything other than a really fun fight. Its a must win situation for Yamamoto as well, so he'll have to make something happen.




I like both of these two but I'd like to see KID win this with a vintage KO. It would be a shame if he never got a win in the UFC.


Stephen 'Wonderboy' Thompson is always worth tuning in for. His striking style is great to watch, he was actually brought into Chris Weidman's camp to mimick Anderson Silva before UFC 162. John Makdessi is another unique striker as well. Dustin Kimura looked like someone worth keeping tabs on in his last fight.


And Alex 'Bruce Leroy' Caceres pretty much always provides an entertaining fight.




He's long been a highlight on the prelims for me.


There are way more stacked cards to come in the next few months, but still plenty to look forward to on this one.

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Jones and Barao are as close to locks in my mind as a MMA fighter can possibly be. Gusty for me offers nothing that can trouble Jones, people will talk about Jones meeting a fighter his own height/size, but its a fighter Jones enjoys a reach and skills advantage over. I like Jones to win some striking exchanges for a few rounds, and submit Gusty later on.


That third fight in the poll is a tough one though, both are meant to be fighters on the up and up. I did not see Nurmagomedov's last fight, but read it he missed weight and went the distance. Maybe Healy is a bit more comfy at the weight, so he could be a safer bet.

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the height thing is what makes the fight interesting, but i don't see Jones even attempting to strike with Gustaffson, i see him closing the distance, body locking him, tossing him to the ground and beating fuck outta him on the ground.


Im always excited to see Yamamoto fight, i just hope he comes out with a little bit of swagger and just becomes that nasty little fucker he was in Japan, he just doesn't seem the same guy anymore.

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That third fight in the poll is a tough one though, both are meant to be fighters on the up and up. I did not see Nurmagomedov's last fight, but read it he missed weight and went the distance. Maybe Healy is a bit more comfy at the weight, so he could be a safer bet.


Yeah, I thought the poll for that fight would be more interesting than Mitrione-Schaub. I just did the poll. Picked Jones and Barao both by submission within seconds, then was stuck on Khabib-Healy for a bit. It really is hard to call. Khabib's got that confidence of an undefeated fighter, but Healy finds a way to just hard nose his way through and win. He could rid Khabib of his '0' for sure. I went for a Healy decision in the end.


I agree Ebb. Gustafsson is primarily a striker and while he'll have no doubt made improvements in his grappling, Jones has ragdolled much better grapplers than him. I agree, I think he'll take Gusty down where his height counts for fuck all, and either elbow him into oblivion or finish with a choke. I think he'll probably choke him. His only loss is via choke to Phil Davis. And you know Greg Jackson being such a strategist, will be drilling chokes with Jones to exploit his gangly arms. Jones' frame is built for guillotines, anacondas and D'arces.

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Is the height of Gusty really going to be a factor, I cannot see why with Jones reach he will not be able to find his range. No doubt Jackson will provide him with a 6ft 5 inch monster to spar with to help. I thinks its easy to adapt to someone a tad taller than you, that adapt to a reach disadvantage. Either way I agree in general, Jones will get him down sooner or later and finish him.


Yamamoto I doubt will surprise us sadly his time has come and gone. Mitrione-Schaub for me is just two mid-level Heavies, could go either way but I would lean towards Mitrione by KO, or Schaub on points due to grappling. I think Healy vs Khabib is more appealing and relevant, so good job in giving it a poll.

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I definitely think Jones could stand with Gustafsson. This is a man who dropped Machida, something that gets overlooked because he submitted him shortly after. He also made Shogun tap to strikes which is some accomplishment.


I don't think it's a question of him being able to do well in the standup, but more that Greg Jackson and Jones himself will probably see Gustafsson as being more dangerous on the feet so why not minimize the risk? No doubt Jones will test the waters. He always does. He stood with Belfort, Machida, Rampage etc longer than he probably needed to. He'll likely do the same here. But I think they'll see the grappling as Gusty's weak spot and look to exploit it.


I think Jones wins the fight regardless. But I could see the striking being at least competitive. I can't say the same for the grappling. Maybe I'm underrating Gustafsson a bit, but I think if Jones gets hold of him and puts him on his back, it's a wrap. Jones getting top position on anyone is pretty much a death sentence. And I'm not convinced on Gustafsson's grappling anyway.


I'm going with a Jones submission in round 2.

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Bruce Leroy! Love that guy, god knows why he hasn't being on a televised prelim since forever, he's been highly impressive since joining the bantamweight division. His losses have been BS, deducted 2 points for a low blow when he was otherwise winning handily, and got a NC for weed last time. Terrible luck, the guy should really be on a 5 fight win streak right now.


[barao]'s a beast. Despite the 'interim' status, his wins have been just as impressive as Cruz's.


Way more impressive than Cruz! I feel like Cruz squeaked past Faber by the narrowest of margins at UFC 132, and his last fight against Mighty Mouse was quite boring, so much so that even though I have the 2011/2012 Ultimate Collection, Cruz/Johnson is the one card I haven't gone back and re-watched. Maybe I should to be a tad more fair to Cruz, but I really can't stand the guy. Very vanilla broadcaster as well. I love watching Barao, he's the embodiment of what a fighter should be, a combination of skill and aggression. The Pickett and McDonald fights were beautiful. I wasn't too enamoured with the Faber fight, but it takes skill to shut down a top level guy like him down. Especially since Faber bounced Cruz around like a pinball. Wineland should be a good test for Barao, a test I see him passing comfortably.


The main event, Jones vs Gusty... meh. Gustaffson just doesn't interest or impress me that much. The selling point for this fight is Gusty's reach and height. Not a highlight reel of big moments or victories, just "this guy has long arms, like Jones!" Don't get me wrong, he's good, but you need to be exceptional to stand a chance against Jones. I give him slightly better hope than Sonnen, but not as much as Machida, Rashad or Rampage. It'll be good to see Jones get back in the Octagon to do his thing.


Timing works out well here, gotta believe we get Jones vs. Glover next if all goes according to plan.

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Yeah, Glover needs to win tomorrow night. If Bader wins I don't know what they do about the next title shot. Is anyone's nipples hard over a possible Jones vs Bader 2 fight? Or Jones vs Phil Davis? A Machida rematch or Hendo would have been good but both are coming off losses. Shogun's coming off two losses as well. They need Glover to win. If Glover loses, Dana better get someone round Daniel Cormier's house with a sweatsuit, a treadmill and some Slim Fast pronto.

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It's foolish not to back Jones, really. The interest, for me, is in whether Jones continues the "I'll beat him at his own game" plan he's used to further enhance his legacy. It creates a far more compelling fight, as I have little confidence in Gustafsson if Jones decides to GSP his way through the fight.

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Has there even been a case in MMA where a champion has been this close to cleaning out his division? I'm not counting flyweight because it's shallow as fuck. Let's say the long-established divisions, 155 and up. I can't recall another situation like this. Anderson came close a couple of times but there was always someone on the horizon. GSP is close now but there's still Hendricks and possibly Rory and Condit again down the line. And what's really amazing is that Jones has done it in just a two year span.


People talk like 205 is shallow, it's not at all. It was always one of the strongest and most competitive weight classes. Before Jones came along the 205 belt was changing hands almost every fight, and after he moves to heavyweight it'll probably return to that. It's just that Jones is so head and shoulders above the rest of the division it's ridiculous. And he's beating these guys so convincingly that rematches seem pointless.


His reign has seem him destroy Shogun, Rampage, Machida, Rashad, Belfort and Sonnen. Five of the six defences have been finishes, and the Rashad fight was a five round shut out. These fights haven't even been close and he's only looked human twice in this run (Machida first round and the Belfort armbar). Fuck, it's arguable that the most damage he's suffered in these six fights was the broken toe, which he did to himself! I suppose there was the problem with his arm after the Belfort fight though.


It's mental. If he handles Gustafsson like I think he will, there's Glover if he wins tomorrow and maybe Cormier if he drops to LHW. But those fights aren't set in stone. If Bader beats Glover, then obviously Jones vs Glover is out. Plus if JDS beats Cain next month, Cormier might stay at HW and make a run at the title there. A lot of ifs and maybes but if this is how it plays out I really wouldn't be surprised if Jones' move to heavyweight comes quicker than people expect. Without Glover and Cormier, there's really nothing keeping Jones at 205. He'd have well and truly cleaned up the division and seen off all challengers. There's a slim chance that this could actually be Jones' last fight at 205.

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Has there even been a case in MMA where a champion has been this close to cleaning out his division?

Not taking away from Jones, he is already in my top 5 of all time, and might end up number 1 one day. But ruling at 205lbs for a lengthy amount of time is not the same as 170lbs and 155lbs for reasons I will explain.


Quality 205lbs do not come down the pipe very often, which is why names from yesteryear are still in the mix. If you at the top 10 205lbs from say 2006/2007, most of them are still about in top 10 range. Machida, Shogun, Lil Nog and up until very recently Rampage, Tito and Forrest all stayed about for ages. The same challenges remain usually at 205lbs.


170lbs is different. New fighters are always emerging, in 2006-2007 GSP had to combat Hughes, Koscheck and Serra. In 2008-2010, it was Alves, Fitch and Hardy, 2011-2013, he faces Condit, Hendricks and Diaz. Fresh names are always emerging, look on the horizon and you see Askren and Maia.


The reason for this is that generally more people in the world are around 170lbs and 5,10, than 205lbs and 6 foot 2. So Jones has less and older names to clean out his weightclass, where GSP has to face constant new challenges who are usually quite fresh.

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