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HEW Presents Pick Your Poison - Saturday September 14th

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Last Time Ever you will be able to see this match - Tom Thumb comes out of retirement to take on making his very final HEW appearance before he retires in October Rowdy Ricky Knight!



HEW Tag Team Championship - Streetfight!



HEW Womens Championship - Casket Match!!!!



Battle Of The Champions!



3 more exciting matches to be announced!

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Still one more match to be announced! however before we do, at HEW Pick Your Poison on Saturday September 14th at Braintree Leisure Centre we are proud and also a little sad to be hosting the final match of the legendary Rowdy Ricky Knight in HEW taking on the equally legendary Tom Thumb, also at this event we will also host a special award ceremony when we for the first time ever induct Ricky Knight into the HEW Hall Of Fame. This is not to be missed if you never go to a HEW show again do not miss this blockbuster of a show, tickets are selling fast don't miss out, lets give Rick the HEW send off that only we can do!




book your tickets now, 07790200490 to book!

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Results from HEW Pick Your Poison at Braintree Leisure Centre on Saturday September 14th:


1, Danny Blaze beat Zak Knight by DQ in the number 1 contenders match when Blaze brought the ring bell into the ring and through it to Zak behind the referee's back who took a slight knock and when the referee turned around Danny Blaze was laying on the floor and Zak Knight was holding the bell so disqualified Knight much to the HEW Fans disgust.


2, The Devils Playboys: Sam Knee and Brett Meadows came out to the ring to induct Rowdy Ricky Knight into the HEW Hall Of Fame and presented him with a special HEW Hall Of Fame Championship Belt. Ricky Knight made an emotional speech and received a standing ovation from the fans.


3, Dominator beat Scott Fusion in a brutal chain match.


4, The Bourne Starrs beat The Devils Playboys to become the new HEW Tag Team Champions when Brett Meadows accidentally hit Sam Knee with The Devils Playboys trademark Guitar and Joey Ozbourne pinned Sam Knee. After the match Sam Knee and Brett Meadows started arguing then in tandem beat the living hell out of special referee Brad O'Brien and started blaming the fans of not only HEW but the world of wrestling for there loss and being held down on the wrestling circuit, Sam Knee then said tag titles aside there is a tag team who has been avoiding The Devils Playboys and untill they get what they want..... whatever that is...... nobody is safe!


5, Skarlett beat Sweet Saraya Knight in another extremely violent contest this time a Casket Match to become the new HEW Womens Champion. Danny Blaze was hiding in the casket and helped Skarlett load Saraya into the casket which was then carried away by Blaze himself, Dominator and The Devils Playboys..... what is going on here??????


6, WAW World Champion Roy Knight beat HEW Champion Aron Frost in a bragging rights match, after the match the two men shook hands out of respect for each other.


7, In the EWW Guest Match, Infinity beat A.W.O.L. HEW Officials are said to be very impressed with the two young lads and will welcome them back in the future.


8, In The World Of Sport rules match, Ricky Knight and Tom Thumb went to a draw, In an extremely emotional ending to the show. We at HEW would like to Thank Tom Thumb for coming out of retirement one last time and would like to thank Rowdy Ricky Knight for all the years during his time in HEW, he may be gone from HEW but will never be forgotten.



Dave Finch,

Scott Edgar,

Brad O'Brien



Commissioner Jayne Cox.


Attendance: 300!

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