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P.A.I.D Promotions Breakout, Saturday September 14

Victor Is God

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PAID Promotions Wrestling presents...BREAKOUT


National television superstar PSYCHOTIC WARRIOR JOHNNY PHERE has announced he will make a voluntary championship defence at PAID Promotions' next live event at The Loft, Copse Road, Fleetwood, Lancashire on Saturday September 14.


Phere is fresh off a media frenzy (including appearances on the BBC, ITV, Sky Sports News, Radio 5 Live and in The Sun) generated by his training session with Morecambe footballers ahead of their brave and battling League Cup performance against Newcastle United last night on Sky Sports. Just days later, Phere was also handpicked by ITV bosses to film a show with film and television actor Warwick Davis (Willow, Life's Too Short, Return of the Jedi, Harry Potter) which basically means Johnny Phere appeared on ITV more times in a week than British Wrestling has in 25 years.


He is also fresh off a triumphant title victory at PAID Promotions' debut event Battle of the Brits, where as the promoter and owner of the company he deservedly handed himself the championship belt because there were no other superior candidates who typified the PAID Principles of Passion, Ambition, Intensity and Dedication. Accompanied by his loyal manager, business adviser and publicity officer Greg 'The Truth' Lambert, Phere then proved his ultimate superiority by destroying 'The Heavyweight House of Pain' Stixx after Stixx had fought his way past Craig Kollins to win a number one contender's tournament.


See video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEIFeRx1m0E...&nomobile=1


As Stixx has unfortunately suffered a Spinal Cord Compression of his C5 Vertebrae and multiple strained muscles from Phere's phenomenal piledriver last Sunday, not to mention the humiliation of being branded a 'LIAR' by #PhereTheTruth, he is in no fit state to take advantage of his guaranteed title shot. So Phere has been forced to look elsewhere for his first challenger and has elected to make a voluntary defence just weeks after winning the championship, being the worthy fighting champion he is.


As the UK wrestling community continues to #PhereTheTruth as they mock, belittle and dismiss Johnny Phere's abilities and status as unquestionably the Best Wrestler in Europe, and as Phere's old enemies at Grand Pro Wrestling seem to be the worst culprits on social media, The Psychotic Warrior has chosen his old rival 'Dangerous' Damon Leigh as his voluntary challenger.


PSYCHOTIC WARRIOR JOHNNY PHERE v Dangerous Damon Leigh for the PAID Promotions Championship will be the main event as wrestling returns to Fleetwood on Saturday, September 14


Also announced for this show are RICKY J McKENZIE and stand-out UK super heavyweight CYANIDE




Doors 6pm, bell time 6.30pm


Tickets 0844 8700 887, www.paidpromotionswrestling.co.uk or from The Loft itself



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PAID Promotions presents Breakout

The Legion, Fleetwood, Lancashire, Saturday September 14 2013

Full results and report


The show was hosted by Stallion with Serenity, who told the crowd she is still on the look out for a man she can manage. SHHH!


Ricky J McKenzie pinned Cyanide.

After the match Cyanide destroyed RJM with a big splash. This brought out #PhereTheTruth. Greg Lambert referred to how RJM had spent an entire year telling lies about him and Johnny Phere, so Phere Ram Slammed the injured RJM and then branded him, writing 'LIAR' in black marker pen on his back. As boss of PAID Promotions, Phere then gave himself and his manager the night off, cancelling tonight's scheduled title match. This brought out his challenger Dangerous Damon Leigh who said the only thing Johnny 'Pheres' is DDL. Phere said if you want your title shot, you have to earn it, and placed Leigh immediately in an impromptu four-way elimination match, saying he could only have his title shot if he was victorious.


Dangerous Damon Leigh then defeated Ryan Grayson, 'The Loner' Rossion and 'Mr Big' Shaun Vasey in a four-way elimination match,


John Aggro pinned Craig Kollins with the Dambuster to huge appreciation from his hometown fans in Fleetwood.


Ryan Grayson then re-emerged complaining about his defeat in the four-way, wanting a title shot and demanding a chance to prove himself. This brought out his old adversary The Creeper!


The Creeper destroyed Ryan Grayson with a Creeper Bomb.


Before the main event, Greg Lambert announced Phere had added a no disqualification stipulation. After a wild brawl around the building, DDL scored several near falls on the champion, but an injured shoulder cost him as Phere manipulated him into the War-Lock and scored the win by submission.


Johnny Phere beat Dangerous Damon Leigh by submission to retain the PAID Promotions Title.


After the match #PhereTheTruth were about to brand DDL too until Ricky J McKenzie returned and made the save. Phere and Lambert then retreated as it was clear there remains unfinished business and bad blood between #PhereTheTruth and DDL/RJM!

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