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Hart Foundation matches needed

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Hi guys, I am looking for the following three matches. Ideally from someone who has all three so I can get them in one go, but even just one of them would be a boon.


vs. The Islanders (11/8/86 @ Spectrum)

vs. B. Brian Blair & Tony Garea (3/30/86 @ Spectrum)

vs. Rougeaus (10/16/88 @ LA Sports Arena)




Have you tried Corey's Tapes?


I believe the guy has a amazing Hart Foundation comp but also the house shows of these




1. King Tonga v. Iron Mike Sharpe

2. Hercules v. Lanny Poffo

3. Paul Orndorff v. Bob Orton

4. Hulk Hogan & Ricky Steamboat v. Magnificent Muraco, Johnny Valiant & Mr. Fuji (rare teamup by Hogan & Steamboat)

5. Sivi Afi v. Tiger Chung Lee

6. Hart Foundation v. B. Brian Blair & Tony Garea

7. Piper

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I can confirm Corey's as a cracking source of extensive compilations that tend to feature almost every match every committed to film. I have the Harts, Rockers and Demolition ones, and about the only match I know of that's missing from the Harts one is Anvil vs Smash from the 1990 SummerSlam Spectacular.

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