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Raw 6/8/13


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Not quite sure what's going on with Bryan/Cena. They're throwing all manner of stuff at the feud and I'm not sure it needs this much going on. We've got the McMahon's, Orton, Shield and of course both men doing their "I'm going to win" schtick in between all that. Speaking of which, a couple of awkward promos from both men, Bryan trying to position himself as Mr. Wrestling and Cena coming out and talking in that weird wigger style, then going into a bizarre tangent about Bryan saying he'd still wrestle on the indys if he got fired, which led to fans chanting "boring" at the bloke. A bit of a misfire.


The Punk/Lesnar/Heyman stuff was good fun, once again. The fans are really into it too. Lesnar looks fucking huge at the minute, then again that may have a lot to do with him being next to Punk. This match is going to be a belter.


Looks like others seem to think Ziggler is a massive pleb. Folk seemed to be into Big E more than Dolph, but anybody with decent hygiene would be. Ziggler is a knob, despite him flopping about.


Barrett better start doing the The Shark/John Tenta gimmick of keeping half a beard for months.


Edit: Well this is awkward.

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