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The Preston City Wrestling Thread

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Nah, it’s lovely. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer cunt. 

They drew over 2000 fans combined for three shows over the past two days, including a major show last night at Preston Guild Hall. They're now running shows in Preston, Blackpool, Wrexham, Liverp

What exactly am I shilling? I have a different opinion to you. That doesn't mean I'm a shill. Honestly, you and anyone else using that term towards me is an embarrassment. I get it; PCW isn'

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Someone who abuses copyrighted music and imaging as well as trademarked names looks a bit of a daft cunt when they kick up a fuss over some one copying their dvd’s.


I’m not saying copying dvd’s is alright, I know some UK shows out there need DVD sales to get the show making a profit for them, but don’t be a dick about it if you are just as bad on ripping off others in such a similar way.

We have been here before when Fludder was kicking up a stick about some one selling PCW dvd’s and people quickly forget how much Fludder gets away with in using shit he doesn't own.


I like the PCW shows, love them in fact, but this just makes Fludder look like a spenk again.


I also question the methods Fludders used there, not only makes him look a cunt but I would take umbrage on being harresed at my door like this.


In the vid, Fludder seems to say its OK to rip off WWE but not him, which is a big double standard. Incidentally, threatening to fuck a bloke up on his door setup surly trumps piracy on the “legal matter” hierarchy

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Nah I don't really like that shit, goin to a wee guys door and hittin him with all these threats. It's not right to sell copied DVDs, but neither is doing that.


Don't know "Fludder", but fucks sake. Really actin the big man pickin on wee guys with Chris Masters standing over his shoulder. Prick

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