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The Preston City Wrestling Thread

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On 10/11/2020 at 5:22 PM, Kfogg1991 said:

Has everyone seen the absolute shit show that has been going on with PCW.

So they have no rebranded and announced a couple of shows even releasing a poster for them......Only to have a fair few talent that are on the poster coming out saying they won't be appearing on the shows AND the local council coming out and saying PCW haven't even contacted the local council to get the go ahead to run the show meaning it is of course a no go.

They have and they have? All I've seen is the announcement of the show...  and the Kris Travis thing being released and an RIP to one of their fans.

Seen nowt else  is this all on twitter or something?

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Nah, it’s lovely. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer cunt. 

They drew over 2000 fans combined for three shows over the past two days, including a major show last night at Preston Guild Hall. They're now running shows in Preston, Blackpool, Wrexham, Liverp

What exactly am I shilling? I have a different opinion to you. That doesn't mean I'm a shill. Honestly, you and anyone else using that term towards me is an embarrassment. I get it; PCW isn'

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