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The Preston City Wrestling Thread

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Nah, it’s lovely. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer cunt. 

They drew over 2000 fans combined for three shows over the past two days, including a major show last night at Preston Guild Hall. They're now running shows in Preston, Blackpool, Wrexham, Liverp

What exactly am I shilling? I have a different opinion to you. That doesn't mean I'm a shill. Honestly, you and anyone else using that term towards me is an embarrassment. I get it; PCW isn'

I had similar problems although EVENTUALLY did get my DVDs.I had to post a lot of 'Where are my DVDs? Why are you ignoring me?' etc' kind of stuff on their Facebook and Twitter to get them but in the end they did send them [although one 3 disc box-set had a duplicate copy of one disc in there but really could not be bothered to follow that up. 
If you still have the PayPal/Card Invoice or can get it I would honestly follow it up legally.

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I'm willing to join you bradford if you wish.

It's a tough one as it was money for TRAV's family so I hope it actually went to them.

At this point, I have no desire to chase up the set as I was blocked from twitter for always bringing it up and his last facebook message was a big ''ooooooh poor me!''

I shall share it now.


DECEMBER 29, 2016

"We genuinely do update and the website was offline for most of 2016. What people don't get is pcw was a two man team that is now one man. 99% of all tasks running pcw is one person. Not that it is an excuse but websites etc is something I do not even understand how it works. I ordered changes in July from the maker. Still waiting. Just not had much luck this year. But I assure you there will be a order coming your way. It's a title that is priority with last year's ROH set.."


"I got the ROH set out any time now. Travis is next after that. I really pushing it to be ready for the anniversary of his passing and not to cash in as I'm making zero on it but it's a good time to release."


6 Months later, here we are.

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It's not that people don't get it's a small operation.  Whether you're a big operation or a small operation, you can't take people's money and not give them what they've paid for.  If your operation is incapable of delivering on the services your offering then don't offer those services to begin with.  Whether it's for charity or not, it doesn't matter.  People have paid for a product, they've not delivered it.  Give them their money back, or offer an alternative.  Don't ignore them, don't block them, because doing that makes you a massive prick, and they need to be held accountable.  It's unbelievable business, and they shouldn't be getting away with it.

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I always felt these guys would really drive on with the UK scene but I am not liking what I hearing.

I always felt Fludder was more about being famous and wanting people to look at him and think he was amazing. I think he suffers from short man syndrome.

It is disgraceful though to rob fans of their hard earned money.


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On 6/22/2017 at 6:26 AM, Edgehead said:

It's really out of order, and I'm happy to hear the bloom is off the rose for this company.

They drew over 2000 fans combined for three shows over the past two days, including a major show last night at Preston Guild Hall.

They're now running shows in Preston, Blackpool, Wrexham, Liverpool, Manchester, Bradford and Stoke on a regular basis.

They've very smartly cultivated an agreement with Preston City Council and Blackpool City Council which actually sees said councils pay for shows to be held, as they realise the promotion brings fans into both cities from all over the north west and the country. How many other British promotions have had such a great partnership with the real world local authorities supporting them to this extent and essentially using taxpayers money to help put on wrestling shows, because it helps the local economy so much? 

It's a promotion on an extremely sound financial footing, that spends within it's means, that has an economical model that works.

They celebrate their 6 year anniversary on August 12th, making them one of the older promotions in the country. Been around for a while and will likely stay around. Not some fly-by-night operation running an unsustainable company.

The show last night was amazing, the best in the promotion's 6 year history and featured three UK Match of the year candidates in Allmark vs Smith 2 out of 3 falls, Bubblgum vs T-Bone cage match, and UK Hooligans vs Ricky Knight Jr & PJ Knight.

They've also now got a pipeline of really good young talent coming through via the PCW Academy.

They're less reliant on imports than at any time in their history. The odd one or two may be featured, the bulk of the shows are built around British talent and young British talent at that. Friday's show had 5 members of the Knight family along with Xia Brookside on the show.

Vast vast vast majority of everyone who attends the shows and certainly the guys who work the shows will all tell you what a good company it is.

It's really unfortunate that a few people didn't get a particular DVD and the promotion's customer service probably could improve, in that respect. At the shows if you actually attend them, the merch team couldn't be more friendly or helpful.

That said, saying 'the bloom is off the rose for this company' is complete bullshit and couldn't be any further from the truth. Don't let over-blown personal experience of not receiving a DVD make you think otherwise and appear silly. They're more successful now than at any point in their history and are continuing to grow.


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