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Hello, everyone!


Just wanted to post some info about my sites and services. Some of you have purchased from me in the past and some of you may not be so familiar.


RudoReels.com is a rapidly growing source for all your lucha libre & puroresu needs. You've got two ways of getting your wrestling: a DVD shop and a digital shop. It started out as one big online store to cover all bases but as things grew it seemed more than sensible to split it into two separate destinations.


Quick announcement: In the coming months, you'll hopefully be able to come to me for unique blu-ray releases and uncompressed master clones.



RudoReels.com DVD Shop

  • Located at: http://www.rudoreels.com/shop
  • What's there: DVDs. Lots of DVDs. At the time of writing this, over 2,750 DVD listings, with more added weekly.
  • What you get: DVDs are taiyo yudens shipped in sleeves, and with titles on each disc surface via thermal printing.
  • In addition, I've also begun to offer select titles with cover art, and they'll be shipped to you in a case with high quality art. Credit to Truthofsin, who is handling artistic duties for me and doing a damn good job.
  • Pricing: Normal DVDs are $2.99 each, and case/art packages are a bit higher but priced to be affordable. For example, my own Best of X-Pac in AAA is only $9.99 for 3 DVDs in a triple case with great artwork.
  • Sales: I occasionally run sales which are announced in my newsletter, on Twitter, and on Facebook. Right now I'm doing 25% off until July 29; just enter 'bulletclub' at checkout.
  • Also, I've got tiered discounts that take a little off your order as the subtotal gets higher, to give a break to those who order in bulk.
  • Payment methods: Currently accepting Paypal, Amazon Payments, Checks, Money orders. To use Paypal, select "ccnow" at checkout as they handle the processing. I use CCnow because it's an extra level of protection as they run a check on every transaction to make sure it's not coming from a fraudulent source. It's safer for both of us.
  • Shipping: shipping is pretty standard and I use a USPS calculator. Tip: The most cost efficient way to ship internationally (I'm based in the states) is for me to use a Priority mailer, which can fit up to about 60 DVDs for about $25 flat. If you're doing a smaller order, though, don't worry; they're calculated fairly.


RudoReels.com Digital

  • Located at: http://www.rudoreels.com/digital
  • What's there: Over two thousand listings, finally making RudoReels Digital the LARGEST digital puro/lucha provider on the internet. I've been pushing forward with this and aim to have a complete mirror of the DVD store's stock at some point. Note that 2,000 listings is over 10 terabytes of content.
  • What you get: ISO files. These are identical to the DVD versions and any applicable DVD menus are intact. They can be viewed as-is with VLC Media Player or burned to disc with ImgBurn.
  • Pricing: $1.49 per disc, which saves you 50% compared to physical discs. Plus, no shipping!
  • Sales: Due to these already being 50% off, further sales are very rare. Be sure to watch the newsletter and Twitter for news. That said, now's one of those rare moments. You can save 10% off your digital cart's total with 43937PT2 at checkout.
  • Payment methods: My primary payment option for the Digital shop is Amazon Payments. I do accept Paypal as well. To use Paypal, must email me a list of what you want to buy so I can send an invoice. All transactions are done through Payloadz' system and they do not have integration for ccnow.


Tip for finding what you're looking for on RudoReels Digital:

Biggest tip to you is to utilize the tags, categories, and in-text hyperlinks. if you see that "La Parka" is a hyperlink in all the match listings, it's because there's a La Parka tag & category, which means there's a Best of La Parka on the site. Clicking that will take you RIGHT TO IT. I have it designed to automatically make these links, so hopefully it's helpful for people.


Note regarding both sites: I am at my computer nearly all day, every day, and am very 'connected,' so to speak. So if anyone has any questions, they'll be answered very promptly. The best way to get ahold of me is via email.


Who am I, and why should you buy from me?

I'm a wrestling fan and have been collecting for years. Yes, I do have a "side collection." My goal is to collect more, expand more, and ultimately do what I love, in a field I've loved since I was a kid. I have big ideas in mind for producing original content and alternative approaches to shoot interviews, and I'm determined to get there. This is just the start. Rudo Reels is the vehicle on that road; it just needs some fuel. Thank you all.

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