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NGW Revelations: Hull. Mystery GM Revealed


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  • 4 weeks later...



Our main event for just under 4 weeks away! Revelations Saturday 7th September


It's a massive tag team match that has a lot of tension. At 5AS in July, the former recognised NGW Champion Rampage Brown made his shock return to New Generation Wrestling and the Eastmount Centre.


He immediately aligned himself with The Proven who had been promising a war that NGW didn't even know was happening. As The Proven initiated strike two of their plan, by seemingly randomly attacking Nathan Cruz, Caz Crash revealed the return of Rampage who joined in the assault with two scary piledrivers on Cruz.


It was later on the night where the plan started to become clearer. New NGW Champion Mark Haskins was defending his NGW Championship against El Ligero after the pair where the final two in the Destiny rumble to name the new champ. It was then that The Proven had hit strike 1 by attacking Diablo and distracting Ligero, handing the win to Haskins. This was Ligero

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  • 2 weeks later...



This Saturday - Have you got your tickets? www.ngwuk.com


As Matt Myers took on his former best friend Nathan Cruz in an attempt to bring back the showstealer in a highly anticipated match up by not just the fans, but by people behind the curtain too, The Proven laid a vicious attack on Cruz.


It seemed Myers had succeeded in bring out the best of The Showstealer but the Proven ruined that for everybody involved. They handcuffed Myers to the ring post so he could watch on helplessly as his former best friend and a man he holds a lot of respect for, got viciously attacked. The Proven introduced their alliance with Rampage Brown who continued the assault with two devastating piledrivers.


Former NGW Champion, Myers will get his hands on one member of the new group as he goes one on one with the rookie, Sam Wilder at Revelations this Saturday.


As the general manager gets unveiled will we find out more about the motives of this intimidating new force?

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What a Great Night tonight. Roll on Eternal Glory November 10th at the Sports Arena


Quick Results and Notes


Sam Wilder beat Matt Myers

Ryu Kilik beat CJ Banks

Richie West was then revealed as the GM of NGW

Stixx Beat Zack Gibson

Colossus Kennedy Beat Sam Bailey

Caz Crash beat Ricky Hailstorm

Los Amigos beat Mark Haskins and Rampage Brown (When Ligero pinned Haskins)


Matches Announced for November 10th


EL Ligero vs Mark Haskins for the NGW Championship

Harry Smith vs Rampage Brown

Stixx/Colossus Kennedy vs Sam Bailey/Zack Gibson for the NGW Tag Team Championship

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