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WWF VHS Tapes - job lot for sale


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I have a job lot of WWF VHS for sale. Will split if necessary.


List at present is:


Wrestlefest 92

Inside the WWF

Hottest Matches

Battle of the Superstars 92

Wrestling Super Heroes

World Tour 1992

Fighting Fit with Roddy Piper

Third Annual Survivor Series

Hulkamania Forever

Funniest Moments

WrestleMania IV

UK Fan Favourites

Survivor Series 1995

WrestleMania VI

Ultimate Warrior

WCW Halloween Havoc - Chamber of Horrors

In Your House 7

Fourth Annual Survivor Series

Wham Bam Bodyslam

1994 King of the Ring

In Your House 3

Davey Boy Smith: The British Bulldog

In Your House 5

In Your House 6

Fan Favourites

Mayhem in Manchester

Mega Matches

High Flyers

Wrestling Super Heroes in Action

Capital Carnage

Bashed in the USA


With more to follow...


PM if you want more details.

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