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The top 50 sites in the UK


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I though this makes interesting viewing. The top 50 sites in the UK (taken from Alexa's ranking of the top 500 sites, which can be viewed at the link below). It's a list that does change. So, if you are reading this thread in six months then the list may be different than it is today.


Also, a note of caution if you are at work and feeling curious some of them are porn sites.


Given that Conduit and Snapdo are on the list it shows that a lot of computers in the UK are infected with spyware/malware.




Anyway, the top 50 are...


1.) Google UK (google.co.uk)

2.) Facebook (facebook.com)

3.) You Tube (youtube.com)

4.) Amazon UK (amazon.co.uk)

5.) Google (google.com)

6.) eBay UK (ebay.co.uk)

7.) Yahoo! (yahoo.com)

8.) BBC Online (bbc.co.uk)

9.) Windows Live (live.com)

10.) Wikipedia (wikipedia.org)

11.) Twitter (twitter.com)

12.) delta-search.com (delta-search.com)

13.) LinkedIn (linkedin.com)

14.) Ask (ask.com)

15.) blogspot.co.uk (blogspot.co.uk)

16.) The Daily Mail (dailymail.co.uk)

17.) Gumtree (gumtree.com)

18.) PayPal (paypal.com)

19.) xHamster's Free Porn Videos (xhamster.com)

20.) Tumblr (tumblr.com)

21.) Conduit (conduit.com)

22.) Pornhub.com (pornhub.com)

23.) Babylon (babylon.com)

24.) Amazon.com (amazon.com)

25.) Lloydstsb Online Banking (lloydstsb.co.uk)

26.) akamaihd.net (akamaihd.net)

27.) The Guardian (guardian.co.uk)

28.) Rightmove (rightmove.co.uk)

29.) instagram.com (instagram.com)

30.) MSN (msn.com)

31.) British Sky Broadcasting (sky.com)

32.) Argos (argos.co.uk)

33.) AVG | Antivirus and Security Software (avg.com)

34.) The National Lottery (national-lottery.co.uk)

35.) Directgov (direct.gov.uk)

36.) xvideos.com (xvideos.com)

37.) The Internet Movie Database (imdb.com)

38.) Microsoft Corporation (microsoft.com)

39.) snapdo.com (snapdo.com)

40.) WordPress.com (wordpress.com)

41.) Tesco (tesco.com)

42.) AutoTrader (autotrader.co.uk)

43.) Bet365 (bet365.com)

44.) RedTube (redtube.com)

45.) XNXX Galleries (xnxx.com)

46.) HSBC (hsbc.co.uk)

47.) Apple Inc. (apple.com)

48.) bizcoaching.info (bizcoaching.info)

49.) AOL (aol.com)

50.) Barclays Bank (barclays.co.uk)

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xhamster probably is the best tube site I'd say, so it's only right it wins the porntube battle.

Absolutely, miles ahead of redtube, pornhub and the others. Plenty of Brit stuff on there too.


It's good - but I prefer the randomness of the XNXX gallery page. :thumbsup:

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