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I'm a former SCCW TV Champion.


But no, I don't still do that.


I literally lost the World title of my American mate's e-fed on Christmas Day after holding it since February 2004. Admittedly no cards had actually happened since summer 2006, and I had to write the match in which I lost it myself (for his later publication on a half-arsed Facebook reunion page), but still.

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I e-feded for a bit in the late 90s/early 00s mainly in the National Wrestling Council, an e-fed based on the idea of the NWA where by you had several e-feds (and they would change over time as some regions closed and others were absorbed in) which shared world champions. Looking back I still think that it was a cool concept and it definitely had some creative people involved at one stage. In truth, I can't claim to be one of those people. Though I was around on the periphery for a few years and even help run a fed at one stage there was only one 18 month period where I was really consistent as a handler (my glory period (and I use that term facetiously) was spent in the Sin City Championship Wrestling mid-card) and when I did help run a region I was a truly terrible fed head. For instance, when my co fed head went away on holiday a card never came out because I had bought a PS2, was daunted by the scale of the task of having to put the card together and so just stuck my head in the ground and played PS2.


I can't recall when exactly the NWC went down for good (JTTS might as he was also knocking around the NWC). Part of me wishes that it was still around. It'd be nice to be able to check in from time to time when nostalgia hit and see what was going on. Alas, nothing lasts for ever and one of the problems the NWC had was it got to a stage where there was never a major influx of new blood and, well, people get older, grow up and move on. For me really sad thing is that an awful lot of the NWC stuff was hosted on free Hypermart sites and was lost forever when Hypermart ditched the free sites. That said, if I could go back now and check out all the stuff that was produced back then maybe I would think that it was terrible. I don't know. Rose tinted glasses and all that.

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Not sure when it closed. The Wayback machine shows me The Commons (the UKFF of the NWC) still about in 2006, but after that nothing.


The nwconline.net address that the NWC used to be on after Hypermarket is now owned and operated by Network Communications Inc.


You can still see the Japanese offshoot it had here: http://nwcj.tripod.com


There is also still a Yahoo! group that mentions both our characters: sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/nwcouncil/message/634

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Has e-fedding in general pretty much fallen by the wayside? When I started doing it (my first fed (I think) was in 1999) there seemed to be a ton of feds around. Are there still big e-feds around or is it something that was of its time and is now pretty much non-existent?

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My old RP board is still online!


Posted by Gazz on May 3, 2004, 6:22 pm


(We join Gazz on his own, just leaving a tavern, holding a file. He gets into his car and finds Fred Elliot in the passenger seat)

Gazz: ####! When the #### did you get there? And how?


Fred: I put a brick through the window.


Gazz: Ill ####ing kill you.


Fred: I say, I say, what were that function just then?


Gazz: EFO meeting. Rousing the troops, shooting the shite. The Usual. And that bloody Scott lad. Christ. What a tosser.


Fred: How?


Gazz: He got pissed didnt he, off three rum and cokes. I remember when I were 19. Drinking overproof rum, straight, and not being a fanny about it. Anyway, bastard gets pissed, and claims Im shite. I need to ride over peoples coattails. Well. How many times was he the last ever Florida Night Life Champ?


Fred: How many times were you Heavyweight champ?


Gazz: Thats neither here nor there Elliot. That wasnt the question I asked. Just because his parents misspelt Keith on his birth certificate, hes getting all arsey. Actually no. Not this week. Hes in a good mood. Karl said hed tear off his arms and beat him to death with them. But Im not that cruel. Nice thought though.


Fred: Did he say anything about me?


Gazz: He didnt have to. Everyone knows youre a cunt. We can see that. Same for Penaig and Scott. But do you know what pissed me off last week?


Fred: The Hotel.


Gazz: Always the ####ing Hotel. That goes without saying, but no.


Fred: What then?


Gazz: The question is Who? Fred.


Fred: Who?


Gazz: Heidi.


Fred: Whys that.


Gazz: She was bloody ungrateful, thats why. Penaig was giving her a pasting last week in ring, and he was choking her out with his shoe, while she was chloroformed. So anyway, I run out there, Brute Penaig, save Heidi and you know what? She didnt even ####ing say cheers mate. Saying thank you isnt hard, thats what pisses me off. All these superstars have star sized egos. And by star, I mean the sun, and the sun is huge. Almost as big as me knob. Luckily EFO doesnt have egos, except for mine, natch.


Fred: Well aye Lad.


Gazz: I got me end away last night!


Fred: Aye?


Gazz: Aye. Proper blart. I was chatting up this lass in the pub, and I says to her Do you like Fruit?, she says Aye so I says Suck me cock, its a peach. She was playing me pink piccolo in minutes. Women, dirty. Dirtier than men. Not mentioning any names like, but aye, filth.


Fred: I should know. I can read women like a book.


Gazz: Dont ####ing talk shite Fred. You cant ####ing read.


Fred: Aye sir. Sorry.


Gazz: I could do with a bit of flange later. Good flange like. Not the flange I caught dripdick off before. Some rough shite was that.


*A bad midi of eye of the tiger plays*


Gazz: Twat. Phone. Hello?


Voice: Hello Gareth.


Gazz: Oh ####ing hell. Its the tosser himself. Llewellyn ap Daffyd. ####ing hell Barry, I thought you said mobile phones are the work of the Devil.


Llew: Listen boy, and listen good. You should be thankful that I, Llewellyn Yr penaig, and not Barry Welsh, am personally phoning you, and not General Williams.


Gazz: Probably on a rear ender anyway.


Llew: What?


Gazz: Never mind eh, how about you just remember what I did to you in 94.




Gazz: I found it hysterical myself.


Llew: Oh yes Maybury, dead man. DEAD MAN.


*llew hangs up*


Gazz: Twat.


Fred: What did happen in 1994.


Gazz: Well, we were playing youth rugby for Wales. And he was sitting by me on the bus, he used to be a nice lad, but then a year or so before this he turned into the biggest tosser in Wales. No-one else would sit near him, including me, but well, we had a plan. What I did is bring a flask of cocoa. Gave some to Barry. He thought it was lovely. Had it with a couple of sugars. Anyway, I put a family pack of extra strong laxatives in there. So, were playing Ireland now, funnily enough, in Cork at some little stadium, not even that really, and Barry runs on the pitch in his nice little Number 6 clad shirt. Now, after about 5 minutes Barry gets ball, he jinks past one, past two, only one more man to go, and the man hits him. On any usual day Baz would have ploughed through him. Only today, on impact, Barrys leg got covered with shit. He wasnt best pleased.


Fred: And thats why you hate each other so now?


Gazz: I dont hate him. I pity him, he was a nice lad and he went to shit. Dont know if it was women or whatever, but his brain fried like someones really shitty computer. Hes not worthy of my time now, nor anyones. Too busy in his mansion running North Wales to shit. He tried to have me banned from North Wales you know.


Fred: Seriously?


Gazz: Yes. But Im just about the only man from North Wales famous for Rugby. Go down south and theres shitloads. But up North is rare, and I was good. Very ####ing good. One of the best in the world before my ####ing knee imploded, and people came out in force with a rousing #### off, which is nice.


Fred: Aye.


Gazz: Anyway, weve been sitting here, me not driving for 10 minutes. I might actually start the ####ing car now.


Fred: Aye, can we go to taco bell?


Gazz: Can we ####.

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I have fond memories of doing an NWO style takeover angle in a fed called RAGE. They were a 'hardcore' fed and my character was anti hardcore.


Renamed their world title and everything . . . but yeah I don't do that any more.

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I was in way to many of these things. I was in the one mentioned in the other efed thread where the girl who played Cena was champ and that. Played lodsa characters in that. Think the last one was someone called "The Natural" JJ Morris. He was based on Saywer from Lost :/ Cant remember what the fed was called though or know if its still up.


I was also in another one playing both of the New Age Outlaws. Won tag belts and everything. IWE Was that one I think. Fun times.

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