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GPW: "X" 10th Anniversary Show! THIS FRIDAY! Wigan

Mr. Noble

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  • 2 weeks later...

3 weeks to go until show time, expect regular updates and news coming your way. Here's our final match for GPW: X completing what is an unmissable night of action.




Singles Match:

Kirby v. Hayes


After 9 months of tension, fan favorites Joey Hayes and Martin Kirby finally face each other one on one!


Hayes and Kirby haven

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3 big names revealed for GPW: X, here they are!




Former GPW tag team champion and one of the men involved in the first ever CC8 Tournament, Kris Travis returns after over 5 long years to compete in the 10th year show, and a place in this years Crazy Cruiser-8!




Jason Logan showed the wrestling world at Thunderbrawl that he had arrived when he took Heavyweight Champion, Cyanide to the brink in a brutal title defence. A win here over 14 other men will solidify a growing reputation as Logan represents part of the present crop of GPW superstars.




Returning to represent GPW's past crop of stars, former CC8 entrant, Fox Carter. Carter, who took a step away from wrestling was influential in CJ Banks' campaign to become British Champion and himself notched up some wonderful performances in single matches.




And announced for the names representing the future GPW stars, "The Sexiest Man Alive" Sexy Kev. More clues on just what we can expect from the sexy one will be leaked in the coming weeks!



3 big updates for you there and much more to come as we gather real momentum for GPW: X!!

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More names revealed tonight on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, here they are!




Former 2009 CC8 Finalist, Dylan Roberts attempts to be the first qualified finalist for this years tournament as he takes one of the 3 remaining spots in the GPW: X 4-Way. Can Roberts put his recent defeat to Ligero behind him and qualify at the first hurdle?




After much anticipation, Nick Maguire made his singles debut last month in impressive fashion earning a victory over Jim Nastic. After gaining much deserved plaudits, Maguire now enters the GPW: X Battle Royal representing the Present GPW stars. Can he win?




The incomparable Jervis Cottonbelly returns! Cottonbelly hasn't been seen in a GPW ring for over 3 years but returns to represent the colorful Past characters of our 10 years. Don't miss this rare chance to see the Cottonbelly in action!




The troubled youngster only known simply as Noah, makes his debut at GPW: X. A glimpse into the future of GPW is a scary one if this man is anything to go by. Don't miss his debut!



Much more announcements coming! Stay tuned!

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A load of excitement surrounding this show, and here are some more names announced to get people talking!




Voodoo returns to GPW and takes the 3rd spot in the CC8 Qualifier! Former Tag Champion and 2008 CC8 Finalist returns after a long spell away from the company. Can he be the first to qualify for this years tournament?




Ian Field joins the special 15 Man Battle Royal at GPW: X to represent not only the present GPW stars, but the ever popular Track & Field trio.




Coming out of retirement to return to the GPW ring, former GPW Tag Team Champion, Matty "D'Lyrium" Taylor enters the Battle Royal! Can the former WKD member return to win?




One of our exciting new prospects, "Bad Lad" Micky Barnes debuts at X as part of the Future section in the Past, Present & Future Battle Royal. Don't miss what impact he'll make!



There'll be more announcements on Saturday so make sure you're following on Twitter, checking Facebook and of course, checking here too!

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6 days to go!! Here's some more updates!




Former GPW Champion and 2006 CC8 Finalist, Darkside returns to GPW to complete the 2013 CC8 4-Way Qualifier line up. Darkside reached the semi-finals in 2006, can he take it one step further this time? First, he'll need to defeat 3 other former CC8 Finalists to qualify.





The powerhouse Cameron Kraze enters the 15 Man Battle Royal as one of the 5 individuals representing the present group of GPW stars. A win here for Kraze would be massive, will he be the last man standing?





Kristoff Eganski is another blast from the past returning at X to represent not only some of the characters we've had on our roster in the past, but also representing arguably the most entertaining group we've ever had at GPW, The Eastern Bloc.





Entering the 15 Man Rumble as 1 of the 5 new names representing our future is the intimidating tattooed, skinhead, Drill. With a life littered with run ins with the law due to fighting, Drill now has eyes on beating people up the legal way, he'll have 14 others to choose from at X.



The next, and final update for next weeks show will be made on Monday! So make sure you're checking this thread and of course our Twitter and Facebook!

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From The Vault:


GPW DEFECTION 25th July 2003


It seemed appropriate on the eve of the tenth anniversary to once again cover past GPW shows and where better to start then with the very first show Defection.


X versus Danny Chambers

X is better known these days as Declan O'Connor but back in 2003, he, like Chambers had just graduated from the GPW (then Garage Pro Wrestling because the training took place in a Garage) training school and X was the persona he had been given. The match didn't last very long and existed purely as a means to showcase the trainees. There was a bit of chain wrestling followed by some high spots, including a 619 because back then Rey Mysterio was extremely popular and Declan could perform the move very well. Anyway, before things really got going, Violence In Practise hit the ring resulting in a no contest.


Yup, 10 minutes in it was time for the first GPW angle, unlike it's successors but like the rest on this night, was designed as a one off. Violence in Practise was a stable featuring Heresy, Steve Starr and Richard Noble who had joined forces outside of GPW but were looking to set up shop here. However, on this night, Steve Starr had a change of heart and turned against his friends who repaid this gesture by drilling him with a spiked piledriver! Later in the night we would learn the 3 would compete in a "Triple Threat" Match.


Sabotage vs Joey Hayes

Up next, Joey Hayes made his GPW debut, interesting that if you look at the photos today's Jim Nastic bares a striking resemblance to the Joey Hayes of this era, one can only hope he has as bright a future as his predecessor! Anyway, this match was very good for its time and was your classic "Big Man" vs "Underdog" style match. Sabotage was victorious but based on this performance, fans knew great things were to come from Joey Hayes.


Intergender Match

Roxi vs Demo

Stevie Knight set this match up. At the time he was going around Britain insulting Women's wrestling (in character, I hasten to add) and was keen to ruin the careers of the GPW Women's wrestlers before they started. With this in mind, Stevie said he'd found a lad in the changing rooms who would be the perfect opponent for Roxi, this "Demo" lad, and the match was on. This was a fair match which showed both talents had a lot of potential and it would be Roxi who pick up the victory in a well received bout.


3 on 2 Handicap Match

Damage Control vs The UK Pitbulls

Damage Control consisted of "Dragon" Sean Macleane, Flood and Paul Zantar some of the brightest up and coming talents in the training school at the time taking on the veteran pitbulls. Macleane had not done well to endear himself to the crowd prior to this match when he seemed to claim that William Regal was from Wigan! Normally,3 on 2 odds would favour the 3 but not on this night as the Pitbulls weighed at least 1 metric tonne in weight. One memorable spot from this occurred when The Bulk did a senton bomb off the apron onto the fallen DC members on the outside. It would not be long before DC were dispatched, beaten but it was only the beginning for Damage Control.


The Family (Paul Travell and Ian Disciple) vs "Dangerous" Damon Leigh and Mike Bishop

This match was set up one prior when the FWA ran a show in Horwich near Bolton Lancashire and invited wrestlers, namely DDL and Mike Bishop from GPW to take part. The Family, (a faction of renegades with satanic elements interrupted this match) and as a result a tag match was set up for this show.The bout was a textbook tag team affair with the hometown heroes getting a great reaction from the crowd. Much like Joey Hayes earlier, DDL showed a lot of promise and there was no doubt in anyone's mind that Leigh would gone on to bigger and better things. The Family would pick up the win but DDL was clearly on the road to becoming the top star in GPW.


Minx vs Lisa Fury.

This match featured 2 ladies who while they didn't last very long in GPW have since gone on to great things, Minx went on to work several tours for the European Promotion NWE while Lisa Fury went on to have a successful career in All Star and wrestled on WWE Smackdown in 2009 against Beth Phoenix. Both ladies received a great reception from the crowd and showed off some impressive moves before Stevie Knight made his presence felt once again resulting in a no contest. Knight propositioned Minx who refused but before Knight could do anymore Alex Shane (back then, the most popular wrestler in the FWA) made the save and a match was made between Knight and Shane for the main event.



Steve Starr vs Heresy vs Richard Noble

Three words best describe this one, total non-stop action. Heresy, Noble and Starr had only fallen out earlier in the night but it seemed tension had been building for much longer then that as the action was heated from the off and soon spilled outside of the ring. The first of many outside the ring brawls followed and at one point, Starr risked it all by diving off the balcony onto his adversaries. This match showed the fans in the North-West that anything could happen in GPW. Starr picked up the win in a thrilling affair that set a high standard for the grudge matches that followed.


Alex Shane vs Stevie Knight

Finally, it was time for the main event, a fair show closer for it's time, it filled all the criteria, lots of action, some drama and the right result, sending the fans home happy when Shane picked up the hugely popular win.


Defection was a unique show in that it had, no ring announcer (Lee Butler did the announcing from behind the scenes) one night storylines and a mix of established stars and rookies but it did achieve a lot of good, it was clear by the end of the night, that the future was bright for GPW.



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Here are the final names entering this Friday's special Past, Present & Future Battle Royal!




The 5th and final name announced for representing the Present superstars is Prof. Mike Holmes! Mike is a name who could easily fit into all 3 categories for this match having played an array of characters over the last 10 years. However, arguably his biggest success so far has been as the crazy Professor!





The final name announced as representing the future of GPW is Sebastian Cordell. Cordell is a super strong, hard hitting amateur wrestler destined for big things on the pro scene. 26th July, remember the date you saw him debut!





And the final name to enter representing our past 10 years will be decided by.... you! Go to our events page https://www.facebook.com/events/377212352390511/ or our Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/grandprowrestling All likes count as a Mothman vote, comments as Ruperts. Voting closes at show time! Go....!


Tickets flying out, not many discounted ones left now. Make sure you don't miss out on saving some money!

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From The Vault


GPW V 4th July 2008


I think it's fair to say that GPW had changed significantly since Defection in more ways then one. Whereas in 2003, the focus was on trainees interacting with local talent, by 2008 the trainees had become the local talent themselves and were travelling far and wide putting on great matches for All Star, FWA, NGW, 3CW and many more.


Under the leadership of Mr Noble (later revealed to be Johnnie Brannigan) the shows had begun to feature story arcs that would culminate at huge events (as opposed to one night feuds), which kept fans coming back time and time again. Grand Pro also introduced theme events like the Crazy Cruiser 8 (an 8 man single elimination tournament) and "Only The Strong Survive" (Survivor Series) with more events to follow in the coming years. One thing was for sure by the time of GPW V, GPW definitely had a lot to celebrate!


Returning from Defection: "Dangerous" Damon Leigh, Danny Chambers, Joey Hayes, Roxi, Damage Control, Heresy and Mike Bishop (as referee)


CC8 2008 Winner "The Juice" CJ Banks and GPW Tag Team Champions The Mil-Anfield Connection (Danny Hope and Jiggy Walker) vs WKD (Sam Bailey, Chris Echo and D-Lyrium) w/ Mya


The Back Story: In 2006, CJ Banks was a member of WKD until he was co-erced to join SIN by Heresy and his SIN faction igniting a feud with D-Lyrium that exists to this day. Banks had also earned the ire of Chris Echo when he defeated him in the finals of the CC8 in May.

In 2007, WKD,Sam Bailey and D-Lyrium defeated The Mil-Anfield Connection, The Holmes Brothers and Project Ego to win the Tag Team Trophy. It wasn't long before The MAC and WKD were set for a collision, funnily enough at a show called "Collision Course" where the MAC defeated WKD to win the Tag Team Trophy.


The Match: The bout was everything you could expect from these six, it was a fast-paced bout with lots of high impact moves and some spectacular dives. A fine opener for the first anniversary show.


The Aftermath: Banks would go on to have an excellent career in GPW, winning the British title in 2009 and holding it for just over a year.


The Mil-Anfield Connection would hold the Tag Team Trophy until January 2009 and then breakup only to reunite this year to take on The Cause.


Sam Bailey would rebound from this loss and capture the British title and hold it for most of 2009 before losing to Banks and then he set his sights on the Tag Trophy with RJM but a series of disagreements put an end to his association with GPW until he returned this year as a part of The Cause.


Chris Echo won the Tag Team Trophy in 2010 and had great success until an injury to RJM put an end to the tag team while D-Lyrium had a short run as a solo star before retiring only to return tonight at GPW X.



Gauntlet Match: To Face GPW British Champion Jak Domitrescu, challenger "Dangerous" Damon Leigh must defeat Vladimir Radkov, Kristov Eganski and Thor Laarsen.


The Back Story: "Dangerous" Damon Leigh had won his record 4th British Title back in February and defended it successfully against Banks in March, after which he was confronted by the debuting Eastern Bloc (Domitrescu, Laarsen and Eganski). Leigh defended the title against Domitrescu in April where he came up short after the referee delivered a fast count and awarded Domitrescu the title. It turned out that the ref was the 4th member of The Eastern Bloc, Vladimir Radkov. Looking to settle the score, Leigh cashed in his rematch clause at V but Domitrescu delivered a further twist, Leigh had to overcome the Bloc to face the champion!


The Match: It didn't take Leigh long to dispatch the 3 members of the Bloc who although united were a serious threat, individually they were no match for the veteran. Leigh finally got his hands on Domitrescu but shenanigans occurred and the outcome wasn't exactly what fans desired. Nevertheless, this was a fun bit of light relief which helped establish the Bloc as ones to watch in GPW.


The Aftermath: DDL would rebound from this loss and reunite with Joey Hayes to win the Tag Team Trophy as the Young Offenders. After that run ended at the hands of Paradise Lost, Leigh set his sights on the Heavyweight title which he captured in a tournament by defeating Mark Kodiak in 2010. The Eastern Bloc continued to dominate GPW for most of the year until Sam Bailey defeated Jak Domitrescu at Christmas Crunch in 2008. Losing the title sent the Bloc on a different path and they soon became one of the most popular factions in GPW history.


Bullrope Match: Heresy vs Si Valour



The Back Story: Heresy wasn't very popular in 2008 unlike today I think it's fair to say and Si Valour had had enough of his antics by the time of V challenging him to a Bullrope Match.


The Match: The Heresy/Valour could best described in one word "slobberknocker". It was hard-hitting from the off as each man battered the other across the ring and around the ringside area and it wasn't long before the bullrope itself became a weapon. A unique match but just the start of their rivalry.


The Aftermath: Fans were looking for more from these two but Heresy refused to fight Valour one on one until the end of the year. In the interim, he sent his ally, TJ Cain to try and cull Valour's momentum but Cain was unsuccessful. Valour and Heresy were on opposing teams during the first Torneo Cibernetico but nothing was settled. Valour would finally defeat Heresy at Christmas Crunch in an awesome brawl.


Heresy would rebound from his loss to Valour and enter the tag team division winning the Tag Trophy an unprecedented 3 times with Kastor Levay (Dom Travis) an Mark Kodiak. However, it has since become clear that this feud between Valour and Heresy wasn't actually settled at all as Valour has recruited The Island Brothers to try and dethrone Heresy and Mark Kodiak. Will the Brothers be successful under Valour's leadership? You shall have to attend X to find out!!



El Ligero vs JC Thunder

The Backstory: El Ligero and JC Thunder made their GPW debuts in 2003 as allies but that friendship had come apart at the seams by October 2004 when Thunder challenged DDL for the British title and Ligero's interference backfired. Ligero and Thunder soon came to blows culminating in a brutal bloodsoaked grudge match in July 2005 that is still talked about today. Following this, Mr Noble exiled both men from GPW until he reinstated Ligero in March 2006 to challenge the undefeated Joey Hayes. Thunder had a harder route back as he had to rely on his friend Ligero to defeat the monster Sabotage to get his place back. Ligero was successful and Thunder returned for a short while before disappearing again.


The Match: In my view, this was the MOTN at V. It told a great story as at first Ligero and Thunder were content to have a technical bout to determine who was best until Thunder became frustrated and claimed he should have been the one to win the aforementioned grudge match back in 2005! The match soon turned into a brawl and a steel chair came into play (a staple of their 2005 feud) but Thunder was not able to connect and it wasn't long before Ligero turned the tide.


The Aftermath: JC Thunder again left GPW following this match and hasn't been since. Ligero is still one of the most popular stars in GPW today and has gone as far as to challenge for Heavyweight title only for the match to end in a draw.



"Old vs New" Rumble

The Match: Lot's of nostalgia and a few surprises in this one as Damage Control, Roxi, Danny Chambers returned from the first show. Cult favourites Kev and Krev reappeared (after being taken out by the MilAnfield Connection in 2006) Paddy D, Skinny Lenny, Mothman, Ruffneck, Harry Doogle, Dave Rayne and many more names appeared from GPW's past alongside several new stars like Voodoo and The Juggernaught.


The Aftermath: Voodoo and Juggernaught went on to have great careers in GPW, Voodoo won the Tag Team Trophy while Juggernaught won the Heavyweight title and retired undefeated in 2010.


"No Holds Barred" Match: Joey Hayes vs TJ Cain


The Back Story: Hayes and Cain started together in the GPW training school in 2003 and continued to be good friends until Heresy corrupted Hayes and turned him against Cain but Hayes came to his senses in 2007 and the matter soon resolved itself. It was believed that Hayes and Cain had buried the hatchet and Cain even appeared in Hayes corner during his title defence against Cain's sworn enemy Heresy at Supercharged in November 2007. However, it one of the most shocking betrayals in GPW history, Cain turned on Hayes and helped Heresy to win Hayes British title. Worse still, prematch stipulations indicated that the loser must leave GPW so not only had Cain turned on his friend, he had cost him his job too!

Fortunately, the fans never turned their back on Hayes and petitioned to have him reinstated. Their wish was granted at V when Hayes returned to finally get his revenge on Cain.


The Match: The contest was everything you could expect from these 2 GPW legends as they fought tooth and nail from bell to bell with the action spilling out of the ring, handcuffs and a ringside chair even came into play.


The Aftermath: Hayes went on to tag with DDL to win the Tag Team Trophy and then later the CC8 2009 trophy before he began his own quest to become Heavyweight Champion which has resulted in a fierce rivalry with Martin Kirby which will culminate tonight at X. Cain continued to back Heresy for a few more shows before retiring again in October 2008.


Fatal 4 Way Match for the Heavyweight Championship: Darkside vs Bubblegum vs Dirk Feelgood vs Johnny Phere

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Crazy Cruiser 8 Qualifier

Kris Travis def Dylan Roberts, Voodoo and Jim Nastic (sub for Darkside)


Joey Hayes def Martin Kirby via submission with the Crossface.


After the match, Kirby apologised to Hayes for his behaviour and they hugged. However, as they were leaving the ringside area, Kirby blindsided Hayes and sent him headfirst into the ringpost and then brought him back into the ring to deliver Kirby's Dream Time.


No Holds Barred Match for the Tag Team Trophy

The Island Brothers w/ Mr Simon R. Valour def The Killers

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