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UKFF Rap Battle 2013 - QF1

John Matrix

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You have until 09:00 on Monday 1st of July to vote for your favourite rapper.


Each has until that time to submit one 16 line response so you choose to vote blindly, based on the first effort, or you can wait until you've heard both raps.


Shane O'Mac Version 2


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You looked real hard to diss me, on some CSI shit

The effort level was higher than your BMI is

It’s a pretty desperate tactic, you know that, right?

So put away the plastic gloves and the creepy black light


Making lame jokes about dude love? Oh, have mercy

I’ll make you fall faster than Bran watching Cersei

On some medieval shit, give me buxom wenches for a great luncheon

You can’t handle Westeros, I’ll send you to Alf Stewart’s rape dungeon


It was a brave attempt at a battle, son, but I’m a killer, you’re vanilla

I make Coconut vs. Toilet Rapper look like the Thrilla in Manila

I’m the heavyweight, you’re lyrically Lite like Miller

It’s Shane in the main, bitch, Matrix is piss break filler


Matrix down the drain, I clear out this crap like a laxative

You tried hard to bring the pain but you really lacked the wit

When it’s all done, no question who’s greater

I’m shitting on the John while I read my newspaper

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