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Get The Fuck Off My Screen


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Inspired by the thread of a similar name over in the main forum and the boards hatred of Max Branning, heres the Get The Fuck Off My Screen: NON-WRESTLING EDITION.


After watching the newest series of Mad Dogs on SKY1, I get a Zandig-style rage come on when annoying bitch extraordinaire Jamie Winston shows up. Shes just so fucking irritating. If she wasn't ray Winstone's kid, she'd be a complete no-name rather than a D-List one.


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Seth Rogan's awesome you fool


Mark Lawrenson



This twat from Coronation Street



National Treasure Katie Price



A twats comedian of choice Keith Lemon



And every single person who has appeared in Towie, Made In Chelsea, Big Brother for the last 5 years, anything that has Gypsy in the title and this thing




Actually ban ITV2 as well

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