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UKFF FIFA 13 PS3 League: Season Three


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As mentioned at the end of last season, it's more of a back to basics league. The aim is to play two games a week, with both fixtures being against the same person (to reduce time spent chasing people). Default settings (6 minute halves). You don't have to play each fixture home and away, that's just there to separate each fixture.

Final Table




The title race came down to the wire, with TezzRexx pulling off the seemingly impossible by not only retaining the title but by doing it with a double victory over carmella. Congrats to TezzRexx.


Thanks to everyone who took part in the final FIFA 13 league season.



Team List (PSN name in parentheses):


AC Milan: blackcountrywwfc (fmburchillfan121)

Arsenal: stunstone316 (stunstone)

At. Madrid: DarloKid (hollywoodhickman)

Benfica: Removed

Dortmund: Left

Everton: rohpete (rohpete)

Galatasaray: TezzRexx (TezzRexx)

Liverpool: carmellaisagodess (gaffer786)

Napoli: TUFCfan (TUFCfan)

Tottenham: The Four Horsemen (THFC_5975)

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Ill be back in the details are in my sig for my PSN username.


The team i'll use this season is Bayern Munchen (goal this time is to not finish bottom lol)


Munich aren't on the list mate...but don't worry, you won't end up bottom haha, I'll be the glutton for punishment and take the team that knocked my beloved out the Europa League...


Benfica :)


PSN: NUFC_Sniper1892


Shame there isn't a league set up for Xbox haha, haven't touched my PS3 in ages.

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Here are the first set of fixtures:Benfica v LiverpoolDortmund v AC MilanEverton v ArsenalGalatasaray v NapoliTottenham v At. MadridAC Milan v DortmundArsenal v Everton At. Madrid v TottenhamLiverpool v BenficaNapoli v Galatasaray

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