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AWM Issue 12 (Free Wrestling Magazine)


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This month's edition has 20+ pages dedicated to Grand Pro Wrestling for their 10 Year anniversary. Which is nothing short of a marvelous feat. (Exclusive interview with promoter, Johnnie Brannigan aka Heresy, Exclusive interview with Damon Leigh, and a special feature top 10 moments in GPW written by Dirk Feelgood.)







-Exclusive Interviews with ACH, Crazy Mary Dobson, and Max Angelus.


-Regular features, Know Your Puro and Wrestling Society Merch. This month's edition of Know Your Puro in association with IVPVIDEOS.com is a special on for the retirement of Kenta Kobashi.


-Two unique features on the Invasion storyline. Adam Timmins looks at How to successfully book an invasion. While D.R Webster examines the original invasion storyline and tells how he would rebook the storyline.


-Stu Rodgers of Indy Corner ask the question of Import or not to import in regards of British wrestling.Wyat Brown our resident extremist reviews House of Hardcore. D.R Webster reviews WWE's Extreme Rules. Wayne Dudley has a unique feature which is titled "A Dusty Road." which will be wrestling based fiction.


120 Pages of premium wrestling content for FREE!


PDF Link: http://altwresmagazine.co.uk/magazine/AWM12.pdf

Flash Link:http://www.issuu.com/rjtrpublishingltd/docs/awmissue12

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