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*Raw 20/05/13* *Spoilers*


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McGillicutty's new music was ace though. I remember seeing for a year or so now that HHH thought that he was a great hand, but I wouldn't have expected him to get the Heyman Guy spot. Out of another top showing for The Shield and the Heyman reveal it was a nothing show, in my eyes. It's probably going to be like this until Summerslam time now and HHH/Lesnar IV.

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They're really gonna do that ain't they? I'm sorry but I just want HHH to fuck off now. Everything he does is awkward and weird. And he's a fucking lousy babyface. They could do so much more fun stuff with Brock.


Curtis Axel. CURTIS AXEL? Admittedly he looks pretty nifty in the ring but he's just another beardy scrub with Jack Swagger charisma. And he's called CURTIS AXEL.


The Shield match and AJ Lee were as good as usual though. I'm liking Ryback more every week.

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