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PROGRESS Chapter 8: The Big Boy's Guide To Strong Style - London

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PROGRESS Chapter 8: The Big Boy's Guide to Strong Style on Sunday July 28th is now completely SOLD OUT, 8 weeks in advance of the show. Firstly, thank you to everyone who bought tickets, and if you've missed out, you can join the waiting list at

http://eepurl.com/AhY9T for tickets for Chapter 8.


In case you're wondering why The Garage is already sold out... This is why...



El Ligero

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Front Row sold in 1 minute, Stage Front in 30 secs, all premium seats gone in 15 mins. We sold half the entire building in half an hour.


Whatever's left will go on general sale on Thursday, but we will be sending the ticket links out again on Tuesday evening... so to jump the queue and get a ticket before they go on general sale, join the mailing list at http://progresswrestling.com/ and keep an eye out for the email on Tuesday night.

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If you were present at Chapter 7, (and if you weren't, firstly, you're a mentalist, and secondly, you can get the limited edition 2 disc DVD at www.progresswrestling.com/merch... just saying) then you'll already know that PROGRESS wrestling co-owner Jim Smallman finally had enough of The London Riots' bullying and, well, lost his temper a bit... but don't take our word for it... here's the man himself to explain all...



So, on the heels of that, here's what's occurring at Chapter 8 for the newly split up London Riots in their last contracted match for PROGRESS:



Rob Lynch vs Danny Garnell




So, as Jim stated on the video, Rob Lynch, the noisier of the two London Riots, enjoys using his size to bully people alongside his partner James Davis, however, he will find it more difficult to bully someone the size and strength of PROGRESS fan favourite "Dangerous" Danny Garnell, especially without his partner there to help him. Danny is arguably the most gifted competitor in PROGRESS in the Strong Style that we admire, and this match will no doubt turn into a fist, forearm and suplex fest! Adding to that is the LAST MAN STANDING stipulation, meaning that you have to fail to answer the ten count to lose the match. However, The Riots are known for involving their trademark cricket bats in situations, particularly in instances recently injuring RJ Singh and Danny Garnell himself, so, in that respect, to make sure that this is not possible in the match, although it is Last Man Standing rules, weapons are NOT legal. Rob Lynch will have to find a way to keep Danny down for 10 without the use of weapons. This could prove to be brutal.





Jimmy Havoc vs James Davis




Although Jim Smallman has already apologised to both the PROGRESS fans and Jimmy Havoc his reaction at Chapter 7 and for booking this match in the heat of the moment, even offering to change the match if Jimmy, who has a torrid win/loss record at PROGRESS, didn't want to participate in the Hardcore style that ironically, we at PROGRESS have been trying to turn him away from, it will go ahead as planned. Moreover, Jimmy has expressed how happy he is to be let loose on "JD", advising the PROGRESS fans that if they are sat in the first 3 rows, "not to wear white."(!) All Jimmy asked in return for going against his new technical style (his match against Zack Sabre Jr. at Chapter 7 with Nigel McGuinness as the special guest referee has to be seen to be believed) was that Jim agree to, as Jimmy is not under a long term contract with the company, to allow, one time, Jimmy to have a match with any competitor in the world, at any time, under any stipulation, in fact opening the door to a plethora of International and Domestic stars being brought into PROGRESS on a single occasion!


Although James Davis is a fearsome competitor in his own right, it remains to be seen if he can compete in the same environment that became Jimmy Havoc's home for so many years.


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In case you missed the live drawing for the Semi Finals of the Natural Progression Series on YouTube, here is Semi Final 1, to be contested at Chapter 8 on July 28th...



Mark Andrews vs "Lord" Jonathan Windsor





Mark Andrews agreed to put himself in a very awkward and potentially hazardous situation at Chapter 7. "White Lightning" had already managed to overcome the uber-talented Will Ospreay in a standing ovation received match at Chapter 4, progressing to the Semi Finals, but Will wasn't done. He challenged Mark to another match with huge ramifications. Will wanted back in the NPS and said he knew he could beat Mark, and goaded the Semi Finalist into putting his spot up in a match. But Mark wasn't willing to put his spot in the semi's up without a catch. It was Mark Andrew's Semi Final spot vs Will Ospreay's PROGRESS career.


Ultimately, Mark and Will had a barn burner of match, managing to even top their match at Chapter 4, and it really is more than enough reason to buy the DVD from www.progresswrestling.com/merch, but it was Mark Andrews who prevailed again, cementing his place in the NPS and sending Will Ospreay packing from the Company. This, of course, meant that he was put into the 4 person draw for the semi final matches. He managed to avoid his tag team partner in Team DEFEND, "The Pride of Wales" Eddie Dennis, and Will's partner in the Swords of Essex, Paul Robinson, and at Chapter 8 will face the rugged, but regal, "Lord" Jonathan Windsor. Windsor drew the ire of the PROGRESS fans with his antics in his first round match with "The Wild Boar" Mike Hitchman, but ultimately managed to pick up the win. This clash in styles makes for an intriguing match at Chapter 8, and will, of course, produce our first ever finalist in the inaugural Natural Progression Series.

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